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Esther Chungu prepares to release debut album “Mubanga”



Singer Esther Chungu is preparing release her debut album ‘Mubanga’
The album is titled after her surname which she felt is the best way to introduce herself as a new artiste.
Esther Chungu describes her sound as Afro Pop.

She shared how the name ‘Mubanga‘ also denotes strength and she sees the project as God’s affirmation of how much he loves people and wants them to grow.
“This album is mainly portraying strength, like the strength we have in God,” Esther Chungu says.
The album is produced by Magg 44 and will feature artistes such as  Pompi, James Sakala and Tim (formerly Thugga of Zone fam) .
She started working on the album in February and described the recording process as an exciting journey.
“I’ve seen growth in my life because of this step I chose to take,” she explained. “I’m lucky to have people who believe in me and have taken up my vision and helped me bring it to reality.”

esther chungu

Esther Chungu considered making the album last year but was not signed to a label at the time. It was not until she came under the wing of Brave Only Music that her dream of recording an album began to unfold.
“I believe God has placed this dream in my heart to reach out to a dying world. In my vision, I see God reaching out to people through me and bringing healing to people’s lives with the music,” Esther Chungu shared.
To date she has released four singles – Shooting star, Save Me from Me, Runaway Child and Jehovah. Her latest single Jehovah was downloaded over 14,000 times in the first 24 hours following its October 4 release.


According to Esther Chungu, people should expect an earthy and culturally nurtured sound with the release of her debut album.


Runaway Child


Connect with Esther Chungu on social media ; Facebook , Twitter , Instagram  at @itsEstherChungu




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