Zambia Open Community Schools (ZOCS) Executive Director, Harriet Miyato has urged auditors countrywide to monitor the amount of money given to the community schools in all districts.

Ms Miyato said there is need for Provincial Education Offices to ensure that budgeted money for community schools obtained from government is forwarded directly to the relevant authorities.
Ms Miyato said this at an action research field monitoring dissemination meeting held at ZOCS offices in Lusaka.

She added that there is need for the government to create national accounts for all community schools to avoid funds passing through other departments.

And Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) Board Secretary Hamilton Mambo said that there is need to create a strong advocacy between ZOCS and Ministry of General education.

Mr. Mambo added that the Non-upgraded community schools should also be equally treated as upgraded ones, in terms of funds.

He said research findings indicate that upgraded community schools get more funds and other requisites than non-upgraded schools.

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