All structures on land illegally acquired to be demolished in 15 days time-Kapata

Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata
Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata

Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata
Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata

Lands and Environmental Protection Minister Jean Kapata says all structures built on illegally acquired land will be demolished in the next fifteen days.

Ms Kapata has told Parliament in a ministerial statement on the current illegal occupation of private and public land across the country that government will not tolerate any person to illegally settle on any land which does not belong to them.

Ms. Kapata has since appealed to all Zambians not to illegally invade land which is not theirs.

She adds that Government will soon conduct a land audit and ensure that officers at the ministry of lands selling land illegally face the wrath of the law.

Ms Kapata say government has noted with sadness the behaviour of some officers at the ministry of lands who have been selling land illegally.

She adds that people who have obtained land illegally will appear before the land tribunal and risks forfeiting their land to the state.

Ms Kapata has warned that government will ensure that all illegal land occupiers are dealt with sternly.

Ms. Kapata has further appealed to all members of the public to report any illegal land activities to the taskforce on illegal land acquisition.

And Ms. Kapata says her ministry has been working with Local authorities across the country to open up new areas for development under the land development fund programme.


  1. Good idea Madam, hoping that you can flush out all those guys ku lands in illegal selling of land without following procedure. No offer later or invitation to treat but Title deed is produced. Infact extend to the time Bernab Mulenga was commissioner, he did a lot of those illegal stuff you talking about. I have some evidence and would like to present to land Tribunal so that those criminals are prosecuted. Some land officers have even taken innocent zambias to court so that they are jailed and prevent them from petitioning their illegal behavior. We shall bring evidence to your office very soon so that you can pounce on them! We know them, no witch hunt we have evidence.

    • The problem starts at Ministry of Lands itself, where the junior officers allocate themselves large tracts of land every time a new lot is degazatted.

    • Hope you’re serious this time. But if it’s all talk and no action, as it usually is the case, then nothing is going to change. Let the corrupt people know you’re serious and you mean business by sending them to prison, in addition to demolishing the structures that are illegally built. Zambia has very lax laws with regard to land, and this should change.. Educate Zambians about the legal way to acquire land in Zambia. Use the media to do this, TV, Radio, Newspaper, Pamphlets to educate everyone, and make people aware about land corruption, and how they can detect it. Also create a web site for Zambians living outside the country, informing them on how they can go about acquiring land in Zambia. Because there’s lack of information concerning this, many Zambians abroad who want to…

    • (Continue)… acquire land back home fall prey to all kinds of scammers. Please address this. Pay attention to land in Zambia. Don’t let foreigners come in under the guise of investment to take away land from Zambians. Also don’t let local unsophisticated chiefs make land concessions with foreign powerful, sophisticated entities. Don’t sell our land to foreigners. Don’t sell our country away. Remember if you don’t have land, you don’t have a country.

  2. Well done madam, especially the people in Choma they are stupid and foolish. You should deal with them on this one dununa reverse they are criminals in choma where land are concerned they think they own state house l shall bring evidence to your office. and make sure you demolish they should know that , this is not a voting pattern,viva PF pa bwato fintu ni LUNGU paka 2026 viva jean kapata pf at work.

  3. Thank goodness, this problem is finally being highlighted. Zambians are really I disciplined when it comes to Land Theft. A senseless crime because you can’t hide that Land or take it away elsewhere. Please punish Land thefts.

  4. @thechangeweneed UPND , i agree with you. We need that land returned to the state. in any case, it is a good idea to demolish illegally built houses by PF cadres throughout Lusaka including state lodge so that we can bring sanity to the country

  5. Comment: It’s true your honourable minister please help us with this problem of lands issues if what you are talking is going to happen then we will appliciate we are tired of these illegal squatters

  6. The Minister must deal with the irregular sale of land across the Kafue River in Mufuchani in Kitwe to Meanwood by the previous regime of corrupt Ktwe City councillors. She must also demolish the house built on what was supposed to be a road connecting Mutendere to Kamloops Road in Lusaka.

  7. For the sake of posterity and our children not yet born surely we have allowed structures to be built illegally along our major roads and we cannot expand them properly because of allowing such illegalities. Some chap was given a plot in front of SOS school imagine this “Great North Road” needs to be expanded to a six or eight lanes by ourselves or our children in the near future. The colonial masters planned for this expansion but alas 52 years later we are allowing these illegal structures when the law says one cannot build within some stipulated meters from a main road. Walk the Tall Madam,whats wrong is wrong and no one is above the law and ignorance of the law is no defence erase all the illegal structures people will learn to respect the law going forward.


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