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It is unacceptable for Luapula to be the poorest Province in Zambia-Nsemukila

General News It is unacceptable for Luapula to be the poorest Province in Zambia-Nsemukila

Dr Buleti Geoffrey Nsemukila Pf Luapula
Dr Buleti Geoffrey Nsemukila Pf Luapula
Newly appointed Luapula Province Permanent Secretary (PS) Buleti Nsemukila says it is unacceptable for Luapula to be the poorest Province in Zambia because of its abundant natural resources and a team of competent and hard working civil servants in the region.

Dr. Nsemukila said this during a Senior management meeting in Mansa.

He said Luapula has abundant water, abundant forestry resource and a cadre of skilled civil servants who were hard working and finds it difficult to accept the poorest economic ranking status of the province among all the regions in the country.

The newly appointed PS disclosed that he had only been in Office for a week but he felt as though he had been in the office for two months because of the busy schedule that he has to attend to.

He called for every civil servant in the province to make a difference in the execution of their mandates in alleviating the poverty levels in the province which he said are standing at over 90 per cent.

Dr. Nsemukila said there is a huge mismatch between the skilled human resource in the province and the poverty levels being experienced by the people.

He re-echoed his earlier assertion that the manganese grade in Chipangwa area of Senior Chief Mwewa in Samfya District is only second to Gabon manganese and must be exploited profitably to benefit the region economically.

The PS said he observed with concern at one time when he was camped at Musaila filling station when he saw five trucks and trailers laden with manganese from Chipangwa area of Samfya District destined for a named foreign country.

He also expressed concern over the illegal pilfering of Mukula logs into other foreign countries at the expense of improving the living conditions of the people.

Dr. Nsemukila said such actions are responsible for the high poverty levels in the region because Luapula’s wealth goes away from its people in raw form in broad daylight.

He called for serious policy measures to ensure that such resources are channeled to empowering the local Councils as key instruments in reducing poverty levels for the people in the Province.

The PS said the excellent rain pattern in the Province should be positively exploited in supporting agriculture and hydro power generation whose benefits should trickle down to the ordinary people in the province.

He advised that he will strengthen structures of bureaucracy in the province in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and pulling together in unison in order to deliver to the people in the province.

Dr. Nsemukila explained that it is important to have policy guidance on issues that border on political issues because Government machinery must deliver on the promises that the politicians made to the people.

He said the PF is an important key player in the delivery of services to the people just like other political players in the province whose concerns must be managed competently in the delivery of services to the people.


    • Since when did it beat Western province ??. Also if indeed this is the case what has happened in Western for the turn around or indeed what has not been happening in Luapula to now get the dreaded Prize!

    • Let Luapulans eat PF. Poverty fries the brain into nothingness. What does Scarface Kalaba have to say about this? Doesn’t he own Luapula Province?

  1. I expressed similar sentiments the other day. Luapula has produced a President in the past and it’s currently the ruling party’s stronghold, yet bottom on the rich list. Next time politicians say, “vote for the ruling party because it’s only the government that can bring development”, think again. It’s a fallacy. Just look how prosperous Southern Province is, despite being in opposition for 15 years

  2. I am sure Dr Nsemukila is aware why Luapula has become poor. Those expanses of water had a lot of fish in them. In the 50s and 60s we had people like Nsemukila and Luka Mumba who built mansions and were running buses competing with Thatcher a white run company and its wealth was derived from fish. The copperbelt was a ready market. Please restock those lakes with fish and advise your people to use sustainable fishing methods. Those lakes are natural fish ponds.

    • Luapula Province, in my very humble opinion. This is the most tribal Province in Zambia which eats tribe every 5 years.

  3. No provinces deserves to be the least.
    However, given the resources around Luapula the province should be one of the better off places.

    Good call PS. Start the good work.

    Forward with Zambia, our great country.

  4. Luapula Province is one of the richest provinces and it has contributed a lot to mother Zambia but the problem are the people from Luapula who take investment out off the province.

  5. Indeed with which province it be acceptable to be the poorest? The whole Zed is unacceptably poor.

    Dununa Reverse!

  6. Congrats Doc for your appointment. You are equal to the task..We worked well together at Central Statistical Office when you were our Director I believe you will serve the people of Luapula very well like you did at CSO

  7. Chagwa Lungu sat at a prime Lusaka restaurant with his newly appointed cabinet to celebrate rigging the just recent polls. He orders mbeba tail soup for a starter. The waitress then asks: “And what about the vegetables?” Motioning to his cringing ministers especially Chibwili and Tasintha Luo who looked very eager to eat. Chagwa replies: “They’ll have the same as me!”

  8. Anyway, the nearest comparable Luapulans have to an economy is Katanga, where none exists! So, for all they know, and care, they’re doing very well. Is this not Katele’s lot capable of walking on water and hiding in the open, what happened to all this wisdom for them to come dead last? Ba tubulu, we will cede you to Katanga!

  9. Your hh has admitted in today’s lDaily Nation that ECL is the president of Zambia and that PF is the party in power.d

    • PF are so obsessed with HH, even when he brushes his teeth PF are listening in. Can you tell us what HH’s last fart said about Lungu’s Presidency?

  10. Comment:politics aside,I know luapula being a potential source of development coz it has lots of things which people fall to bring out for development, there is oil in lusenga national park, there is iron in mupeta mwense district, emarods in kanego area mushota ,chishinga ranch for live stock farming, kawambwa tea company just to mention a few.

  11. sometimes the mentality of the local pipo leaves much to be desired, civil servants can do their very best in service delivery yet the local pipo are lazy. it’s embarrassing a situation I found in kasama of full grown-up men of able stature and sound minds asking for coins, you wonder what has bewitched some pipo. most pipo in luapula are lazy they just want alms for free, busy with ndelomba mukwai

  12. Comment:I also can’t believe it to be poor when we have a lot water, fertile land, good rainfall pattern, enough land some minerals, etc. We have formed government for two times I suppose. it is only that the province have received special attention in Industrial investment in various sectors using our local materials. PS you are very right to deny that. just attract investors in capacity building to come to Luapula and government to recapitalise kawambwa tea estate, mununshi banana scheme, mansa batteries, Luena sugar company, isabi ,investment tamba bashila company etc. PS I know you are known for hard working, priotise the establishment of industries in Luapula and this poverty the province is known for will end I thank you Dr Nsemukila

  13. Comment:
    tho you are saying luapula is the poorest province in Zambia. God will one day bless it ,already it is blessed with hard working MPS who are busy uplifting its standard.

  14. This is a province where people have deliberatly been made poor so that politician can take advantage. In luapula the poverty striken people are bribed a k10-00. In order to vote. Take a trip to luapula during political campaing, amazingly people line up the road bagging from politicians. Because of poverty, they accept every lie just for a coin.
    On a good side, luapula has good fertile soils, prenty of water, minerals, forest and good road network. But politics has let the people of luapula down. They have been made poor so that they can be manipulated by politician and it has worked.

  15. The only thing I can tell my fellow zambians is to work hard and be self reliant like people frm southern province who don’t depend on politicians. When you work hard you improve your economy were ever you are. Luapula has water you can be supplying the whole country with fish, invest in fish farming, southern supplies agricultural produced to the whole country and our neighbouring countries. Each province has a potential area explore that area, let stop being lazy thus why politicians are taking advantage of us, they think thy are. The only who has answers. Meanwhile answers lies in the local people. We can. Do it my fellow zambians.

  16. Comment:ps congrats, otherwise people hav hop in u together with de pf government to improve luapula in all sectors. God bless u

  17. Comment: Good call PS,totally agree with you that luapula can be far better off, please carry on with this passion. How ever developing and aliviation of poverty in luapula goes beyond skilled civil service & abundance of natural resources, it also calls for altitude change and mentality too among luapula people among other critical pre-requisites.

  18. Bureaucratic inertia is hampering the delivery of meaningful development to Luapula. 1. In 2014 the then PS of Luapula Chanda Kasolo made pronouncements that Green Fuels of Zimbabwe was going to start a 500 million dollar bioethanol plant at Luena farm block. This is 2016 and nothing there. 2. How many times have we been told that Kawambwa Tea company is about to be recapitalized and production to start in earnest? 3. December 2015 H E Edgar Lungu laid a foundation stone at the same Luena farm block with a company Sunbird Bioenergy of UK and said a project in Bioethanol from Cassava would soon begin. Where is the evidence of progress on the ground? Talk of ZAFFICO beginning a plantation at Kawambwa… The list goes on. I am a Zambian and would very much want to contribute by setting up a…

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