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Monday, February 24, 2020

Parliament to debate creation of four new Ministries

General News Parliament to debate creation of four new Ministries

President Lungu delivering his address during the official opening of parliament
President Lungu delivering his address during the official opening of parliament

Vice President is this afternoon expected to move a motion in Parliament seeking to introduce four new Ministries.
The motion will also see the abolishment of the Ministry of Local Government and Housing, Ministry of Lands, Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Energy and Water Development and the Ministry of Works and Supply.

The motion if passed will see a wholesale transfer of functions between Ministries.

The new Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure development will be responsible for all infrastructure developments such as roads, bridges and airports.

The Ministry of Local Government will remain with the responsible to administer Business Hours, Feeder and Township roads, Film censorship, fire services, levies, liquor licensing and local authorities training among others.

It is proposed that the Ministry of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection will be in charge of water policy, water supply and sanitation, water resources management and development.

The other proposed new Ministry is the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs which will be responsible for interdenominational dialogue and national guidance.

The motion if passed will also see the creation of the Ministry of Presidential Affairs.

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  1. The ministy of Local government will be abolished but it will remain with the responsibility to administer business hour, township, feeder road the list goes. I cant get sense out of this ba LT i think your report is jumbled.

  2. I agree with you seniormostman @2.It is not the abolishment of Ministries but realignment. More spending at such a time! Anyway they don’t care. For them nothing will change. They will be getting the same and even more financial packages. The ones to sacrifice are the poor civil servants


  4. Two unnecessary Ministries which I know the MPs will pass without resistance (as is expected) are the Presidential Affairs and the Religious Affairs. They will only be looking at the word “President[ial]” and “Religious”, the buzz words if you want to get your way in Zambia. Then after they have passed these ministries they will rumbling on about how unnecessary they are. Some will even say they never knew it was for “Affairs”. Watch the space. Grade 7 clause look-alike on its way…

  5. With due respect to the PF, honestly, what is the purpose for a Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs? Just what the hell does National Guidance mean? Is this because they came to power without any plan and now they want a ministry of national guidance wedded to religious affairs in order to ensure that God will by osmosis use the religious link to engulf national guidance with a plan! And Presidential affairs, just what the hell is this supposed to do, duduna reverse nji? Awa, bukuba bwa mubuso wa manyai bo bu tulile sikala.

    • Using religion to blindfold the gullible citizens who easily are hoodwinked with anything to do with being christians when in fact nowhere close to religiousness!

  6. If the government if looking to enhance its operations and save money for the country, then Ministries of Presidential Affairs (last under late President Chiluba and Eric Silwamba was the minister) and Religious Affairs should not be established. On the financial front, it is time to rewrite Ministers and MP’s Terms of Conditions. It is time to cancel new purchases of Ministerial vehicles. All returning ministers should retain their vehicles and all those in existing ministries should continue using the vehicles they find. All MPs gratuity should be cancelled. These people are not there to make money but to work for the people, why pay them gratuity. This is why they are happy to spend more time in Parliament than in their constituencies coming up with developmental plans.

  7. Government by cadres for cadres.

    When the world is embracing Technology to attain Lean Governance structure; PF is doing opposite,! Its a shame.

  8. What presidential affairs need a minister? What is the job of the existing state house permanent secretary? What is the job of the presidential press aide?

  9. Bakesala ichaalo ichi one day, ikaalisheni. PF (proper fools) in charge and taking the country 50 yrs backwards whilst their fellow ijoots are busy dancing to a pathetic song dununa reverse. Even the song tells it all @we taking u back, but useful ijoots still can’t see

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