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President Lungu appoints a Commission of Inquiry to examine the causes of the political violence


President Edgar Lungu
President Edgar Lungu with Amos Chanda

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has appointed a Commission of Inquiry to examine the causes of the political violence before and after the 11 TH August, 2016 general elections.

According to a press statement released to the media by his press Aid Amos Chanda, President Lungu made named the Inquiry in accordance with the Inquiries Act.

Those appointed to the Commission are:

Mr. Justice Munalula Lisimba (Chairperson);
Mrs. Marvis Kasongo Chisanga (Vice-Chairperson);
Mr. Nzovwa Mwela Chomba (Secretary);
Mr. Mike Mulabe (Deputy-Secretary)
Fr. Lastone Lupupa
Mr. Charles Kafunda
Mr. Lee Habasonda
Mr. Reuben Lifuka
Dr. M.C.Bwalya
Mrs. Maureen Siamulele Tresha
Prof. Owen Sichone
Mr. Redson Nyanga
Ms. Flora K. Mooya
His. Royal Highness Senior Chief Ntambo and
Mr. Wilfred Chilufya

The Commission of Inquiry will also inquire into the voting patters between 2006 and 2016 and the root causes of these patterns. The Inquiry will also examine to what extent the pre-election political violence could have influenced the voting patterns in the 11 th August 2016 general elections.

Among other matters, the Inquiry will the role of political parties, traditional rulers, and the media in shaping voting patterns and instigation of violence among others.

The Commission has been tasked to submit its report to the President within 120 days from the date of appointment.


  1. 1. In the US there are the so called red states and blue states. These will vote for their party candidate no matter how flawed that candidate is.
    2. In the 2012 election, there is a district in Ohio which gave Mitt Romney 0, as in ZERO votes against Barack Obama. This is a district with a population more than 20 times that of the maligned Dundumwezi
    Americans understand this and its not even an issue. They will not waste time and resources constituting commissions of enquiries to look into the voting
    Now I do not want hear some numbskull telling me that Zambia is not America so we cannot import everything American because the fact of the matter is that we are using their brand of democracy so you simply cannot cherry pick only things which work to your advantage and discard the rest

    • another avenue of more money in these chaps pocket……15 have been given jobs from the million target.wel done chagwa.

    • Thanks @Webman. The problem is that Lungu just cannot believe that Tongas do not want him, even though he started calling them “bakachema” in February 2016 well before his minions took up the chorus. PF and Lungu have this ego thing that they must be loved by all Zambians when it is clear that their administration is the most tribal that Zambia has ever seen. They have turned the Bemba language into the official language in government offices. And they are now harassing HH and opposition supporters. Zambians resent that. This commission is a waste of time and money if PF do not go out to court voters from opposition areas.

    • Your president is a psycho, how can he come up with this bullsh!t when he is the chief thug himself, and its like father and like sons/daughters among his thuggish cadres!!

      Zambians, why have you let this illicit brewer quencher f00l around with your intelligence?

    • Does this Edgar Chapona Lungu has brains? Of what importance is this inquiry and then what? Instead of explaining to us why the price of fuel has kept sky rocketing in our country when the pump price has been dropping to unprecedented levels on the international market or better still institute a commission of inquiry on the latest sad story on how Zambia has been ranked as the third hungriest country in the world and why we’ve found ourselves there not these malabish he’s doing creating jobs for his praise singers aka as cadres in the name of commission of inquiries. From the time fuel peump prices started dropping globally, we Zambians have never benefited anything. Chagwa must fall!!!! as his name chapona implies. Under this same chap of a president Zambia has been ranked as the…

    • Edgar is simply escalating, it’s so annoying that he continues witch hunting.
      He has those Kaiser Zulus and likes, what will the commission write about it?

    • How or which direction people vote is their God-given right and so this commission is just a serious waste of tax payers money.

      While the enthusiasm for pointless things is still hot, why don’t we appoint a commission of inquiry to find out why women have big hips, or better still why birds fly.

      And what will the recommendations of this inquiry be? That Dundumwezi be moved to Northern province???

      The things that power can do to simple minds…………………………………….

    • What a an utterly useless bum we have for a President….another reckless expenditure that can be avoided. How about a creating a taskforce to followup on culprits who misappropriated GRZ funds in the AG’s report. This taskforce should report to a Court Judge or Judges and not the IG ….where is the potical will to fight corruption?

    • @ 1 webman

      But look, there is no need for an enquiry in USA because those in the stronghold of the losing candidate do to displace those who support the winning candidate.

      So why compare nshaba with cars? Those are unlike terms.

      Don’t make scenarios that even you will fail to understand what you are saying.

      If kaponya causes rash to a person and they go to the hospital for investigation, don’t tell them that that it is not necessary because the neighbors eat the same kaponya and are not harmed.

      Thinking is most encouraged, but the way we think matters most.

    • Is it not this same government that is asking people to move on. Now even the President, by appointing this commission, has acknowledged that there major problems with the 2016 elections. it looks like the fasting and prayers of October 18 have not helped.

    • This Dudy Lungu should just ask the following people the cause of violence: Max Chongo, Kaizer Zulu, Kamba, Davies Chama, Boman Lusambo, Charity Katanga, Frank Bwalya, Chishimba Chimbili, Lungu himself etc, than wasting our meager resources.

    • Ba peace for Zambia….I usually agree with you, but sorry you can’t spine this one for Lungu. This commission of inquiry is useless and should not be supported. If you talk of those who were displaced due to post election violence in some parts (not all) of the southern province, you don’t need this inquiry, but the police to do there work. Have the police failed to arrest those people or is this inquiry targeted at the big fish?

      Sata also set up a lot of inquiries that never yielded anything. This will also be another excuse by the PF to deal with the economy..

  2. I hope no tax payers money will be wasted on allowances for the commissioners. We all know that the cause of political violence is irresponsible comments from politicians that tingle the ears of equally irresponsible cadres on both sides of the political divide.

    What we need is not an inquiry but investigations by the relevant government departments set up to deal with such matters to bring culprits to book.

    • These guys will travel to all corners of the country accruing travel allowances…this is a President who has never run a successful anything…he is totally useless.

  3. Comment: This is the only way this country will heal. I believe the men and women appointed in this commission are of high calibre who will come up with resolutions to take this country forward. The aim is not to punish but to find means of avoiding the same to repeat itself in future.

    • This commission is not about healing. It is about fixing and blaming the opposition. If a genuine report will come out, then Lungu will ignore it the way Sata ignored the Rodger Chongwe Commission on the Slaughter of Barotse people.

    • Healing from what. Is it an illness for the people of Sourhern province want to continue voting for UPND. These voting pattern are common even in the US. I voted for Barack OBama twice because he is a black brother and so did a lot of black people. Why should one have a problem with this pattern and form a commission of inquiry?

    • @ 5.1 Buck Teeth Lungu,

      I think you have lost it there.

      You don’t need to appoint a commission if you want to blame the opposition.

      The PF and the UPND have always blamed each other almost everyday.
      Which commissions were they using?

      There is no problem with insinuating, but the manner we do it.

      President Lungu is a thoughtful leader, who focuses ahead, planning to improve the warfare of citizens including stubborn politicians.

      It is to the good of all, that we may avoid going the route we went.

      Some politicians can see ahead; they reject the bill of rights without realising they would soon need the same rights.

      But those are people you have made your role models.

    • Yes! I knew it all along @ peace for zambia. Lungu is determined to improve the WARFARE for zambia as you have so accurately pointed out

    • @Webmam,

      There is no need for excitement over the typo error ‘warfare’. I meant ‘welfare’ and am sure everyone has seen that, sad that you could have a challenge to notice that obvious matter.

  4. This is why Africa NEVER develops.!!
    Chagwa’s priorities are Back to Front, but Africans readily accept such. Had Chagwa put on his underwear outside his trousers, only with such a glaring mishap would Africans notice, & probably speak out.
    Iwe’ Chagwa, civil servants have not been paid on time, & you are busy wasting, & misappropriating scarce funds.
    We all including you know P.F, is responsible for majority of political violence.
    While we are at it. Whatever happened to Samuel Chavula??
    That deserves an enquiry!

  5. Everyone saw those chain welding thugs and which party they came from. The trigger happy Chama is still roaming the streets of Lusaka and lining his pockets with trolley loads of tax payers cash .This is incompetence of unimaginable proportions.

  6. UPND was the only source of violence in 2015 and 2016. The stakes were too high for Hakayobela the village Kaponya. We have to remove him from the political scene if sanity is to be restored. We hope the International Criminal Court picks him up soon for his war crimes in Namwala.
    This cult leader should have his cow b a l l s fed to the dogs.

    • War crimes in namwala? You mean like the fake bweengwa kidnapping or the fake GBM training UPND comandos with catapults ?.

      As for HH he was been participating in numerous elections and we never saw this level of violence.

      Only when lungu participates do we see this violence including shutting of independent media, following and harassing opposition leaders slower the country……

    • Spaka litole, (HH) is the father of division and hatred. He is half a demon. He borrowed too much money for this past election and he thinks he can hold us to ransom. He thinks money can buy state house.
      He is nothing more than an inbred ibmecile and people like you, Larry Mweetwa and Lloyd at defunct Zambian Witch Doctor are his offspring.
      (HH) is an Asrse Hole and a FO0L, a nincompooop, bafoon, IDlOT. His wife is a prostitute

    • The bitter hatred that PFooters have for HH shows that he is onto something big. They are scared that he is going to eat their breakfast. That’s why they want him excluded from politics so that they continue riding roughshod over Zambians. This commission will prove nothing. Only the guilty are afraid.

  7. If your stepmother beats/insults you in front of your father and your father keeps quiet, does not condemn her or reprimand her what does that imply? It means your father is actually encouraging it.

    Same with violence started by PF cadres & PF Police was never once been condemned by LUNGU. Violence starts & ends with LUNGU himself.

    PF cadres feel they are above the law. Even police are scared to arrest/charge them. Look at the example of MAX CHONGO. Today he’s still a free bird even has the nerve to drink in front of High Court lawns when he had a serious case of attempted murder of Petauke indepedent MP candidate. Not a single word of condemnation from LUNGU or PF. Actually DORA SILIYA the person who allegedly sent MAX has been rewarded with a ministerial position.

    SUCH A…

    • It’s like a teacher farts in class & points one pupil to point who farted. He’ll obviously point at someone else, a fellow pupil.
      There’s no way this commission will be impartial. The appointer (LUNGU) is the main suspect. Just like the disgraced KangCourt failed to be impartial since it was appointed by LUNGU the culprit.

      Separation of powers is a joke as long as all appointments are done by the president, especially by a low caliber president like LUNGU.

      This commission should have been appointed by an independent body like ACC or Judiciary, not the chief culprit himself. We already know the contents of the final report will be about blaming UPND & vindicating LUNGU, their appointer, their small-god. In short it’s a waste of time, money & integrity of our Govt & nation as a…

  8. There are departments of political science at your universities. This is in addition to social sciences and law. Why don’t you fund a research cluster there to give you a more comprehensive and unbiased result of what you are looking for? Academia in Africa is anaemic precisely because the politician has sucked the lifeblood out of it and given all efforts to appeasement and cronyism. Meantime, you cannot research on voting patterns because you are a democracy!! You must just keep the statistics and distribution. That, my hollow politicians, is democracy.

  9. were are all these reports:
    1.barostse land report
    2.erb report
    3.Garbon crash report
    waste of tax payers money when the economy is on its knees.

  10. Just let the nation see the UPND petition if you won the elections.
    Why are you creating diversions with fake commissions. If you won you have nothing to fear.

    Instead lungu is hiding behind technicalities, national prayers and commissions ,no we want to see the evidence UPND have.

    That is the only way you will legitimise your presidency, let’s see if UPND have any evidence of vote stealing.

  11. This is step one of an attempt to create a one party dictatorship. This commission will recommend “de-politising” voters by banning the opposition and having only a single party. Lungu and Chama have been daydreaming about this. They cannot fathom life outside government (in opposition and answering for there corruption and brutality) Be alert and vigilant.

  12. it pity that even the reasons for what is happening is clear to every one , one still goes ahead to appoint a useless inquiry of which its biased outcome will further divid the nation. come out in the open and reconciall with the leaders of the opposition parties demonstrate one zambia one nation. give equally development to all parts of the country . that is all you will bring back the lost glory of the country.

  13. These are jobs he promised the1m people of zambia. Just when we need more money to stabilize our economy this man is taking it way, he needs to priotize things. Don’t scare the opposition just run the country you are the president regardless of what we prople say.

  14. Who in Zambia doesn’t know the causes of political violence? Do you need a research for that? And those voting patterns, is it a problem?

  15. Sheer waste of public funds and total hypocrisy. This seems more like a calculated scheme to cover up something perhaps because the aggrieved opposition are considering tabling their complaints to ICC. You know very well the trigger happy cadres who are still roaming the streets and even have the audecity to camp in near grounds to high court. For starters if you had the will to promote peace why didn’t you ban carrying of weapons and sharp instruments in public?

  16. Comment:: Violence and voting patterns are created by pf ,will ever be with pf regime ,as before have been caused by PF Thugs. Chama shot UPND member in Livingstone and today he’s even promoted as Minister of Defence .Add to this Police killings of UPND supporters,pf criminasl are never arrested and they boast about it, the pf diehard tribalists like kambwili dora siliya frank bwalya hate speeches will remain thorns in the flesh andivide us further

  17. I think that it is a welcome move. Let’s have an independent commission to help us understand this problem rather than politicians giving us their opinions which we all don’t accept depending on which party you are. Now as expected only in Zambia, donkeys are already lining up to condemn anything good. Hiho hiho hiho hiho they will chorus.
    By the way the commissioners are high calibre and the majority are well to do and do not need the allowances to survive, like most donkeys on LT think. Hiho hiho hiho hiho, it is asking too much to expect any kind of reasoning from donkeys.

  18. If Tongas (I believe where you belong) don’t want ECL, the Northerners and others tribes don’t want your Satanist HH and his cohorts – Period! Why do you just want HH to rule Zambia when the majority people don’t want him you foolish Kalingalinga University graduate? Just go and drink Mbamba, get drunk and continue day-dreaming.

  19. As for the donkeys who give us examples of voting patterns in America, let them quite the whole thing. Tell us whether those Americans have said that they only want a (tonga) or Ohioan president and they will not accept anyone else? Tell us whether those people in Ohio see themselves as Ohioans and not Americans? Tell us whether those Ohioans have rejected election results where their candidate has lost democratically with all legal and monitoring bodies agreeing the same results?
    You have to be donkeys to think that you can come on the Zambian political scene and declare that you want to be president of Zambia because you are tonga and then you keep fighting what you should know to be a losing battle in Zambian political culture of zero tribalism.

    • Insults aside sir or madam. Yes, all the questions you have asked can be answered with only one sentence: Donald Trump and his mob

  20. @ 21, all the evidence is Glaringly there that Chagwa has chosen the violent path of his mentors, Bob Mugz, & Mu7, & thus is A WAR PRESIDENT!
    These are the facts.
    1. Chama recklessly discharges a firearm. Promoted to Defense.
    As if this ain’t bad enough,
    2. Chimpyongo, twice tries to bring down aircraft carrying Opposition leaders. Promoted to Home Affairs.
    3. Kaizer aims & shoots @ a Civilian citizen. Kept as special advisor for deception, & corruption. Kaizer has also brutalized many others.
    4. Max Chongo aggravated, & attempted murder with weapons, including firearms. Still roaming free, when a guy recently stole a Chicken & got locked up for keeps.
    This is Justice, & development in a Muntu Munyama failed democracy.

  21. As far as I know, Americans are very patriotic and see themselves as Americans first no matter which state they come from. Look at the way they wrestled the terrorists who wanted to go and crush their planes into the White House and kill the President of America in the September 11 atracks. Anericans of all hue and colour and regardless of which state they came from just said we will die first in this plane and we will not give you a chance to kill our president which is the embodiment of America whether we voted for him or not. Can we say the same of those donkeys who pretend to be politicians in our country and have no second thoughts about tearing the country apart as long as they can achieve their of being President of Zambia outside the ballot and the courts of law.

  22. This thug called Edgar Lungu is only fit for toilet waste. Which Zambian does not know that he is the main agent responsible for political violence before and after August 11th? This man is really a devil dressed up in a human skin. He deserves the last rites!

  23. Does it mean som pipo ar too dull to kno without them engaging in Critical thinking that Lungu is not Bemba jst as the name says it all? What have Bemba’s done to u anyway? May u b more civilized& avoid talking wtt thinking coz u only xpose yo ignorance& unjustifiable bitter ness. Wen pipo use Chewa,Lozi,Bemba,Tonga etc doesn’t mean they belong to that particular tribe. My parents one is Lozi the other Bemba& we v no problem as children & we simply call ourselfs as Zambians coz we have no tribe. Lunguz parents are Nsengas from Petauke in case u didn’t kno.

    • So what are you saying? If you have no ethnic group you identify with then that is your personal problem. A lot of Zambians are very happy and proud to be members of their ethnic groups, which come from deep mists of time. Zambia is an artificial creation made on 24 October 1964. Most ethnic groupings, eg Tongas, have been there for over 1,000 years in one place. Zambia, like the USSR (if you even know what that used to mean), will disappear one day but the ethnic groups will always be there, in different places, different countries.

    • For your info, Lungu is a proto-Bemba, having grown up in Kitwe. That’s his first language of preference and hardly speaks Nsenga, not properly anyway. That’s why he is very happy with the crooked Bemba ways of doing things – stealing, lying and insulting.

    • Buckteeth Lungu
      You are one of those whom education never changed anything. Do you even know that a lot of us Bembas voted UPND?Before RB Eesterners were your darlings.But since they tasted power your bitterness has also gone to them.I think UPND and you Tongas are a list cause it is time to identify a new leader.Not a day passes without Tonga tribal rantings.It is time to put you in your place.By the way continue with your venomous anti Bemba tribal talk you are doing half the job of those of us who are now determined to make sure you remain the country’s buttocks.


  25. HH is getting worse his illness whose symptoms are low libido,fatigue,short temper,disillusions has increased he is now so suspicious of his party members he is only comfotable with GBM, Nervous and his security detail who are all Tonga

  26. I cry for mother Zambia. This man called our President has no clue what to do. He knows what caused the violence were his cardes under the direction of Kaizer Zulu, Frank Bwalya and Steven Kampoygo.
    I was part of the B Team tasked to disrupt meetings and campigns by UPND and FDD in Lusaka’s matero, Kunda Square and Bauleni areas. We were paid K100,00 each time we stoped the oppostion from doing anything. I am a free lance thug and use my muscles to make money. I can not wait for the next elections because this is the easiest money have ever made in my life. I made K2,100,000 given a toyota land cruiser, Vitz, a pistol and plot. What more do i want. Now elections are over am by with my brothers from UPND and FDD living in bucks.
    Viva Elections. I can Sonta what i did

  27. The Commission has been tasked to submit its report to the President within 120 days from the date of appointment. For 120 days they will get K100,000 per sitting
    What i useless President who cares only about himself and friends

  28. Its only a pity that U ar too bitter& hope you will never die a bitter Person. Like that u ar only trying to display yo personal problems in public which is a sign of immaturity & poverty. U will never woo public attention like that coz yo arguments ar empty& full of hate! Sorry! That’s not health for anyone aspiring 2 any public Office! Y can’t u tell GBM to quit yo party then if Bembaz are that bad? Y did u even allow him join u?

  29. Extend your investigations to choma where your civil servants have stolen our money as southern province and your croooked ps is busy with meetings strategising and changing papers / vouchers to defend thieves.Even those transfered by p[smd are being brought back to steal more for him.

  30. belonging to a specific tribe will never make u richer or poorer. Its how u apply yoself. Tribe issue is not even important coz if u go overseas no 1 wil ask u abt yo tribe BT country where u have come from.

  31. Do we really need a commission on enquiry for this?You chaps just need to discipline your cadres.In Africa there is always lots of money to waste.One of the reasons I resent poverty is because most people from a poor background like Lungu have no respect for money.They just spend.Shame.

  32. You are clamouring for justice so let the truth come out what is wrong with an inquiry the same countries you are comparing yourselves to use this model very effectively.You criticise anything for the sake of criticising let us see who will have the last laugh.

  33. As part of this enquiry let’s hear the petition and prove that UPND lost the elections, there is nothing to fear or is there some thing PF don’t want the nation to see ?

  34. Lungs is the most u=s=e=le=ss president Zambia has ever known. he knows that his cadres have been injuring and killing and stopping women naked and he has been quiet. now he wants to cover up his thuggery by this u-s-e-le.s.s commission just to waste money. thugs like Kaizer and champ who have shot at people are walking free on the streets. what a thug president

  35. The violence is caused by Poverty of many kinds. Financial (most people) and Spiritual shortages like in the case of HH. The Untethered Greed of people that live in Dustbowls and cannot see the way out of poverty except through being Top Dog or supporting their top dog beyond all reason(because they expect to get something back, (poor Dr C Banda, truth came at a cost)) . Leaders emerge from such an environment and can only practice Politics of Violence, Greed(corruption), and politics of a Spiritual Shortsges(Evil, using people to place you into power at all costs, even to the point if destroying the very thing you want to rule). However President Lungu is the BEST President Zambia has and he is Rich in Good Spirit, is truly trying to create a United Zambia of Equality.

    • The Majority of Opposition Politicians in Zambia are on the whole very impressive, except for HH(who has NEVER held a political post, NEVER been in Parliament), who thinks hus Money can buy him anything. @Web Man the difference is that in the USA, people vote for their Politcal ideology, Conservatives, Liberals, Democrats….Very rarely for their TOWNSMAN as in nit someone from my TRIBE. It’s NOT an area, Location of belonging but of BELIEF in an ideology. We can copy America, by demanding our politicians are civilised in the political arena. ACCEPT DEFEAT GRACIOUSLY. When campaigns are over, Down Tools. Let the Church Heal disappointment. Politicians should be Good Losers, praise the winning opponent. EVEN through Tight lips and bared teeth!

  36. UPND danderheads are complaining because they are guity as the saying goes that ‘the guity are always afraid’ Henceforth The Supreme Leader HH of the UPND is dead scared that he will be found wanting on this issue therefore his danderheads on this fora condemning the commission of inquiry…

  37. So it’s the end of the USA Election campaigns and in the video links below we can teach HH/UPND, how Civilised people respond to a call for unity and forgiveness after battle.At the end of the campaigns, when all that’s left is the Supreme decision of the Citizens; Candidates down weapons of words and take a moment to do good for those in need. Brought together by His Eminence Arch Bishop NY, of the Catholic Church, they mock each other manoeuvring around the insults as elegantly/ deftly as they can. It’s clear Trump lost it a bit and was personal but it was to be expected, such is the handle that’s become his calling card.
    CLINTON / TRUMP ROAST [Alfred E Smith Charity Dinner]

    • Together the Opponents help to raise FUNDS for philanthropical causes. THEY SERVE THOSE THAT ARE LESS ABLE even through their bitterness and anxiety for the future results. $6M, and the total was rising through the night for their fellow citizens.

  38. My foot,who is advising ELC?This govt through ERB told us to sacrifice by removing fuel subsides.Then just few days he pays us with a commission of something which everyone in Zambian know.Why do we have the Police and other govt agencies?

  39. Lungu continues to impress me with his lack of ideas. You can’t pay workers on time even after ZNBC sung praises of PF for a year but you have resources to pay commissions of inquiry.
    Shacking my head

  40. @webman, true as it maybe, voting in the 3 provinces plus part of central province was purely on tribal lines or to get rid of Bemba domination. The seven provinces voted on merit and here’s why. While HH was getting almost 100% votes in Tonga, Lozi, Luvale parts of the country, the other parts were well balanced : Edgar would get 20000 against HH ‘s 5,000. Nowhere did HH get 200 votes against Edgar’s 30,000 otherwise Edgar would have scored more than 70%. Iam sure GBM was not privy to this “Operation tribe counts “

  41. It seems the so called public order act was not admnistered properly and serves no purpose.e.g why was Miles Sampa followed by Pf holigans at Ndola Air port caused the plane not to land? If the opposition ant to hold there rlly it’s cancalled at the last minute when people have gathered and some on the way to the rally site.Only to see tear gas and canisters being thrown by police while others are shot by live bullets which led to the death of an innocent life a woman called Mapenzi in Lusaka.Edgar should seek ways of uniting the Zambian people .The Nation is more divided after the Aug elections.

  42. talking about high calibre commissioners is a dream those who messed up 11 august 2016 elections are men and women of high calbre . it will be the same that they would want to please the appointing authority for more personal gain at the expense of poor zambians. we no longer can trust such kind of moves.

  43. Politicians are hypocrites. It them that have divided the nation with their hate speech. If one stands on the public platform and begins to praise some tribes as the only ones God has blessed to rule Zambia and goes on to degrade the other tribes as being inferior hence will never produce a president. What do you expect their reaction to be? You throw out the petition and institute an inquiry? Vanity of vanities

  44. What are a waste of time. This PF imposed governments has no strategic direction at all. This ECL is a total disaster. All his efforts border on silencing the Zambian people. Why set up an inquiry when you fully know that you are the centre of the current violence in the country. What do you expect from that enquiry that has your mandate to spell out what you want to hear. Get to work ECL and stop wasting government resources on unnecessary commissions when you know you are the problem. Zambia has never faced such political instability we are seeing now.

  45. Lungu you are taking the country backwards instead of forward, no wonder you liked the song dununa reverse. Don’t waste money on unnecessary things while people of Zambia wants better conditions of living. You seem to have unforgiving heart yet you hide in prayer and fasting all the time. Don’t mock God, fear of God is beginning of wisdom. You will end up badly.

  46. I was in a shop buying talk time. The TV was showing the Tonga program Kantinya Kamunsabata when this Tonga guy stormed shouting HH hamubole you’re our president, disturbing everyone. Luckily everyone ignored him.

  47. What will the outcome of such an inquiry be used for & by who? What will the effect on national unity be when the results are out? Is it likely to unite the country or divide it further? Is it possible that this inquiry will reveal something we do not already know? ECL himself said it in church that he knows the causes of political violence/ tribalism in our country. He said “It is us politicians”. So when the report comes out and say it is the politicians, then WHAT???? Back to square one. Pointless mediocre tinkering!!!

  48. Lungu just wants to evade responsibility for not acting fairly against PF thugs who have taken over the country. What has the police or the law done against those PF thugs the world saw carrying all manners of weapons like chains , stones .The blame should be put squarely at the doors of Nkwazi House for the way it applies justice in Zambia. The police carry out political orders instead of being lead by evidence of crime .That is why trigger happy political thugs like Chama are freely walking on the streets of Lusaka. They do have the every blessing of Nkwazi House and the police cannot arrest them.

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