HH and GBM appear in Luanshya magistrate court

HH and GBM in Kitwe
HH and GBM in Kitwe

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Mwamba yesterday appeared before Magistrate John Mbuzi of Ndola in the Luanshya Magistrate court.

This is in a matter in which the two were charged with three counts of seditious practices and unlawful assembly contrary to the laws of Zambia.

When Magistrate Mbuzi read the charges both Hichilema and Mwamba pleaded not guilty to the three charges.

In count one and two, Hichilema and Mwamba were charged individually with seditious practices contrary to the laws of Zambia.

In count three the two were jointly charged with unlawful assembly contrary to section 75 as read with section 74 of the penal code and regulation of the Public Order Act.

Particulars are that  the accused number one, Hichilema, 54, of house number 14/38 Sable road Kabulonga on September, 26, in Mpongwe did conspire with others unknown to bring into hatred, incite violence, resistance, and disobedience to the administration of the elected Government of Zambia by uttering words namely ” nga taba mufumishe Matambo, epo ulubuli lwalatampila”.

In count two Mwamba, 57, of house number 10 Roan road, Kabulonga, was charged with sedituous practices.

It is alleged that on September, 26, in Mpongwe, accused number two, Mwamba did conspire with others unknown to bring into hatred, incite violence, resistance, and disobedience to the administration of the elected Government of Zambia by uttering words namely ” if we pano ngaba UPND tulwile twakana iyi Government yakwa Lungu; ngabamyeba ati kuli ama meeting yaba Lungu mulekana, pantu president wesu ni HH”.

In count three the duo were charged with unlawful assembly contrary to the laws of Zambia.

It is alleged that on September, 26, in Mpongwe being in a public place jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown did convene, assemble unlawfully with intent to carry out some common purpose without notifying the regulating officer.

When the matter came up yesterday afternoon the duo’s lawyers comprising of Jack Mwimbu, Chimuka Maggubwi, Tom Shamakamba and Mulilo Kabesha applied for bail.

Magistrate Mbuzi granted the two bail of K25, 000 in their own recognisance with two working sureties based on the Copperbelt.

The matter was adjourned to today for mention.



  1. 18 years imprisonment with Hard labor is the minimum.

    This also qualifies for treason, in which a death sentence cannot be totally discounted.

    Once convicted, the duo will not be eligible for any election whatsoever on Zambian soil.

  2. Personal Advice to HH . You have a bright future but trust in the Lord. His will may be that one day you become President or that you will remain in the opposition without being president. Its okay. My advice is that fight a good fight and not a dirty one. Respect authority and begin mobilizing your people and Party within the confines of the law. A good name is better that fine perfume.
    Ifyama court fyalamipwisha.

    • @t Edward, This is true hypocrisy at your heart. I saw you on the media saying we are christian for Lungu and this is exactly what your god represents in your heart. After much prayer and fasting this is what your god father Lungu is doing in your heart.

  3. Tom Shamakamba got his license back? hope he will now behave with clients monies. in 2021 our HH will be 59 our GBM will be 62…and they will spend the next five years shuffling from one court room to another…maybe just maybe while we may have lost the election, the argument of our campaign will not go away: the issue of our unequal country will not go away, this is the challenge of our time, the fight goes on, and whoever is our new leader, I know UPND will keep making the case for a country that works for people once again.

  4. These 2 big wigs addressed a group of people which consisted PF intelligence who recorded them and are going to produce the same words in court. Most likely these two clowns will be convicted.
    They will soon learn that the prison system in Zambia can reduce a rich man to a confused character.

    • VERY TRUE…Ask the relatives of Edward Shamwana and Valentine Musakanya as to what the prison did to them. The mobs escorting these guys to court will end at the courts and once incarcerated HH and GBM will be alone in jail feasting on Kapenta and rotten beans.


  6. I dream is about to come true. HH and GBM will be imprisoned for a short while a revolution will mark the end of PF and Lungu. A new beginning will occur and HH will come from prison to state house like Mandela. I revolution will concluded by people in green.

  7. I can not believe the hatred you have for HH and GBM. Remember, you are being used by satan and God is not pleased with you. Repent and be saved!

  8. i hope that after prayers and fasting, Zambians shall change their languages and speak love towards one another.
    The danger of aligning yourself to a group and think your group is better than other is that you always speak evil of others……
    Let us hope you can talk to GOD about your political enemy. Tell GOD what you want GOD to do to your enemy.
    God is love

  9. For the peace of the community God allows those posing danger to be executed. But as Christians we ought to ask God to forgive our sins as we forgive those who tresspass against us.

  10. All this was a set up a trap by there poictical opponents.In a democratic country.From Lusaka they stop in chibombo and greeted people ..there was no arrest they proceedded up to Kitwe met there members and some who are in prison they were not arrested untill on there way back through Luanshya Kabwili’s territory who hate them most ..He must have called his boys in the police circle to cramp them from there.

  11. You forgive when the trespasser ask for forgiveness or show remorse but for those two they think they are God themselves, they are so bitter that they cannot forgive others these so called UPND.

  12. to under five and his pimp fat albert: recordings and video footage taken by security forces and special branch don’t lie it is admitted as evidence by the officer who took it. it is admitted as professional evidence and under five and his fat pimp will be asked to question the officer, after that, they will be convicted on the basis of the
    evidence and sent to prison. in prison, a lot of things can happen and they are likely to come out as vegtable or may contract deceases like TB, aids, and the like. what a foolish way for one to pursue his dream.

  13. No treason was committed in those utterances. Haters of the two and UPND are in a hurry to exhibit their primal sadistic appetite for blood. Baying without cause. How many people would be executed for uttering the same words? Half the country? The charges are vindictive and intended to silence any opposition in pursuit of the One-Party State primitive agenda. Its time the PF govt. concentrated on real issues and allowed the opposition to flourish freely through challenges and offering of alternatives arguments.

  14. if this god the pf was worshiping yesterday is the same god of abraham asaic and jocob then i dont see how he can forgive this country more especially pf government.

  15. Trump and HH sim to have a lot in common. Both are rich. Both can’t be easily advised. They can’t respect electoral system. Can’t accept results. Blame others not their way of doing things

  16. Comment: When a country is run by the devil, even the citizens are develish. When Nineve fasted, they fasted in truth and God relented. Zambia will not progress due to hatred, deceit and lying to God. Show love, God is love. Concerned citizen

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