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Zambians in South Africa Commemorate 2016 National Day of Prayer


SCORES of Zambians resident in South Africa yesterday afternoon gathered to commemorate this year’s National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation which falls on Tuesday, 18th October.

According to a statement released to the media by Nicky Shabolyo, the Press Secretary at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa, Zambians, who were joined by other nationals also resident in South Africa, prayed for President Edgar Lungu and all others Zambians holding positions of leadership, for love and unity among Zambians, reconciliation and forgiveness. The Zambians also prayed for the growth of the national economy during which they asked God to help overcome the challenges and enable every Zambian use their talents so that they could contribute to the growth of the economy.

Other prayers petitioned God to protect Zambia from natural disasters such as drought, disease and earth quakes, also for God to look favourably on South Africa so that it could overcome all its problems.

Father Harrison Mulenga of Pretoria, who directed the service, prayed that Zambia continues to enjoy the peace and stability which it has had since independence.
The prayer service was held at Every Nation Church in Midrand, Johannesburg.

Pastor Gideon Kapafu of Bread of Life Church in Midrand, who gave the main sermon, urged Zambians not to worry whenever the country encountered political, economic or other types of problems because Zambia had secured God’s intervention in such times.

Pastor Kapafu said Zambia’s National Day of prayer was a special day as this was when the country remembered the covenant that the country had entered, through its leaders, with God.

“I want to say that Zambians should hold their peace as Zambia is in God’s hands. We have secured God’s help whenever we have problems and the future is in God’s hands. He knows where He is taking us and I know we shall arrive safely,” Pastor Kapafu said.

In her address to the congregants, Deputy High Commissioner to South Africa, Ms. Philomena Kachesa, said the national prayer day was not intended to impose a religious view on anyone but was an act of a “wonderful expression of goodwill and love by those who choose to pray for the continued success of our nation, out of a desire to honour the God in whom we believe.”

She said President Lungu’s proclamation of the day was centred on 2 Chronicles 7:14 which says: ”If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Ms. Kachesa said the President has called upon all Zambians to, with a deep sense of shame, repentant sorrow, and deep reverence to unite in humbling themselves before God, in confessing their individual and national sins.

“President Lungu has also called on Zambians to restore the friendship and goodwill which prevailed in former days among the people of all provinces and tribes in the country.”

“We need to ask God to remove from our hearts that pride of opinion which would compel us to continue in the wrong for the sake of consistency and desire to be applauded by men rather than God,” she said.

The event to commemorate Zambia’s National Day of Prayer, Fasting and Reconciliation in South Africa was spearheaded by the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria with the help of a committee comprising some members of the Catholic Church and some Pentecostal churches.

Commemoration of the national prayer day was brought forward to today as 18th October will be a normal working day in South Africa.


    • More bullshiìt for religious retards to feed on and begin to pray even harder and fast for longer whilst their lives and immediate enviroment show no signs improvement.

    • Day off on Tuesday in one of the world’s poorest country simply that the poorest people are the most brainwashed with religous crap!

    • Like the bible says, “Faith without works is dead”
      When you pray (faith) against corruption, then you should also stop corruption (Works).
      When you pray for good agriculture output, then also work to achieve the desired outcome.
      You pray that Mr Lungu brings peace, then lungu should control the police officers from beating people anyhow.
      When you pray against accidents, then stop over speeding.

    • Zambia and the entire African Continent can never find change, solutions and transformation through religious prayers.
      Lazy people using useless prayers to avoid working!

    • I feel sorry for all who are posting negative comments. You are not mocking those who are praying but the one they are praying to and i can assure you including Jay Jay,unless you repent your own words will be your judge, You can play with man but not with God. Dark and terrible days are ahead of you whether you are blogging from the USA, UK or in Zambia,your sin will soon catch up with you. If you don’t believe in God, the best you can do is to stay away and keep quite otherwise you are treading on dangerous grounds.

    • Repent from what? Your ancestors were raped, enslaved, murdered in the name of this selfsame bible…the oppressor knew all he had to do was repent. What stupidity…how can you force me to repent when I dont believe in your nonsense? I tackle my problems head on not kneel down like these hypocrites.
      Wake up from your docility and study about self!!

    • One day you will kneel down and remember my words. Today you sound wise in your own eyes but i can assure you whether you believe it or not, your ignorance will be rewarded. ACTS 17:30-31″Truly,these times of ignorance God overlooked,but now commands all men everywhere to repent,because He has appointed a day on which He will judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has ordained. He has given assurance of this to all by raising Him from the dead.” I will not hate you Jay Jay but i pray that one day you will come to the knowledge of truth.

  1. No need for prayer for what can be fixed without prayer. Lungu is hiding in the name of prayer. we have have had many times of prayer with worse human rights violations including injury and death. god has not heard these past prayers and He will not hear the present prayers until Lungu and PF repent.

  2. Has anyone noticed that not a single amputee has ever, ever, had a limb restored due to prayer or any other religious miracle ?

    This ‘god’ must either hate amputees, or is totally incapable of restoring lost limbs, in which case his so-called omnipotence and benevolence is a fallacy.

    So, why call him/she /it ‘god’ ?
    Why would any sane person worship an impotent deity ?

    • The foool has said in his heart,”There is no God.” They are corrupt, They have done abominable works, There is none who does good{ PSALM 14:1, PSALM 53:1}.

  3. After stealing an election and marginalizing some sections of society you tell yourselves that God is with you. PF, PF. The truth is these are false prophets who do not want to tell you the truth about God. God abhors injustice and falsehood, corruption and nepotism. Truth be told: God is not with you PF unless you change your ways. Jeremiah 29:8

    • You yourself are references bible verses without even researching where they are from…who is the bigger f**l I may ask?

  4. What a bunch of f***s..this everything that is wrong with our society; they take public holiday to close the eyes and kneel.
    Wake up from your docility and folly…the Lazy Bum Edgar who declared this selfsame holiday was drunk at the time. Look at him now he has stopped visiting every church frequently like he did before the elections.

  5. Einstein said only a mad man repeats the same thing and expect a different result. If Prayers hasn’t rid this Africa of corruption and underdevelopment, doesn’t it stand to reason that one should find an alternative. Results are there to see. After prayers we beg for money to build roads etc..

  6. Can we stop by playing with God tell ECL and all PF chaps and all zambians to put our house in order, no crocks,crocked presidents,crocked judges like the ones we seen today and in top leadership,all our courts are in trouble coz of one sinner we all know him, plse let all those claiming to know God tell those thugs to do right not rubbish and waste of time. Do rite first some many of our men are in prisons for no reason, others are not even allowed to to visit funeral homes, visit those in jails what reconciliation are u talking about? We ve become slaves in our own country yet you say Christian nation. god god god you ll reap what u re sowing

  7. I feel sorry for all the non believer bloggers who have posted on this site. The majority of Christian
    countries observe this day in one form or other. the americans have a day called thanks giving day, so does
    south Africa. UK, Italy, Germany, Ireland, all have a thanks giving day, dedicated to worshiping GOD.
    Carry on with your proud naivety, deliberately twisting issues, and the same GOD you are ridiculing will deal
    with you and when your fortunes turn for the worse individually, remember that you were advised to
    respect GOD ALMIGHTY.

    • @Chile, please research the origins of thanks giving in the USA and you will never say it with Godly attribute unless you also believe in the genocide of a people. Do not equate things you observe to justify things you are adopting. Africa is the only continent so far that has adopted wholesale foreign religions without alteration or let and have dropped EVERYTHING of faith they had in the process. Think about that as you look around quoting things you hardly now about. Native Americans (and history) will want to hear from you…

    • This is the ignorance I talk about and @Chile is a typical example of this…its better to let some of these docile Zombies to remain alseep and try to enlightened their children.

    • @Chile, do not be exhausted defending, Christ against these atheists, because some if them are not a). Zambian, b). Christian. I suspect @Kalok is probably a Witch or Wicca, practicing poisoning arts on Zambians on behalf of clients. And I am pretty sure that @Jay Jay is probably Hindu, Christ has no meaning for him and he uses his Bible as a Beer Mat or Door Stopper! I certainly read he does not eat Pork in one of his postings. The question really is, why would you abuse others for their faith? Citizens are as free to be Christians as the Critics are free to disbelieve at their own peril on Judgement day.

    • So if i dont eat pork I must be some other you not know the health benefits of not eating pork.
      Its this type of mindset that got a lot of nonsense people burnt by mobs in the name of christianity in medival times.

  8. your stupidity and ignorance does not surprise me. the celebration of thanks giving is not the creation of Christian Europe or America. this feast is derived from the jews who had several feasts among them the feast of the harvest, the feast of the Passover, the feast of Pentecost etc, etc. the feast of the harvest was borrowed by Christian countries and incorporated in their individual calenders. it is you who are wallowing in your naivety and you wrote and comment on matters you don’t understand. go read jewish history, not religion, read jewish history you will be better educated on the observance of this particular day you dimwit!!

  9. For all the atheist opposition bloggers here, you should be grateful to be blogging on Zambian Social Media against the very core ideology that this country holds dear to its heart as a declared Christian country. The freedom to express antichrist comments, you have been given has alluded other critics from other faiths, like Islam.

    Take for instance, the murder of Avijit Roy a writer, a Bangladeshi-born US national blogger and writer, who criticised Islam and Muslims openly on Social Media. Avijit Roy, was hacked to death by a mob in Dhaka on February 2015, while on a visit to Bangladesh to promote his new book at the book fair at Dhaka University. There have been many such killings for the same social media commentary.

    At least, tomorrow Thank God for the mercy, that Zambia…

    • ………At least, tomorrow Thank God for the mercy, that Zambia provides you safety to critic and practice your human rights without counter excesses by God and Peace loving Zambians. Do no harm to Zambia.

    • Core ideology you state….really you even know how you became Christians? You can not even tell your ancestors stories as you are blinded by this folly.

  10. @12.1 Patriot, don’t worry about fools like jay jay. the LORD JESUS knows them too well. as sure
    as there are five fingers on one hand, their day for reckoning will come to pass. then it will
    be either too late for their conversion or the time will be ripe for them to proclaim truth in their
    vulgar mouths.

    • Do your research about that selfsame “Jesus”…you will be surprised..when someone offers you some unknown food you either refuse or research before eating..why dont you do the same with religion? Why dont you ask your pastor questions?
      Wake up and reasearch about self and emancipate yourselves from mental slavery and folly…wake up!!!!!!

  11. Jay jay has said everything I wanted to say. Great minds think alike. They hide behind religion as an opium or drug to suppress their reality of been hopeless and poor. The religion they want is based on inferiority complex of hating their own custom beliefs in favour of that which was brought by men that raped their mothers and sisters and stole their resources. These punks are too dull to realise that. Brain washed stiff necked preeeks

  12. Unless you don’t know but You Know Our Slogan as Zambian that Zambia is a Christian. e.g a real christian must follow christianity Culture by pray and fast because in even jesus fasted and prayer.
    Its our Culture as christian to fast and pray.
    If you don’t fast and pray then you are not a christian.
    God Bless Zambia forever More.

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