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Two School Pupils arrested for Drugging Teachers with laced Marijuana Cakes

General News Two School Pupils arrested for Drugging Teachers with laced Marijuana Cakes

Drug Enforcement Commission

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has arrested two juveniles of a named School in Ndola for trafficking in drugs after putting drugs in food they served to their teachers.

The two juvenile pupils allegedly baked a cake laced with cannabis for their teachers during the commemoration of World Teachers Day.

DEC Spokesperson Theresa Katongo told media in a statement that after consuming the said cake, the five teachers began laughing loudly and behaving strangely.

Ms. Katongo added that two of the teachers later got very sick and were admitted at Ndola Central Hospital.

She said the two juvenile pupils are currently in Police custody and will appear in Court soon.

Ms. Katongo has since warned school-going children to desist from engaging in illicit activities as they risk ruining their future.

Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Commission in Eastern Province has arrested Isaac Mailos Banda, 28, a small-scale farmer of Mukanda area in Vubwi District for trafficking in 266Kg of loose cannabis.

And in Western Province the commission arrested Kababa Litoya, 36, a small-scale farmer of Namaloba area in Kaoma District for unlawful cultivation of fresh cannabis plants weighing 18.2Kg.

The suspects will appear in Court soon.


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  1. these teachers are fools. The true story is dat these boys undressed the teachers took photos which we have on our watsapp. After that the pupils had s.x with all 5 female teachers. You want to see pics and video send your no and k100 talktime to my no and i send you

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  3. kikikikikikikikiki, that staff might have really been strong, this is the staff we should all start taking kikikikikikikikiki

  4. Goes to show how the new generation is lost,no respect for teachers !! Those of you who are promoting ganja..did you vote for Sinkamba? Chainama is waiting for you.

  5. Embarrassment indeed!why receive food from a client,a child for that matter,who looks up to someone for survival?we need morality in Education.it’s ethically wrong for teachers to behave that way nomatter how excited they are.

  6. Oh dear! Gone are the days! Pupils showed affection for their teachers by taking in ‘an apple,’ even in Zambia apples are relatively cheap! Certainly cheaper than cannabis. They probably found their parents stash and thought, ‘oh yeah!’

  7. Release the kids and arrest the teachers, on a technicality who was in possession was it not the teachers? How do we know who put the marijuena in the cake it could be one of the other teachers! Leave the kids alone, suffer not the little children as Jesus said! If it means reprimanding them they have learnt their lesson, let’s not destroy the lives of the poor kids.

  8. I had a fellow classmate in nursing school that survived childhood cancer. She received a bone marrow transplant with her brother as a donor 25 years ago. She has graft-versus-host disease and cardiac issues. These health issues caused her nursing school timeline to be longer than the 2 years of our ADN program. I keep her story filed away in my memory and whenever I meet a survivor, I remember to ask about all of those toxicities that we tell our patient’s about and let the doctor know that this could be the underlying reason. I agree that patients are under-educated about their treatment, even today. Working the in ER setting, I came across many oncology patients that had no clue what they were receiving. there is something extraordinary we now find out about, it has been helping alot…

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