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We are not introducing Gay Rights in Zambian football-FAZ

Sports We are not introducing Gay Rights in Zambian football-FAZ

Ponga Liwewe
Ponga Liwewe

The Football Association of Zambia has refuted reports that it is in the process of amending the constitution that will see the introduction of Gay Rights in the local leagues.

In a statement, FAZ General Secretary Ponga Liwewe said the reports are misleading.

Liwewe said Football House recently circulated to all its members a draft copy of the FAZ Constitution for their review and to make comments and suggestions.

“The draft constitution is in line with FIFA statutes and it is these that are up for discussion. It is the prerogative of FAZ members to agree or disagree with the statutes and to make recommendations that will be incorporated into the final document,” he said.

Liwewe also dispelled reports that the constitutional changes will lead to the disbandment of Divisions Two and Three.

He said the implication that clubs from Divisions Two and Three are to be disbanded or relegated to lower status is untrue.

“The proposed adjustment to the statutes will reduce the size of the Electoral College to enable council meetings become more efficient and for more effective decision making,” he said.

Liwewe said the proposal in the draft constitution is for clubs from Divisions Two and Three to elect representatives who will attend, speak and present their issues at meetings on their behalf.

“This requirement is necessitated by the need to have a manageable number of delegates at meetings because the ever growing membership of the football association means that the current system is difficult to manage.

Clubs will remain full members of the Football Association of Zambia. Football House is open to provide further information and clarification to the media on this matter and indeed any matters relating to the running of football in Zambia.”

FAZ this week sent out a circular to all its members for comments on a proposed draft constitution the association wants to enact at next year’s annual general meeting.

Curiously, the draft constitution that has been circulated has a clause that talks about no one being discriminated against based on “sexual orientation.”

Article 3 of the draft constitution which discusses the that neutrality has prohibited the discrimination of FAZ members based on their “sexual orientation.”

Members have now been left with a two-week deadline for their input.

The document is undersigned on behalf of the FAZ secretariat and executive by deputy general secretary Lombe Mbalashi.

On the electoral college, FAZ has proposed that there will only be 120 members of the electoral college which will comprise the Super Division, Division One, Provincial Association and other bodies.

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  1. Why obsess about gay rights? How many gay people do you know? Is it a problem in football? Just asking. It seems the most ridiculous thing to worry about when you cannot play good enough football to support a sensible FIFA ranking.

    • The hypocrisy in Zambia is shocking especially amongst the so called christians.
      Which one is a bigger sin to sleep with another man or sleep with another man’s wife? Do we really want to know what people do in their bedrooms? The truth is if we did the shock would kill us!
      Yes there is very little to show about the Christian nation. So much about national prayers and fasting let by the worst liars and crooks in the land those that misuse our taxes and those that misuse our tithes!
      Yet you still wonder why we are poor.

    • Like it or not Zambia has its own portion of gays and lesbians, no amount of praying or discrimination will change that fact.

    • If you say being gay is not African, you don’t know your history
      In the Buganda Kingdom, part of modern-day Uganda, King Mwanga II was openly gay and faced no hate from his subjects until white men brought the Christian church and its condemnation. Though King Mwanga is the most prominent African recorded as being openly gay, he was not alone.

    • @ David Kato look at this statement ”For Mwanga, the ultimate humiliation was the insolence he received from the (male) pages of his harem when they resisted his sexual advances. ”

  2. What is wrong with us Africans kanshi!!??? OK – let me say that again: What is wrong with us ZAMBIANS kanshi!?? There are so many problems to worry about than obsessing about where someone is sticking his d.ick!!!!!!! Eish! In one document you advocate no discrimination and equality before the law while obsessing about who does not fit into your equality definition. Hypocrites of the worst order!!! Leave people’s privacy alone, or lift the roof off people’s boudoirs and start registration pre-s.ex licensing!

    • They are just discussing the contents of a football constitution and one of them that has been misunderstood is the gay rights as copied from FIFA. There is nothing wrong with us in Zambia iwe! Its you who is wrong. face an issue on the table. You want these guys to discuss fuel hikes instead of their constitution. Don’t show you inferior eccentricity.

    • In Boy-Wives and Female Husbands, a book examining homosexuality and feminism in Africa, the researchers found ‘‘explicit” Bushman artwork that depicts men engaging in same-sex sexual activity.

  3. FAZ you should be crying about how badly you’ve performed on the pitch ever since elections. Leave erections to other bodies.


    • “One factor is the increased popularity of fundamental Christianity, by way of American televangelists, since the 1980s. While Africans argued that homosexuality was a western import, they in turn used a western religion as the basis for their argument. When I have challenged people who are anti-gay, many have said that it is not our culture. However, when you probe further, they argue that homosexuality is not in the Bible. But the Bible is not our historical culture. This shows there is real confusion about Africa’s past.”

  5. SHUT UP Ponga. I really thought you were more intelligent than that. Are you really of this generation? Is that the world you want your children to grow up in? Yes grow up Africa, nobody has got time for that. There are far too many pressing issues to deal with than people’s bedrooms. Hunger, poverty, disease, corruption and your dullness!

  6. Do not deflect FAZ! That’s not the issue! It’s your proposed amendments that wish to dis-enfranchise members and your dismal performance in soccer! Do not waste our time with this gay rights issue. It’s boring! Just fix your house and play football!

  7. Being gay is not a choice that some people wake up with. It is inborn. There’s no person in their right mind who would want to be sexually attracted to persons of the same sex.They say “gays” are sick in their minds. What about “straight people” who defile young children, in some cases babies. But to have sex with people of the same sex is a big abnormality.

  8. And i thought Christianity is a religion of inclusion and not exclusion. A religion that unites and not one that divides. So does the “sexual orientation” of the person throwing you the life-jacket during your drowning stupor matter?
    We need wisdom and understanding. What a Christian nation we are.

  9. @David Kato 1.3, I wonder where you got the story that the Buganda had a Gay king. Oh, i believe its from the colonial narratives which unfortunately are too lazy to counter check. For your own information, all the nosense about Mwanga II Basammula Ekkere, the King of Buganda is all distortion by the Christians missionaries who saw him as an affront to their domination. Am sure you are one of those who say he was Evil because of the 30 to 45 converted Christians he killed, the so called Martyrs, who the colonialists say they where killed because of refusing sexual advances from the King. Though heinous the act was, those people were called not because of being christians but because they were informants to the Missionaries who were planning to take over the Buganda kingdom. So the ploy…

  10. If it’s discussed in the conext of true Christianity ,
    then its not inclusive, it’s actually something abominable, and God for Christianity has at no time accepted those who practice it . As a matter of fact he has vowed to annihilate those that are of this filthy practice. But he is very fair God as such he has allowed people to choose either to be his loyal faithful ones or his enmies. For me, no man with any abnormality has fought for his abnormality as his right, but restlessly seek help or cure. I have seen hormones administered on those women who can’t grow breasts , those who can’t conceive and so on. But to want to remain abnormal is something un heard off. In the all saga , I think ,the worst inhuman is to support the abnormality rather than working towards eliminating…

  11. Please Zambians let’s not be HYPOCRITICAL PEOPLE. Why are you so concerned with people’s SEXUAL PREFERENCES OR ORIENTATION. How about you worry over your continued LOSES and the slow EXTINCTION OF SOCCER IN ZAMBIA. Whether you like it or accept it or not GAY AND LESBIANS EXIST in ZAMBIAN.So get over it. It’s between them and God. As for us HETEROSEXUALS. Let us stop JUDGING……We are all SINNERS, ONLY THAT OUR SINS HAVE DIFFERENT NAMES AND COLOURS. WE all need GOD’S GRACE AND FORGIVENESS.

  12. GAYS are the loudest and most violent critics of fellow gays. From statements above one can tell who the gays are. If someone has never asked to sleep with you what the hell is your problem. Sex is only a crime when with minors and when done without the partners consent. Otherwise it is a very private matter. Please let it remain so.

  13. After reading the comments above, I am happy UPND lost. Lord Jesus thank you for the new constitution that all MPs voted for blindly.

  14. Ikakunyokolani njala muleke ku debater FAZ constitution fuel hike pressure number one and ZESCO tariff hike number two.

  15. Ironically most men are lesbians because they like having sex with women and most women are gay because they prefer having sex with men. Problem solved, let us move on.

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