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National Road Fund collects K1.1 billion from toll gates

Economy National Road Fund collects K1.1 billion from toll gates

National Roads Fund Toll Gates at Kafulafuta
National Roads Fund Toll Gates at Kafulafuta

The National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) has collected K1.1 billion from the two initial road tolling sites at Manyumbi and Kafulafuta since last year November up to September this year.

The manyumbi site is located between Kabwe and Kapiri-Mposhi, while the Kafulafuta toll site, is between Kapiri-Mposhi and Ndola.

NRFA Business Manager for Road Tolling, Daniel Mtonga said the K1.1 billion revenue generated from the two commissioned toll gates would be channeled to road maintenance.

He was speaking when he featured last evening on the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) TV1 programme under the theme ‘Toll fees, are they serving their purpose?’ monitored by ZANIS.

Mr. Mtonga explained that the government is constructing roads across the country at a huge cost, adding that the road assets need a regime of sustainable maintenance which the toll facility would guarantee.

“NRFA, in liaison with implementing agencies and other stakeholders, will use the toll revenue to maintain and widen identified sections of the roads to avoid unnecessary accidents”, he said.

Mr. Mtonga revealed that 80 percent of the revenue was collected from foreign motorists while, 20 percent was from Zambian motorists.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mtonga also revealed that the agency intends to set up four more toll sites in selected points within the next few months.

He named the upcoming toll sites as Chongwe, between Chongwe and Rufunsa, Mumbwa, between Mwembeshi and Mumbwa, in Chisamba, as well as Shimabala, between Chilanga and Kafue.

Mr. Mtonga expressed gratitude to the driving public for their overwhelming support and cooperation in paying toll fees that is raising revenue for road maintenance.

He stressed that there is need for all government officials and members of the public to support the tolling mechanism as it would reduce the costs related to maintenance of their vehicles as a result of well-maintained roads.

Mr Mtonga also commended the NRFA team for their efficiency during toll collections at both Manyumbi and Kafulafuta.


  1. most of the money has gone to the thug Lungu in state house and his fellow thugs like kaizer and their thug police

  2. i can tell you that most of the money has gone to the thug Lungu in state house and his fellow thugs like kaizer and their thug police.

  3. did you see on CCTV news that Zambia and another country tops in world hunger yet the thug at state house is missing money every day and those who are hungry are shouting thug Lungu thug Lungu while they go to bed hungry

  4. Changa Wemba: Whilst I dont agree with you tone and insults on this issue, I also would like to state that this money is not available at the moment. Mtonga should have been honest enough to just state how much was collected and not go to an extent of saying the money WILL BE CHANNELED TO MAINTAIN ROADS. Honestly speaking this money is not available at NRFA. Why? If it was available the existing maintenance contractors (cutting grass along highways, sweeping streets in lusaka, general maintenance works on highways) are not being paid their certificates. Worse for the consultants and bigger contractors there are also not being paid. K1.1 Billion is a lot of money that could be used to offset the huge debt on payment certificates. Thus Mtonga is being economical with the truth: This money…

    • Ctd. This money has been exhausted already through other government expenses mostly likely paying Civil Servants salaries. Let us be honestly for once and give correct information as professionals. I expect a Business Manager to be magnanimous enough and inform the country the status quo not being political and economical with the truth. Lets be honest and professional for once as a country. The truth shall set us free.

  5. That 1 billion was used by lungu illigally to pay ministers who were campaining for him.

    When we told you lungu is a theif you did not listen.

    Even that 1 billion he wants from IMF will be used selfishly. Watch this space.

  6. Good initiative and i would like to commend the management of NRFA for the job done.As RTSA puts it,be road smart life is precious through paying of toll fees for good road infrustructure.

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