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Savior Chishimba’ s bedroom ransacked, his MacBook and laptop stolen


Savior Chishimba's ransancked bedroom
Savior Chishimba’s ransancked bedroom

Opposition United Progressive Party President Savior Chishimba’s master bedroom was raided by unknown people in the early hours of today who got away with his MacBook Air and a telemedicine laptop.

Speaking shortly after police officers from the forensics department concluded their search, Dr Chishimba stated that the raid was the work of state agents.

He did not however say where he was during the incident.

Dr Chishimba said, “The crime scene has been processed, but detectives are saying, “…this is complicated…it was professionally executed…” Surely, is this the Zambia of love, unity, peace and democracy? A security threat on one Zambian is a threat on all Zambians.”

He said he found one MacBook Air and an HP laptop and all key documents stolen from his master bedroom.

“They broke-in by cutting the burglar bars of the window. This is the work of the state to intimidate me, but I am not a coward,” he said.

Dr Chishimba said preliminary investigations clearly indicate that there is an insider who must have been used.

This person knows all the corners of the house and there are sufficient leads adding that this person has been part of the trailing and stalking that has been going on.

“It’s unbelievable that they reached the extent of opening the Holy Bible to search in the pages as well as the cover.

Wasn’t it enough to destroy all the wardrobes to steal laptops and key documents? They should have had respect unto YHWH. YHWH shall defend His Word in seven days,” Dr Chishimba said.

“Apart from the MacBook Air, the stealing of the telemedicine laptop by “hired” operatives is inhuman. This is a specialised laptop strictly for use in telemedicine consults by Zambian doctors using the cloud in the USA. Many lives have been saved in hospitals that were privileged to receive the support in 2015. I worked very hard to get support from the US Government.

The TeleMed laptop is almost US$20, 000.00. This is an embarrassment to our nation. Bring it back because you can’t use it – you will be seen from the USA. As for the MacBook, I have already deleted all the data remotely.”

Police officers trying to screen the bedroomPolice officers trying to screen the bedroom
Police officers trying to screen the bedroom
Police officers processing Dr Chishimba's bedroom
Police officers processing Dr Chishimba’s bedroom
Police officers combing the bedroom
Police officers combing the bedroom


    • If it’s an inside job why don’t you ask your maid or garden boy instead of blaming the Zambian government? Cutting of burglar bars is a common practice among robbers. I suspect you know something because your bed is immaculately done in the wee hours of the morning. Where were you and your wife? UPND members will soon die of paranoia. And by the way, remove that monster fridge from your bedroom and get better beddings fit for a grown up!

    • Sad to embarrass the UPP losing president private room.
      Outdoors furniture in bedroom, and why fridge in bedroom?
      Did they ask the woman who use all that lotions?

    • Looks like its a prostitute he brought with him and then failed to pay for the services and then she went away with his possessions to cover for the cost of services.

  1. Probably the work of a cheated Mistress, girlfriend! In any case, it’s a bit unfair to point fingers at the gov’t. At this point the police are investigating and your press release is causing bad publicity for the state. Zambian opposition politicians should try not to be so emotional. What business have Zambian intelligence in destroying something that benefits Zambians medically? There many possible suspects:- International Intelligence Agencies from various countries. They are usually hot after any political person if there country is interested in the country, a good source of information. Could be ordinary burglars taking what they hope will be lucrative. Tighten up and maybe keeping your important resources in another location is a good idea, a neighbour, mummy, daddy,…


  3. NEZ you told your fellow bantustans and not us majority Zambians!!for you f00ls in upnd everything is done by PF leaders? matter how you blame PF or ECL,most us shall never vote for hh-NEVER!!!

    • Bed headboard against the window, that is one big security flaw by this presidential candidate, can’t entrust the country’s security to him, anyway he is an enemy of my enemy so he is a friend, chishimba always face the windows when in bed, poor security arrangement of that bedroom, eeeeish!

  4. Just go to a witchdoctor…posters are everywhere in town of powerful witchdoctors don’t even stress they will bring your stuff back while being chased by a black mamba

  5. That,s bad. It looks like Zed is becoming scary every single day.
    1, U might think u have deleted but they have downloaded before u deleted anything.
    2, U know what u are doing and u know what they wanted, please deal with them
    3, Yo bedroom is poorly designed. Get an interior designer to design a modern bedroom fit for a President

  6. If thats the ZP forensics department in the photo..its truly laughable…the chaps can not even wear gloves and overall, they are simply contaminating the crime scene.

  7. Ati “is the zambia of unity and love? ” Phool, homes and shops are being broken in all over the world, so what’s so special about you?

  8. Ok on a serious note, his bedroom looks over crowded, what’s that big chiller for in a bedroom, Lord Jesus have mercy on my crowded thoughts.

  9. come on ba chishimba, this has nothing to do with the state . you are a none entity. imagine, even though i have just read this attention seeking piece, i cant even remember the name of your party nor what you stand for. thats how irrelevant you are & i dont think zambians have money to waste on pretenders like yourself.

  10. Next time this guy gonna have a stove and a dish washer in his bedroom. Hey bud, instead of that big ass refrigerator you have, I can sell you my mini bar and I will through in my mini deep freezer for your steaks as well

  11. There are more questions than answers, until Dr. Chishimba tells the nation were he was and how persons stay with him then he remains the first suspect himself.

  12. Stop embarassing us please, how do you put such a large fridge and garden chairs and table in the bedroom????? Izasila liti pose imwe bantu???!?!! we should worry more about lack of water at UTH please….go and search UTH officials officials!!!’

  13. Why is everything bad from petty crime ti rape and murder attributed to the government of the day? Do you mean to say that when your Satanist UPND leader becomes president – God forbid, there will be no theft, burglary, sexual harassment etc.? Zambia is no exception to crime, just like in the so called developed democracies that you admire so much. These are countries where police are shooting innocent citizens and no one has ever been prosecuted. What would you have said if what is happening in these other countries was happening in Zambia? Stop living in a fantasy world and come down to earth. Make do with what you have and not what you do not have, because your HH will never become president of this land as long as some of us are still alive.

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