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Friday, February 21, 2020

RTSA says statement that it scrapped off payment of fines is fake

General News RTSA says statement that it scrapped off payment of fines is fake

The Road Transport and Safety Agency and the Zambia Police Service have dispelled reports that no fines will be paid for admission of guilty charge for traffic offences.

In a joint statement, RTSA and the Zambia Police say members of the public should disregard the statement circulating on social media which alleges that traffic offenders who plead guilty will no longer be fined but jailed.

“The law provides under Section 211 of the Criminal Procedure Code that offences under the Road Traffic Act which attracts a penalty of 1500 penalty units and below or equivalent (K450) maybe administered through admission of guilty procedure prescribed thereunder by a prescribed officer,” the statement read.

“This means that were a motorist admits having committed an offence whose penalty is 1500 penalty units (K450) and below or equivalent, can pay admission of guilty fine and dispense with appearing in court.”

RTSA and the Police are now encouraging members of the public who admit and pay the fine to always demand for a government receipt for any payment.

“In this regard RTSA and the Zambia Police Service would like to advise members of the public that the statement on social media is not true and should be ignored.”

A statement emerged yesterday alleging that RTSA and the Zambia Police Service in conjunction with the Lusaka City Council has begun to prosecute persons who violate road rules at the Civic Centre Subordinate Court which will hear all matters relating to road violations on a fast track basis and that no payments will be done at RTSA for any breach.

“An offender will have to go through the Court process from the most trivial matters such as failure to obey road signs, over speeding, driving without a license, not wearing a seat belt to the grave offenses,” the statement claimed.

“The prosecutions will initially apply to Lusaka and thereafter occurring countrywide those convicted of drunken driving will be sentenced to weekend imprisonment. Weekend imprisonment is where a convict is required to surrender oneself to prison at 18:30 hrs. Each Friday and released on Sunday at 1830hrs until the full prison sentence is served.”

“Kindly ensure that all employees driving company vehicles within Lusaka are made aware of this new development to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and waste of time through Court attendances.”

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    • Anything is possible in Zambia. You cannot put it beyond PF to clog the court system with mundane and petty cases just to prove that they are in charge, ati boma ni boma.

    • When are these RATS going to start working? Why do new driving licences take over 6 months to come out while NRCs take less than a day. An NRC is an eminently more useful document than the driving licence, BTW.

  1. Anything possible under pf. I also heard that lungus party trick is eating 100 boiled eggs in a minute then passing wind

  2. There are NOW THAN EVER more road blocks in Zambia. A friend of mine from Zimbabwe was amazed when I drove with her from lsk to kitwe. Surprisingly enough are the private cars used as offices. CORRUPTION IS NOW AN OPEN SCOURGE! ZAMBIA where to..??

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