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Tayali changes name of his political name from MEDE to EEP


Outspoken former Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has announced that he has changed the name of his newly formed political party from Movement for Economic Development and Equity to Economic and Equity Party.

And Mr Tayali has admitted that starting a political party without resources, can be very challenging.

He said the name change was prompted after someone complained at the Registra of Societies that the name (MEDE) is similar to theirs.

Mr Tayali said he decided to change the name to Economic and Equity Party because he is not interested in fighting with anyone.

“On 28th September, 2016, I announced my intention to form a political party. I had to hit the ground running to dispel the skeptics who could had taken me for a joker, like I did with the wedding of Tasila. I also rushed into announcing because I wanted all those who were thinking that, I helped the PF with the intention of getting a job. I actually I got tired of phone calls of people asking for favours now that I was closer to PF,” he said.

“People are funny, now my phone has even gone quiet, because there is no prospect of appointment, due to what others think is stupidity. But it is a sign that, my plan is working. I never supported the PF to get a job, I helped them so that President Lungu could win last election because I thought (still today) that he was better than all those that contested in the last elections,” Mr Tayali said.

“Of course I never said ECL was the best, but at least he was the lesser evil compared to others, especially HH who was the closest rival. I would not have been in Zambia today had HH won last elections. Being quick in announcing the formation of the party, had its repercussions, because we could not check with ECZ on which symbol was available hence our initial symbol was rejected. However, we presented another one which has been accepted.”

He announced that the party’s new Symbol is the lamb adding that which he said is a sign of sacrifice.

“If you go into the Bible, you will find the Israelites using the Lamb for sacrifices. In the New Testament, Jesus is the New lamb that saves the World. Jesus was killed for us to be saved.:

He said his political party wants to be like a political Lamb, where the members of the party will sacrifice themselves to save the nation from the leadership of selfishness, corruption, injustice, and other vices.

“This defines the Equity in the name of the party. Our leaders do not care about the ordinary life of majority Zambians. They are selfish, corrupt and unjust.”

He said EEP leaders will not seek to serve themselves first by getting fat salaries and allowances when the majority Zambians are suffering.

“If you want to be a member of EEP, you must be ready to sacrifice, because we are going to cut most of the benefits these senior leaders get.”

Mr Tayali said EEP will also practice smart politics and not violence.

“A Lamb is a very peaceful animal, it does not fight, even when it is being taken to the slaughter house. The politics of our time, is marred with violence and name calling, EEP is taking after the Lamb, to be peaceful and to discuss issues not personalities.”

He said EEP has chosen White, Yellow, Blue and Green as the party colours.

“We want white to represent purity and perfection in what we do not mediocrity. We want Yellow to give people freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor, loyalty, and joy. We want blue to symbolize trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. We have chosen Green for renewal, nature, and energy,” he said.

Mr Tayali said the party has secured the symbol with ECZ and the Name with Registrar of Societies while clearance on funder members is still going on.

He said the Police have cleared the individuals while the party awaits interviews and referees.

“I will give you further updates as we progress. Meanwhile we are asking for people who can forecast on the future to help us with resources. EEP is the party for the future and if you are forecast, you would help EEP. Please call me for any help on 0966-888936.”


    • Why have AND in there.
      Just Economic Equality Party is good name for that NGO umwaiche Tayani.
      Without glasses it read EmptyEparty.

    • M.J, Banda, what Jay Jay said is true!
      Only in Zambia does a corrupt chancer, who had his Lawyers licence revoked for embezzlement, position himself & rise to become Head of State, in a Nation full of equally corrupt citizens without an ounce of ethics.

  1. EEP sounds like a distress or alert sound!! However it stands for good stuff, the colours are well chosen too. It’s probably a good move because you know how abusive Politicos can get…imagine one including an ‘r’ in MEDE to become MERDE….in mock French offence!

  2. Even boys mufigamba now think they can be President just because they are short like the late Chiluba? Atase ????. Just bitter because you were not appointed anywhere! Just sit down.

  3. Another clone living on EU money to fund opposition parties (and also pocketing a bit for pro-Lungu statements here and there every once in a while)

    • Divide and Rule
      You have done well to remind us how he recorded the GBM conversation. Just when I wanted to take down the no.

  4. Comment:You re also corrupt & salefish.hw do u stand & suport the person who is corrupt?don’t try to hind behind your suported him just because u were promised a job.

  5. The report is so accurate because Tayali wrote this news, Lusakatimes just copied and pasted the news on its web site. You should have written copy right

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