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25 years old Wilfred Chilufya is part of the Commission of Inquiry into political violence


Wilfred Chilufya
Wilfred Chilufya

One of the members of the Commission of Inquiry into 2016 electoral violence appointed by President Lungu is 25 years old Wilfred Chilufya.

Mr Chilufya is the youngest member of Commission of Inquiry appointed by President Lungu last evening.

Mr Chilufya graduated from the University of Zambia in 2015 with Bachelors of Science Degree in Biological Sciences.

He is serving as a National Youth Coordinator for Pillars of Peace Zambia.

Former Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda is the Chairperson for Pillars of Peace while Dr. Kenneth Kaunda is the Patron of the Organization.

The Commission of Inquiry will examine the causes of the political violence before and after the 11th August, 2016 general elections, examine to what extent the pre-election political violence could have influenced the voting patterns and also inquire into the voting patterns between 2006 and 2016 and the root causes of these patterns.

Wilfred Chilufya will be working with prominent figures such as Mr. Justice Munalula Lisimba (Chairperson), Fr. Lastone Lupupa, Mr. Lee Habasonda, Dr. M.C. Bwalya, Prof. Owen Sichone, His. Royal Highness Senior Chief Ntambo among others.


  1. “Mr Chilufya graduated from the University of Zambia in 2015 with Bachelors of Science Degree in Biological Sciences….”
    The lad with a degree in biological science ended up forming an NGO. Either he’s innovative or it’s a sign of lack of job opportunities in his field of study. At least he has an income, rather than languishing. Probably other graduates may take a leaf from him.

    • @chosen, there no other employers than NGOs for anything. What peace is that Chiluba coordinating? Now Lombe Chibesakunda has a project to sell to donors. These are the 1 million jobs proposed in Edgar Lungu famous speech.
      Zambians at its best.

  2. Well done young man. They should include the impressive outgoing Student Unions President who wrote elegantly in LT this week. Nyonde or something similar to that. Sorry forgot his name.

  3. He formed an NGO in areas unrelated to his professional qualification most probably due to unemployment. His appointment should raise concern also about youth unemployment which has reached epidemic levels

  4. Really laughable..irrelevant commision with commissioners selected after 3 bottles of Jameson Irish Whiskey consumed…that is Lazy Lungu for you.

    • You started well in your preamble “irrelevant commission” then lost it. The commission is just a waste of tax payers money.

    • The commission is indeed a waste of money and time. We don’t need this commission. Anyone can see what started the violence unless they are drunk

  5. Who said he formed an NGO? He might be incharge but never formed it. Let’s hope things are getting better not worse in our motherland.

    • With clueless clowns borrowing and looting your “hopes” will never be realized.

      Only when these criminals are out of government and in jail will Zambia be able to move forward and resume development.

      Until then expect to follow Zimbabwe into poverty and lawlessness

  6. NGO=Nothing Going On. He has no job in his field of specialty, that’s why he has joined the Nothing Going On movement. Ok young man we understand you have to put food on your table, seize every opportunity.

  7. Its good for young ones to b considered too !let us older lean not to only cry for work u csm employ your self,what need pf is to rebuild what thy killed economy!

  8. This task was supposed to b given to a group of 4 top performing students at UNZA pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science wt an allowance meant to pay 1 person. Wat ar universities for if they are called research institutions? May u plz spare tax payers money by dissolving this irrelevant commission who will do nothing BT put their opinions together& call it a research? Its a total sheer waste of time& money coz we all kno wat causes political violence. Few disgruntled, shamelss& selfish pipo wt no respect for human life. U call the die hard Cadres!

  9. Som of these die hard cadre graduate into Ministers is the unfortunate thing! That’s y they will never stop causing violence! This is public secrete!

  10. Easy just retrieve reports from various news media may be excerpt ZNBC then the inquiry is over.Dig in the archives.How much are they paying?

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