Cholera victims
Cholera victims

Kapiri Mposhi District has recorded 27 cases of cholera.
Two people have since died from the epidemic in the district since the disease broke out last week.
Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Peter Mwiinde, confirmed the outbreak of Cholera to ZANIS.

Mr Mwiinde said all the cholera cases recorded in the district have been emanating from Lukanga fishing camp in the district.

He said the two fatalities were recorded at Kapiri Mposhi Urban Clinic and Waya Rural Health Centre in Lukanga Swamps over the weekend respectively.

“We have seen four cases at Urban Clinic and 23 at Waya Clinic and unfortunately we have lost two people since the outbreak on Wednesday last week,” Mr Mwiinde said

The DC said the Ministry of Health has since opened screening and treatment centres in Lukanga Swamps and at Kapiri Mposhi Urban Clinic to receive suspected cases of cholera.

He said the ministry is also distributing chlorine and has also intensified health education in the area to mitigate the outbreak.

Mr Mwiinde said the council has also been advised to effect a fish ban to prevent fish trading activities in the district to avert the further spread of the disease.

“Cholera is coming from the swamps where we a have a lot of fish business going on as a result a fish ban has been effected to prevent movement of this diseases to other areas,” Mr Mwiinde said.

He cautioned people against buying fish from the streets.

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    P.F bringing to you Infrastructural Cholera. Seleniko tusebenze!
    You Zambian citizens should appreciate the developmental diseases, our poor corrupt work ethic is affording you, ungrateful people!


  2. Cholera is an infection (whether viral or bacterial) does not make a difference to a layman.

    It kills. It is transmitted through (please chose the best answer):
    1. eating fish
    2.Staying at Lukanga and in Kapiri District
    3.eating and drinking contaminated food and water respectively


  3. Please simply get rid of the environmental factors leading to the contamination of the swamp. Banning fish from the swamp (if it is the only source of contamination) is a good short term measure. Removal of the root cause or source of contamination coupled with hygienic behavior of the residents will be a better and much more sustainable longer term solution. Just my opinion.



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