President Lungu Remembers late President Michael Sata



Michael Chilufya Sata: The Colossus shall forever be in our hearts for generations

The cold hand of death robbed from our midst he who was our leader, President and man of the people – the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.

It is both difficult and impossible to capture the essence of such a life as that of President Michael Chilufya Sata in any number of words and conceptualization. To seek to describe him in full is therefore an exercise in futility. All we can do is continue to share the many facets that made him the great father, husband, leader, friend that he was.

On his 2nd anniversary, let me share some of the attributes that immediately come to mind when one thinks of our departed hero. Those of us who are his disciples can testify that Batata ba Sata was a great forgiver and very humble at heart,” President Lungu said.

“These attributes include his discipline in thought and in action, highly principled, commitment to nationalism and internationalism, non-racialism and non-sexism…his dedication to a just and equitable society, his fearlessness and foresight, a humble servant, an empowering leader and democrat, with integrity of heart. President Sata also had the ability to give and also take advice and draw strength from others.”

“Though tough, he was also an exceptionally good listener with the capacity to listen to all points of views before he could take any critical decision. He was a dedicated husband good father. A good family man.”

The late President will remain a constant reminder, not of what Zambia is, but of what Zambia should become – a Zambia committed to pushing back the frontiers of poverty, illiteracy, disease, gender discrimination and one that creates a better life for all.

He remains a symbol of what a prosperous, free and democratic Zambia should be like through his legacy of selflessness, humility and supreme love for this country and its people, all informed by his strong Catholic teachings.

For the PF, Batata ba Sata is still and will always be our pride. He was the glue that held PF through the many highs and lows. Indeed if PF was a broad church, Batata ba Sata became a capable priest to all the strands – as if to confirm the Priest that he wanted to become.

“While he showed us his love as demonstrated by his favourite hymn Tutemwane Bane Bonse (let us love each other), he was also a strong and no nonsense leader who believed in discipline. He never abrogated his duty to ensure there was order whether as Governor under the UNIP regime, Minister under the MMD Government, or as leader of the PF. When time came for chastisement, he made it a point that the rod was not spared.”

President Sata was sold out to the nation in his quest for a better Zambia. He was determined to leave the land of his ancestors a better place than he found it. Today, Zambia qualifies to be referred to as a construction site, all because of his conviction that we must deal with our country’s infrastructure deficit, if we are to exploit our geographical positioning as a land-linked country and become the region’s most-preferred investment destination.

“Launching the ambitious Link Zambia 8000, hospitals, universities, roads and schools, he knew that it would not be any easy road, but his resolve was to see change.”

“In building on the vision, my administration will ensure we aggressively deal with the country’s infrastructure deficit, diversify the economy and create a better life for all our people – youth, men and women. This is one of the ways in which we hope to sustain his legacy. We shall continue to honour the life and memory of this great man as we continue to expand the PF as a grassroots movement dedicated to the cause of the indigent of our society. He left us with the example that the poor and weak amongst us deserved the attention of those with the means. He left us a good example.”

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  1. he shall forever be remembered in our hearts and we shall continue UKUTEMWANA and live the ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION SPIRIT……..this is the only country we can call home……..#ECL

    • Good riddance of the original dictator who brought Zambia so much harm. God loves Zambia and rids us of dictators effortless. Time for Edward to meet his maker before he completely finishes the country.

    • @saulosi, but walosha boyi. No one will mourn better than that, not even Edgar or Sata’ friends whom Edgar failed to befriend. Look at Judge Ngoma how close he was to red carpet, just an example. Where is he now, Eddie should do something, even Inonge says this..

    • He is the one who caused all this mess we are seeing around today to our economy. The man was just good at borrowing and creating districts without proper feasibility study. this man was very selfish to an extent that he created a new province called Muchinga and constructed 2 universities in a space of three (3) years just because that’s were he comes from and yet with the exception of Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces all these other old provinces had non. Let’s assume it was HH who did that by building 2 universities in Southern province a province where he comes from in just three years of leadership what would have people said? I don’t believe in glorifying someone just because he’s dead even when i know the person was a problem otherwise am no better than a hypocrite.

    • You do realize that Edward could not even least be bothered to write the speech….he says Satas true disciples and I ask myself if dining and wining with Rupiah really does makes Edgar a true sata disciple as he claims….for lack of a better analogy it’s like after the ascendance Peter starts wining and dining with demons and then claims to be the real disciple of Christ hehehe

    • Ba Sata brought our economy to its knees. He depleted all our national reserves. He is responsible for all this mess we are going through. ECL is trying hard to keep Zambia afloat. VIVA ECL.

    • @Nostradamus
      Why is Edgar looking like that in the photo??? Being sober is bad for Edgar,,,,,,,,,,and have you heard from former injustice minister kabimba who once refused his UPND father claiming Sata knew him better than his own father

    • Sata will be remembered as the most impulsive president, chimbwi no plan!!! That’s the guy who got zambia into this IMF mess

    • Why do we live in this fantasy world were we say that people who die had control over their lives? We even glorify them as if they are supernatural! God is One and He is a jealous God. Nobody competes with Him and wins. When He decides that your time on earth is up, ninshi chapwa … kuya bebele!

      >>>Bashi Chilufya kwena mwalilufyanya sana. Mwaliya bwangu tata. Kwati bufi sure? Mulale muchibote

  2. Am failing to continue reading this. Ati ” He remains a symbol of what a prosperous, free and democratic Zambia should be like through his legacy of selflessness,”. Seriously???

  3. Sometimes I feel like Sata is the one to blame for the current economic mess we are going through because its his blunder to appoint this Chakolwa as the acting president that led Edgar to have a sympathy as he claimed ni ba sata eo batushila.

    • You are right. He let Alex Chikanda bankrupt Zambia for the second time and left Edward to act as President as he left to die in London.

  4. Cursed is the the day Edgar Chakolwa Kaloba Wrungu was born and became the master Clueless,heartless,brainless,useless,ruthless,directionless,needless,spineles and a drunkard president of Zambia.

  5. Lovable rogue. You would think he doesn’t know you or your generation especially not even living in the same darn city never mind country THE he would discard your invisibility in a shot,

    “Hey X. How is your mom? Is she still doing xyz? Tell your dad to stop playing so much golf and move over here and help us build xyz.”

    That is the polite version. LOL. Please RIP. You gave me jokes for years. I quite liked the fire brand slash kill joy factor you brought to the table. I will forever remain invisible but you will go down for your good deeds, crazy schemes and heart breaking problems that remain unresolved but no one can deny that you loved Zed as much as we all do.

    Out of respect it’s family and Scott amongst others who may have more to say during these moments. I am not a…

  6. We are in position we are in because of oldman Sata’s reckless spending…look at Lazy Lungu in those photos hands clasped and pretending to be humble.You remember him yet you have surrounded yourself by RB’s people.

  7. To all those pf chimps who bewitched me, I want to announce that nez is alive and kicking. You tried to send sickness my way but i have beaten it. Coming to the story at hand, lungu is just a useless boy. Since he took over, everythig has gone downhill. Zambia is turning into a failed state slowly. Zesco load shedding has become order of can you have 8 hours load shedding and you want to call yorself a middle income country. Useless government made up of useless pr!cks

  8. Boza che. Sata was not a friend of Dora Siliya. He was not Rupiah Banda’s friend. He locked up Richard Sakala now Lungus friend. Sata was Guy Scott’s bosom pal. Sata was a friend of the common man

  9. Above all Sata was COMPETENT. Lungu is NOT COMPETENT. Yet he and his acolytes seem to think competence is a simple detail that can now simply be ignored

  10. @Buck teeth& NEZ wat other things will pipo remember u 4 wen u ar long gone? Among them include Bitterness, envy,jealous, lack of vision& among others inability to reason soberly by differentiating moments! Sata shd b remembered by all well meaning Zambians & yo president can by far struggle to match him coz hez power hungry& such pipo may die without becoming a president of the nation BT only of a bitter political party! Wise pipo take other pipoz death as moment of reflection& reminder that their death too will one day come. May Sataz soul rest in peace& may his legacy keep influencing this current gvt. He wasnt a bitter man&he stood for wat he believed in! May we have more of such kind of leaders& may God kip blsing Zambia by spare the nations from being ruled by Shameless Jokers&…

    • Zambia is going down. Just look around you. Pabwato is sinking and Sata is to blame for the mess. Despite spending $9.2billion in 5 years, you still had to rig the elections just to get a tiny win of 13,000. It shows that Zambians are not fooled. You are going down baPFikkala.

  11. When is backteeth and nez dying from bitterness…zed will b a beta place without such fooools. Plz go hang morons….

  12. The *****’s fervent regionalism and tribal bigotry almost tore Zambia apart. Knowing only too well that he had multiple organ problems coupled with a crippling case of dementia, he ascended to the apex and exposed the country to so much ridicule. As proved from his Sakala case court appearance not long before he died, he was clearly senile. To classify such stinking masalamusi as steady leadership is tantamount to blatant and treasonous st.upidity?

  13. I think the late missed one big opportunity to help the many people that supported him in the compounds but who most of which live in denial of their status…..he should have said the truth that he was living with HIV AIDS and was on treatment ….You can’t mess around and have children all over the place in Zambia and get away with it clean…. it’s the Gods honest truth and the reality we live in in this country. You may not agree with me but it’s a FACT!!!

  14. Sata was bullish and a no-nonsense man and none of his team coughed in his presence. He made unilateral decisions which no one ever dared to challenge. They were scared stiff of him. You couldn’t blame him for that. PF was his personal property for which he struggled for many years. Lungu, the lucky hypocrite was just his tea boy and shoe cleaner.

    • Thats the reason why we are back begging to the devil IMF and he left us a Lazy Bum Edgar as he had no clear succession strategy even when it was clear he was not going to make it.

  15. The fact is we are in this unenviable awkward position because of PF. Sata was spending taxpayers money recklessly as if money grew on trees. 90% of the problems we have today were created by Sata. The man (Sata) saw what the country passed thru during HIPC, he was a senior official of the government that time and we surely expected him to do things differently but alas there he was behaving like a very mad person! We now have Lungu whose prime interest is enjoying himself above everything and calling for prayers whenever he creates a problem. He knows Zambians fear God and they can never raise against him for as long as he keeps on mentioning God and being docile f00ls Zambians have created a small god out of him.

  16. ECL you say he was a forgiving man? Then please forgive Miles and Mulenga they are young souls who after their father passed on they made rush decisions invite them to your house share some tea send them into foreign service even as deputies its time to mend fences. Next call HH you don’t need the church or press to be present take a walk talk like two graduates and men the two of you have divided our country into two we don’t need that please take leadership don’t let your hatred for each other determine how our country develops be bigger than this……that is my humble prayer…oh and no third term you are only in office for the last 5 years so begin to groom a potential successor but go to a convention don’t do an FTJ

  17. U won’t even reach 100yrs. U seem to v bn sick that’s y u ar hubouring unjustifiable bitterness. U kno yo life is short& to relive yo psychological depression u ar busy fighting yo foolishness! Shame on u bitter Useless cadre! Pipo like u ar making UPND unpopular.

  18. UPND Idi0ts starting with Buck teeth, Lutuku presdo, NEZ and any other UPND embec1le writting nonsense about a dead man who can not defend himself muli banaba ndoshi. Regardless of what ever Sata did, he was a great man who will be remembered for his passion to develop this country, you cant even feel ashamed of critcising the good idea he had of seeing this country develop? Kwena muli fipuba your bitterness has clogged your cowdung infested brains to the extent of insulting even the dead, you are a cursed lot that is why you will never form government, 1diots!!!!

    • @19 Manix,
      Hold your fire and start thinking objectively and sensibly. From your wild rant you expect everybody to express their views and say things which you would like to hear.
      The late Sata was leader of a country just like many other leaders around the world and therefore he cannot escape scrutiny even after his death. I will give you an example, Winston Churchill was a great leader who led his country successfully during the 2nd world war and Mandela (I notice you are blogging from the RSA) one of the greatest have had their share of weaknesses exposed and that doesn’t amount to insults.
      I think your monkey meat has clogged your brains by suggesting that all those holding views different from yours are ‘bana bandoshi’ and 1diots. Well, for you to identify bana ba ndoshi…

    • @19 Manix (continued)
      …for you to identify bana bandoshi you are speaking from experience and therefore you must be bana ba ndoshi.

  19. Did any UPND donkeys participate, especially the chief donkey who tried unsuccessfully and lamentably failed to copy the campaign tactics of the one and only Michael Chilufya Sata? The chief donkey is so disappointed that he thinks that there is still a petition before the Concourt and another before the ICC. Yaba but bu donkey nabo! Hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  20. Comparing MCS & ECL, Sata was a leader because he made decisions and defended them, Edgar is not, he has said things but decision making Zero!

  21. Forgiving yes. He never laid a finger on Chanda Chimba for the insults and ridicule. But Wrungu has closed the Post, radio stations and brutalising innocent citizens using police. What a country!

  22. I remember Mr Sata telling off Ndola central hospital employees that they did not need foreign exchange to trim the overgrown shrubs around the hospital. The following week the place looked like heaven on earth. Why it looks dirty now one wonders. Please LUSAMBO find out and let us know if foreign exchange has again become the excuse.

  23. What did sata die of? even upto now the pf cannot be open about what happened to a former president? surely zambians are entitled to know what led to the death of some one who was using their tax money for his medication. can some one from pf please grow a pube and tell me what the old man died of?

  24. You people should respect the dead bcoz they are not around to defend themselves, as if even if you were given an opportunity to rule this country as if you can perform miracles ,Rome was not built in a day you stupid *****s……

  25. Yes, fearless, man of integrity, never spared a rod for corrupt and indiscipline minister or civil servant . The man who un disputably out of many veteran politicians has left visible works speaking for him what kind of politician he was. Many of the so called veteran politicians cant even show a single public structure of their own achievement. KK himself can attest to that. My point is that if EL would take only one quality of “fearlessness ” in dealing with his seemingly corrupt civil servants & ministers, Zambia will take off her rags and put on a crown of glory. If you read about world economy you won’t know who is in deep trouble, but if you often vist other countries and mingle with their common man and woman you will see that some countries are plunging into untold misery…

    • Really laughable…”never spared a rod for corrupt and indiscipline minister or civil servant”…yet he moved RDA to his bedroom when the huge contracts were being handed out.

  26. … Seemingly it’s not the case with Zambia, though negative world economic forces are still at play with regard to copper prices, un diversified economy and other factors, the core value and spring board for Zambia is integrity , hard work and discipline. Resources are already there.In this case, the president should look straight in the eye of each minister and remind him or her that the rod would catch up with him or her if anything leaves his ministry through the back door. Ofcourse, I hope that natural factors such as rains will improve wth God ‘s loving kindness.

  27. RIP….All of the late Mr Sata’s work was Dununa reversed by ECL.The corrupt RB government he fought hard to dislodge from power in 2011 has now swallowed up his PF with the help of ECL.Your legacy being erased.RB and Dora “Sliti” are back and enjoying themselves with ECL.

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