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President Edgar Lungu expected in Luanda Angola tomorrow

General News President Edgar Lungu expected in Luanda Angola tomorrow

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu alights from a ZAF plane on arrival at Chipata airport
President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow Wednesday October 26 expected in Luanda Angola to attend an extra ordinary United Nations Great Lakes summit on the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the great lakes region.

ZANIS reports that Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba confirmed President Lungu’s participation at the first ever stand alone summit aimed at consolidating the regional oversight mechanism for peace , security and cooperation in the region.

Mr Kalaba said leaders in the great lakes region have seen the need to monitor commitments and their implementation to restore political stability and peace in the region .

Mr Kalaba disclosed that Ministers of Foreign Affairs yesterday met to prepare the ground for the heads of states summit to address armed conflicts in the DRC, Burundi, Central African Republic (CAR) and Sudan.

He said the Ministers of Foreign Affairs reviewed progress made on the implementation of the national and regional commitments to end armed conflicts in the war torn territories of the great lakes region.

Mr Kalaba said the region is committed to use its available collective pool of resources and determination to ensure that political stability, peace , security and cooperation is attained in the great lakes region.

He pointed out that progress is steadily being achieved in stabilising the region as seen in Burundi whose volatile situation has since beign contained while the Central African Republic has seen held elections on its journey to democratisation.

“We want to sort out this within our means. Progress might be slow but we are getting there. So we envisage a lot of hope , peace and prosperity,” said Kalaba.

The Minister said Zambia is keenly following the implementation of the commitments with vigour especially that she continues to play host as a safe haven to refugees from neighbouring countries that are experiencing under conflicts and political instability.

“Despite the issues Zambia has been going through, we have looked after our brothers and sisters , ‘’ said Mr Kalaba.

Mr Kalaba underscored the importance of the region’s collaboration with the United Nations and other interest groups and stakeholders to ensure that peace prevails in the region to spur regional integration , trade and development.

“The cannot be development in the absence of peace, there cannot be human emancipation where peace is absent. So Africa is poised to reach greater heights because of such initiatives as this summit” said Kalaba.

Mr Kalaba also announced that while in Angola , President Lungu will hold bilateral talks along the sidelines of the summit with his Angolan President Jose Eduardo Do Santos, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and DRC leader Joseph Kabila .

He said the talks are aimed at strengthening ties with Zambia’s neighbouring states.

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  1. Mwebatu, this president is moving too much and his visits doesn’t accrual any benefits to this country. He went to Angola and Saudi Arabia for oil deals the opposite is happening of high fuel prices.

    • Good luck to any idyot who expects anything good to come out of dos Santos. This is just a club of dictators who will support that demonic Kurunzinza of Burundi. One resolution on the table may be for all of them to jump out of the ICC so that they cannot be jailed like Bemba, the Congolese.

    • Your Edgar, civil servants are not paid, and only work we see is PF cadres dancing for either Lungu or Museveni.

    • We should start asking how much these trips cost the Zambian tax payers – last week he was in Madagascar, this week going kabili – In the meantime he can’t pay the teachers.

    • Really laughable believing that Lazy Lungu could negotiate oil deals…that likened to send a troop of baboons to investigate the rampant theiving of fresh maize in the field.

  2. When does he sit in his office to work, anyway this is the only legal way of stealing from the poor Zambians through the huge allowances that he gets from these trips but again Zambians are too s.tupid to notice that

    • Good luck to any idyot who expects anything good to come out of dos Santos. This is just a club of dictators who will support that demonic Kurunzinza of Burundi. One resolution on the table may be for all of them to jump out of the ICC so that they cannot be jailed like Bemba, the Congolese.

  3. This is a good move.

    When HH is moving around to make noise, its fine.

    When H.E President Lungu moves, at ni kuononga Ndalama.

    Mwailashya. He will move around under our mandate as Head of state.

    HH will move around under the mandate of confusion (chimsokonezo), ma jealous (kaduka), bitterness (ukwiya).

  4. When I call him LAZY BUM Edgar, you think its an insult…how many public holidays have we had in the last week10 days? 2 days and then add the trip to Comesa…this man is truly an empty vessel with absolutely nowork ethic just a simple tool solely placed there for corruption!!

    • @ICC: You are absolutely right. With this trip fuel will go down further from K5.50/litre to maybe K4.75/litre. More savings for us and certainly more money in our pockets.

  5. Only an ***** will believe and think that anything good will come out of Lungu’s 5 years in President. Look at the people he will be meeting dos Santos and Kabila just dictators. No wonder he is busy planning on getting rid of an opposition in Zambia. Next week you will hear he is in Sudan. He cant go to Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania coz they is democracy in those countries.
    What a wasted vote.

  6. What political stability are they going to discuss when they are the causers of instability:-

    Museveni = TIN-POT DICTATOR
    Dos Santos = TIN-POT DICTATOR
    Nkuzunziza = TIN-POT DICTATOR
    “Edward” Lungu = Weak/dull TIN-POT DICTATOR
    Magufuli = Wanna-be TIN-POT DICTATOR

    Stop wasting tax-payers money traveling to useless meetings. Govt has no money for Civil servants salaries & even allowances have not been paid in 2years.

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