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Charlotte Scott abandons election petition against Mwanakatwe

Headlines Charlotte Scott abandons election petition against Mwanakatwe

FORMER Vice President Dr. Guy Scott flanked by his Wife Charlotte address the crowd when he endorsed the candidature of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
FORMER Vice President Dr. Guy Scott flanked by his Wife Charlotte address the crowd when he endorsed the candidature of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema
UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) losing candidate in the Lusaka Central Constituency election, Charlotte Scott, has abandoned her petition saying she is no longer interested in it, but the opposition party has insisted on continuing the matter through another member, Jimmy Simoonga.

According to an affidavit filed in the High Court, Dr Scott said she is no longer interested

Meanwhile, the trial in the matter in which loosing PF Chimwemwe lawmaker Mwenya Musenge is disputing the election of Independent candidate Mwila Mutale has opened in the Kitwe High Court.

When the matter came up before Judge Penjani Lamba, Mr. Musenge informed the court that the election of Mr. Mutale was marred by malpractices, violence and insults.

Mr. Musenge told the court that Mr. Mutale did not qualify to stand as a parliamentary candidate because the later allegedly did not relinquish his membership with the PF at the time of the poll.

Mr. Musenge said this was at variance with the revised constitution which was clear on the matter.

He said the constitution clearly stipulated that independent candidates should have resigned from their respective political groupings 90 days before any given election a thing Mr. Mutale over looked.

The loosing PF Chimwemwe constituency candidate has further alleged that Mr. Mutale kept on using PF slogans and materials during the entire campaign period.

Mr. Musenge also submitted before the courts that the wining Chimwemwe constituency independent candidate kept on claiming that he had the backing of President Edgar Lungu and the PF rank and file in his campaigns.

He further contended that Mr. Mutale allegedly abrogated the electoral code of conduct by using PF regalia.

He lamented that he was called a smuggler by Mr. Mutale and thus, this reduced his chances of winning the Chimwemwe seat.

But when cross examined by Defence Lawyer Gideon Kalanganya, Mr. Musenge had challenges defending his statements.

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    • i said she is trying to save broke zambia money. I did not say that upnd is trying to save you money. Understand that charlotte is a woman who feels very strongly about poverty and saving wherever she can. SO for those personal reasons she did not want to go ahead with it. However, that does not mean that is the party’s stance. That is her decision. Ukose. simple english


    • @3 Truth, I fully agree!
      One does not have to be a Rocket Scientist to know the Judiciary in Zambia is ROTTEN TO THE CORE, full of Belly Lawmen & Women who only do work & decide favourably for the highest bidder, & at the moment Chagwa using State resources, & funds happens to be The Highest Bidder.

    • No She’s realised that sanity & fair play can NEVER prevail in a failed Banana Republic like Zambia!!
      Just look at your Ng’wagwazi, Kaponya call boy excuse for a Home affairs Minister.
      SHAMEFUL INDEED, & speaks volumes about the Cowboy who appointed this “Home affairs Minister”

  2. All UPND sympathisers, please advise why your party is continuing with the petition through another member, yet you say Scott withdrew because of Lungu & Judiciary? Please, don’t take Zambians as *****s. Chiwamira Garu ku Luma Mbuzi……

  3. Mrs Scott has withdrawn because she knows very well that she lost clean to Mrs Mwanakatwe.moreover,even if a by election is caused in Lusaka Central,whoever shall stand on PF can easily retain this seat.upnd is a political party for amatures.by now all wise people know that upnd would need a miracle to win a seat in 6 and half provinces.PF also would struggle badly to win in 3 and half provinces where upnd is too strong.so why waste money on legal fees while chasing the wind?if upnd goes into 2021 elections with same leaders and plans,they must know that 6 and half provinces will 100% reject hh-mark my words!!!Zambia is very divided politically!!!SO MRS SCOTT HAS TAKEN A RIGHT MOVE!!!

  4. At least the Scotts tried to reverse the current situation – you cannot blame them in future when your children are loafing with no jobs and no food.

  5. I rare comment but I wonder how people thrive on stolen things. Nonsense of guilt. Zero. What Zambian dont know what is happening now will have terrible impact in future. If the judiciary cannot function well now the waste is to come. Mark my words. Some European country that is how the produced a dictator. He was a humble man in 1933 but ended up being the worst Dictator who has ever lived. He killed millions. At the end he killed himself update no one want to talk about him even his grave is a secret. So be careful people with what you are supporting. Don´t follow blindly. Charlote has withdraw the case because he has realized there are better things to do other than chasing wind. You know PF is a part whereby “they can refuse even found on top of someone´s wife” just to make sure…

  6. I have no words for Chimwemwe winner, l lost too to him mostly because Mutale was consistent in his campaign and he used the Zambia 50th Anniversary Chitenge though some few supporters were seen wearing the PF Chitenge

  7. A blow to her lawyers who earn a living from hourly charges. The longer the case drags on (and cases do go on forever in these parts of the world), the richer the lawyer becomes, and the poorer the client gets. But with a Muzungu’s good eye, Charlotte was quick to see that the slow wheel of justice was draining her resources. Kudos to her! About time our legal system started charging on case-by-case basis, then lawyers would have every reason to expedite cases if they are to earn a decent living.

  8. Charott you have done well to stop,in the future stop following your husband blindly, it was guy who made you stood on upnd had you stood on PF things could have been well with you now.

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