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Chilufya Simwanza wins the Zoona “Helping Communities Thrive” competition



A HUGE congratulations to Chilufya Simwanza who has won the Zoona “Helping Communities Thrive” competition .

Money Transfer leader ,Zoona,  partnered with Zambian Woman of the year; Community Service Award winner Mwansa Bwale in a campaign targeted towards recognising and awarding young female entrepreneurs as well as change agents  making a difference in their communities. This is under Zoona’s theme #HelpingCommunitiesThrive. The campaign was launched in August 2016, with initial focus of Lusaka. The competition was open to young females below the age of 35 with proven track record of their work.

Mwansa Bwale explained how the competition was conducted. “We want to discover and reward female entrepreneurs in Lusaka who are helping their communities thrive. So we need the public to nominate these women entrepreneurs including change agents operating in Lusaka, ie, even someone running a self-made orphanage/organization. One of these women will be chosen weekly to get a ZMK3000 prize, to be collected from their local Zoona booth. After 3 Weeks, we will have a GRAND DRAW and the final winner will receive slightly more. To enter our competition, nominate your community hero by COMMENTING their full name in the zoona posts on my page.  I will contact you for their inspirational story which I’ll post on my page for people to read . Let us spread the word and HELP COMMUNITIES THRIVE through zoona!!! Follow #IloveZoona and my page, Together let’s help the young women who are helping their communities thrive”.

The three finalists were Chilufya SimwanzaZanji Valerie Sinkala and Thabo Joy Masiye. Chilufya was the eventual winner and walked away with ZMK5000 .
Below is what the radiant Chilufya had to say:
“I cannot express how happy I am to have won this money ..
Just last week I embarked on a project to start making reusable pads for underprivileged girls and women in prison ,after noticing how expensive the pads have become for them to afford I had so many girls volunteer to help me with the project but i only had a bit of money remaining from the last money I won. So now that I have the resources I can’t wait to start this .

Chilufya presenting girls with reusable sanitary pads
Chilufya presenting girls with reusable sanitary pads

I am short of words and I know none of this would be possible without God ,and the support of my friends I can brag that I have the best support system,the real definitions of friendship goals and I thank you so much for voting .
Thank you Zoona and Mwansa Bwale for coming up with this initiative its really helping communities thrive.
I love zoona is now just not a # hashtag but a mark that has been imprinted in my heart and the hearts of so many underprivileged children and girls suffering.
This isn’t the end and I can rest assure zoona and Mwansa Bwale that this money will make a lasting impression.
This money will send a child to school ,this money will produce doctors ,lawyers ,nurses etc and I will be there standing with them to thank you and remind you of today .
Right now there is a girl at some orphanage a girl in a village that has been missing classes every month Because she doesn’t have pads and because of you this will change today .
Thank you and God bless. “

Congratulations Chilufya!  Keep helping your community thrive!







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