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UN Great Lakes summit opens in Luanda, Angola

General News UN Great Lakes summit opens in Luanda, Angola

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

A high level international conference has opened in the Angolan capital city of Luanda to end the perennial armed conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)and the great lakes region.

World powers USA, Russia and China are leading global and regional efforts to end then continued armed conflict in the DRC, Burundi, Central African Republic and Sudan in order to bring political stability, peace and development to the war torn region.

Opening the 7th inter ministerial meeting of the United Nations Great Lakes Summit to prepare a regional oversight framework on peace , security cooperation on DRC and the region, Angolan Minister of External Relations Jorge Liberatou Conthi called for concerted efforts to bring peace and political stability to the former Belgian congo and surrounding countries.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba is attending the high level ministerial meeting that is preparing the ground work for the extra ordinary heads of state summit scheduled for Wednesday October 26, 2016.

President Edgar Lungu is among regional and international leaders expected to join host President Jose Eduardo Do Santos for a summit expected to put in place and drive the agenda of ending armed conflict in the DRC and the region and return the territories to democracy.

Mr Conti, whose country Angola is the international chair of the International Conference of the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) said the 7th meeting presents an opportunity to the world to bring peace to DRC and other war torn countries.

“Being the chair of the ICGLR, Angola continues to move to address armed conflict in the region , promote peace and good governance. We need to expedite the restoration of peace in the DRC and the region so that we can develop as countries and as a region for the benefit of the people” said Mr Conthi.

The Angolan Minister condemned recent violence in the DRC stating that it was not a welcome development as it would derail strides made to restore peace


  1. Hmmmmml………this world is full of disparities. Some people are dying and being wounded in the wars while others are drawing huge allowances by convening and travelling to international conferences to ‘try and find solutions’ to the armed conflicts.’ Gaining’ where someone else has ‘lost’. Anyway such is life.

  2. Kalusa had it not been for you choosing GBM as Running Mate and embracing treacherous members of Sata’s family forest, it would have been you attending the HoS summit in Luanda wednesday ! We mbushi we !

  3. Russia, china, usa are not to be trusted. They ate only after the mineral wealth of congo. Africa needs to deal with & solve its own problems.

  4. Congo’s mineral wealth is worth a combined 24 trillion dollrs $. This immense wealth attracts thieves from the west & the east who will rape the resources of the congolese. Never trust the white man, asians or the atabs.Trust only your black brothers.. (africa).

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