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Mrs Mulundika blasts Simon Zukas for saying only half the population celebrated Independence Day

General News Mrs Mulundika blasts Simon Zukas for saying only half the population...

Sikota Wina (L) with Simon Zukas during the wedding ceremony of Masuzgo Kaunda Junior (grandson son of Dr Kenneth Kaunda) and Makomba Silwamba (daughter of Eric Silwamba) at InterContinental Hotel in Lusaka
Sikota Wina (L) with Simon Zukas during the wedding ceremony of Masuzgo Kaunda Junior (grandson son of Dr Kenneth Kaunda) and Makomba Silwamba (daughter of Eric Silwamba) at InterContinental Hotel in Lusaka
SIMON Zukas is not behaving like a freedom fighter and has been pushing an anti-Government agenda which has the potential to sacrifice the peace and freedom for which many Zambians shed their blood, the Freedom Fighters Association of Zambia (FFAZ) has charged.

FFFAZ national secretary Christine Mulundika has rubbished Zukas’ assertions that Zambia was divided and that only half the population of the country was celebrating the 52nd Independence anniversary.

Mrs Mulundika said Mr Zukas had never identified himself with many of Zambia’s freedom fighters and should therefore stop misleading Zambians that the country was divided. She said Zambia had remained united since gaining Independence in 1964 and that people like Mr Zukas should learn to appreciate what the country had done for them and should at all times avoid inflaming the emotions of peaceful citizens.

She said Independence Day was not a partisan event and that all Zambians were expected to be part of the celebrations and that those who were politicizing it were unpatriotic. Mrs Mulundika said the FFAZ was aware that Mr Zukas had been pushing to meet first president Kenneth Kaunda and President Edgar Lungu for personal reasons yet he did not want to associate with other freedom fighters. “Zambia has never been divided since gaining her Independence in 1964 and it is shocking that people like Simon Zukas can claim that only half the country is celebrating Independence.

Mr Zukas does nor associate with other freedom fighters and he has been pushing an anti-Government agenda which has the potential to sacrifice our peace and freedom we fought by shedding blood. Mrs Mulundika advised Mr Zukas to seek the counsel of other freedom fighters such as Sikota Wina, Mama Chibesa Kankasa, Dominic Chikamoneka and Betty Chilunga on how united Zambia was instead of making wild claims about how the country was divided.

“Tell Mr Zukas to wake up and be part of us the freedom fighters. I know he does not care about other freedom fighters but that should not be a reason to be a bitter man. We do not know why he is bitter but let him not undermine our peace because we have seen what has happened to other countries that had taken their peace for granted,” Mrs Mulundika said.


  1. Zukas is right, the country is very much divided. on one side there’s the PF thugs who have suddenly become the halves and the rest of the population as the have nots. It’s hard to celebrate independence amid so much poverty.

    • Which study did Zukas use to come up with those statistics? Just because HH boycotted the celebrations (which is now traditional for him), then half the country boycotted celebrations?Can’t we also argue that more people celebrated independence this year to put a message against regionalism?

  2. Yes l agree; Simon Zukas is very right. Criticism sometimes opens one’s ‘closed’ eyes. Learn to accept your mistakes as the so-called leaders of today and that way, you could learn a thing or two.

  3. Mrs. Mulundika Freedom Fighter! When and where was she involved in the struggle? Or is it the case of filling vacuums and taking advantage of ignorance and lack or records. Today, every one above 70 calls themselves Freedom Fighters? Zukas is a real Freedom Fighter with credible records of persecution and deportation. He is also an intellectual who sees things differently.
    Does Mulundika understand the issue at discussion or is she merely fronting for recognition and a little present! Shame!

    • If you don’t know Mrs Mulundika, then you don’t know KK or just ask your grandfather on ZAMBIAN freedom fight. I won’t comment on uncle Zukas because he’s entitled to his opinion. But as MP for Sikongo, can he tell of any single thing that he did for his consitituency?

  4. Silly woman. The opposition got more than 50% of the vote and are feeling aggrieved with their leaders not allowed to greet more than 2 people and their jailed supporters not allowed visitation rights.

    Do you think with such a backdrop there is independence to celebrate ?

  5. What proof does Bazookas Simon has to justifies his claim that only half of the population celebrated the Independence Day. Does he live in space to see everywhere on what is happening below the sky. It is unfortunate indeed such domant politicians like him can think and fabricate baseless statements of that kind to attract attention that is still alive. This is rubbish, the man is finished and outlived his political usefulness, just let him stay at his farm playing with pigs.
    One would like to find out from him, what was his motive behind this or perhaps is looking for a job at UPND.

  6. Thanks Simon for your purported support since you attend the address by he great one HH when he held one of his many press conferences at his big house. Yes we are divided because one selfish man has said he has boycotted national events just like you did with KK in welensky days, we know you are firm believer in HH but as you were not at the secretariat tallying votes I have news for you! We lost that’s why we began to challenge the entire process early…ask Veep Dr who has since been hounded out by the bitter loser, who is now ranting and making us look really bad…2021 he should find another ticket to ride on he will lose…Zambia Forward!

    • Don’t buy the PF lies. UPND supporters have to be strong. If the rules are not straightened or now, 2021 is already lost regardless of how well organised UPND will be. The legal system has to be straightened. The electoral system too. Otherwise I don’t see most young people bothering to vote in 2021 when their votes can be entirely disregarded with impunity as happened in Lusaka in August 2016.

  7. How can a foreigner be our freedom fighter. These are traitors not fighters. Our forefathers fought against these 1mbeciles and today the Kant says he is our freedom fighter. That’s fak.

  8. This Mulundika is just an empty headed used condom! She does not know why there is this much tension in Zambia just because she has a full tummy from Lungu’s pockets and thefts!

    • I don’t agree with Mrs Mulundika, but my description of her wouldn’t contain words like “used condom”

    • Which tension???? Just because under five lost again someone has to start imagining tension in my beloved Zambia?
      HH lost PERIOD!!!!

  9. Some of the old men have no wisdom or is it that their wisdom has outlived? I remember Zookas or is it Sukus, zukas, whatever, joining MMD in 1990 and later became minister, then fired by FTJ… We also had guy scoot or is it sikoti who killed or poisoned all his pigs at his farm when he was minister of agric and paid himself after logging a claim!!! Do you remember brothers or you were too young?LOL I have history!!!

    • @Juju for Upnd you are an angel as long as you support them regardless of your criminal record. Even Edgar would no longer be “A Chalolwa ” if he joined Upnd.

  10. Zukas, do not just sight statistics without facts because that can make problems more difficult. You often use words automatically and without thought. What do you want to achieve?

  11. Ala na ba kota ba Zukas tabakwete amano, uusha ishiba ba Christine Mulundika naani ninshi tali mwina Zambia . pantu ba Mulundika ebene ba chalo cha Zambia . Ngata wa beshiba ninshi ulichiposhwa wali tumpa

  12. Another muzungu opusa. Half is a good number, for him to say half the collect umber is 3/4s, but since he is an opposition he just said half.

  13. Simon Zukas was one of the few whitemen perhaps because of his Jewish extraction who fought for independence but has never been the same since FTJ tampered with the constitution on the presidential parentage clause which excluded people like KK and himself from becoming president. I wonder what the amended constitution says about this clause.

  14. Zambians have been deprived of a quality leader, the thugs stole our votes to be given akakunkubitu it not fair. Those abalelila support Akakunkubiti. We want leaders like Mungufali of Tanzania.

  15. @Christine Mulundika, she is behaving like a PF cadre. Zukas is right. On PF are enjoying and Lungu has divided the country

  16. Zukas could be right because since KK left some of us have not attended independence celebrations with the public. Under KK it was compulsory to attend and he ensured markets and shops were closed. Nowadays Business houses operate during public holidays thus reducing the numbers of celebrants

  17. What data does this foolish woman has to refute what was on the ground? Do people have to argue and insult others for the sake of favours from the Little devils? Njala sure imanyokola.

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