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President Lungu should immediately curtail debate on the Presidential Term of Office Extension -NGOCC

Headlines President Lungu should immediately curtail debate on the Presidential Term...

President Edgar Lungu addressing the nation on the eve of independence day.
President Edgar Lungu

The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has said that it is vehemently opposed to what it described as the proposed mutilation of the Republican Constitution by the Patriotic Front (PF) by their intended extension of the Presidential term from five (5) years to seven (7) years.

In a statement released to the media and signed by NGOCC Executive Director, Engwase Mwale, the organisation appealed to President Edgar Lungu to defend the constitution which he swore to defend by curtailing any further debate about what they called the dim and unprogressive proposal.

NGOCC also appealed to well-meaning Members of Parliament to oppose this motion if at all it should find itself on the floor of the House.

Below is the full statement


The Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) is vehemently opposed to the proposed mutilation of the Republican Constitution by the Patriotic Front (PF) by their intended extension of the Presidential term from five (5) years to seven (7) years.

The proposal by the PF national management committee member, Mr. Paul Moonga to extend the Presidential term, is the highest display of arrogance by the named, being one of the senior members of the ruling party. It is becoming abundantly clear that the PF are fast losing touch with the grassroots, who are the electorates and not helping with the process of healing the current tension grappling the nation.

It is abundantly clear that the just ended August 2016 elections was highly divisive and it is therefore NGOCC’s expectation that President Edgar Chagwa Lungu should not tolerate such a pronouncement which runs against the moral aspirations of our nation and indeed the very spirit of the constitution that our leaders swore to uphold.

By any standard there is no justification whatsoever for the proposed extension. The reasons advanced by one PF national management committee member for the extension seem to be a sign that PF government is already failing to deliver on their promises within the five year constitutional mandate that has been charged to them by the people of Zambia.

While progressive countries are working to reduce Presidential terms of office, Zambia seems to be fast sliding back to the dark ages of unconstitutionalism. NGOCC therefore calls upon Zambians to stand in unison and oppose this proposed extension forthwith. The United States of America President Barack Obama said when asked whether he would seek a third term, “This is a process in which the office should be continually renewed by new energy and new ideas and new insights” NGOCC is in agreement with the said sentiments as we strongly believe in the spirit of enhancing our democracy. In this regard we contend that there is need for the Presidency to regularly evolve in order to allow for rejuvenation of ideas and for new leadership to emerge.

We thus appeal to President Lungu to defend the constitution which he swore to defend by curtailing any further debate about this dim and unprogressive proposal. We also appeal to well-meaning Members of Parliament to oppose this motion if at all it should find itself on the floor of the House.

As a key stakeholder to matters of governance, NGOCC stands ready to contribute and add its perspectives to marshalling voices of reason around this matter. We believe Zambia’s democratic dispensation is still finding its feet and hence requires to be safeguarded by all well-meaning citizens..


Engwase B. Mwale


    • The question is how does an ordinary member of central committee issue such a controversial statement at a press conference without clearance from the party? He is not party spokesperson nor deputy. Is this a sign of rampant indispline in party ranks or a calculated move by PF? Whatever the case may be this is what brought about Chiluba’s downfall the third term nonsense. It clearly shows that the President lacks true leadership qualities. For those of you claiming that this is a democracy and people are free to talk l suggest you ask Muvi TV and prime time and whilst you are at it visit Komboni radio.

    • @kadoyo, No debate is necessary. 7 years is too much time to watch our country go back into ruins.
      4 years is enough for a smart guy to figure out and fix the economy.

    • Your attacks on the UPND are warranted, but on this occasion you are wrong. I stand up for my constitution, 2 five year terms period. If president Lungu tries to agree to this nonsense, he shall lose even all the provinces that voted for him.

    • Who told you that as long as you are in a democracy you can discuss anything? There are more important issues to be discussed not the above nonsense.

    • This is a political shock! Why seven years when two terms of five each is enough?!!!!! Or are they proposing one term of seven years!

    • Don’t take Zambians to be stupid as the PF spin masters would like to suggest that Mr Moonga’s announced extension period proposal during a media briefing held at their Secretariat was an individuals’ opinion and not representative of party standing as location itself speaks volumes! Let someone clarify that in PF any member can go to the Secretariat and address a press conference without prior clearance with party management structures. It would have been progressive if Moonga had suggested a further reduction!

    • We have leaders like the Mugabe’s who have been in power forever, what have they done in Zimbambwe, Angola, Uganda – nothing.

      And then you want a vision-less leader like Mr Lungu to stay in power forever. Shame on Us Zambia if we allow this nonsense.

    • NGOCC’s statement is misdirected.

      Why direct it to PF when the statement came from an individual, who felt he needed to air his feelings and exercise his right?

      We easily get confused and disoriented.
      This is why NGOCC and UPND squandered the opportunity for Zambia to get a new bill of rights.

      They looked at the referendum as something that would benefit only the PF. Alas they were dilusioned.

    • Even when you are given 10 years, if you don’t have what it takes, you can’t make a difference. I thought this talk was just a mere joke but it seems to slowly gathering some considerable momentum. This debate is utter trash!

    • Well said Kudos.
      Actually, to save even more money, let us do following:
      1. appoint ECL for life (no more election expenditure);
      2. abolish Parliament (after all, instead of trying to better the life of Zambians, our MP’s are busy blabbing about the terms of office (huge savings);
      3. introduce “Presidential Lottery” where anybody who purchases ticket will be eligible to become new President for life and use proceeds to cover the cost of inauguration;
      4. Abolish Judiciary which will add further cost saving and eliminate need to institutionalize corruption…..

    • Lungu has now tasted power and he does not want to leave power. An illegitimate president with no validation now wants to remain in power. Once a thief , always a thief.

    • Please interpret my silence on this matter as complete and unequivocal agreement of the same.

      I am just upset that Ma Inonge Wina goes and blurts out exactly what I did not want her to.

    • I love Edgar just like I loved FTJ but came to hate him because of the 3rd term rubbish. Edgar should not abuse the trust we put in Pf. Instead he should rebuke this Moonga who may be a plant.

    • Remember how Lungu got Newton Ng’uni to challenge Guy Scott’s Acting Presidency? He even supported the case with illegal disclosures of Cabinet proceedings, a singularly treasonous act. Without doubt, Moonga’s illogical proposal is a front for Lungu to start a crazy mutilation of the Constitution. Any right thinking PF cadre who had any doubts about Lungu previously now knows what a selfish immoral dictator Lungu is prepared to be.

    • If I were Lungu I could arrest Moonga because f****#king with us is worse than arrest HH for greeting people in Luanshya. The same Moonga may turn tomorrow and demand that Lungu deserves just 7 months. Suggesting 7 years is treasonable.

  1. This debate is a worst of time and a distraction from core issues facing this country. We are just coming from a failed elections. We are just coming from a failed Constitutional Court crisis… Fuel has gone up. Load shedding is on the increase. These are issues that require our joint efforts to discuss and find a way forward. The United States, with the biggest economy in the world, has FOUR YEARS for presidents and everyone else. What is so special about a small economy like ours? Hey, can we be spared from this useless debate.

  2. Don’t worry Non Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council, Lungu has said that peace is more important than democracy, so all he has to do is cause more violence and then ban elections altogether.

    • Lungu is not even going to last a five-year term.

      With the incompetence, corruption and lies he is responsible for Zambians will kick him out the same as they did KK long before his time is up.

      Any guys like this Moonga will be running for their lives like a kawalala being chased by an instant justice mob in the market.

  3. Its like asking a Housebreaker to curtail his lus.t for other hardworking peoples property.
    This embezzler “Edward” started this whole criminal talk of 7 years. Most dishonest leader Zambia has had the misfortune of having, even beating Kafupi.
    Before sick Kudos gets an erect1on & begins to frothing @ his Rabid mouth, did Edward have his Lawyers license revoked??
    Whatever happened to Samuel Chavula??

  4. What is wrong with these NGOs, I thought Inonge wina made it very clear that the 7 yr proposal was not party’s stance and that it has no support from pf as party. Has anything happened that contradict the statement made by the Vice President???

    • Wake up! Lungu himself is behind this. Just like he did not comment on PF violence during the election, he will not comment on this because he is the source.

      And it distracts peoples attention from the real issues =load shedding, IMF, fuel price increases.



    • PF has enough MPs to make Constitutional changes that will sicken Zambians for the next 200 years. PF can make retrospective changes to the Constitution. Lungu has already changed the Constitution so that his first term does not count as a term, with the possibility of Lungu being President for 12 years, only second to Kaunda.


    • @Nez -Ba Negative Evil Zambian this is why you lack the education you claim, this is why you will always be a blood thirsty frustrated cretin jumping like the flea from your Hungry Hyena’s hairy arse-visiting one site to another trying to spread your hate speech vomit. Let me educate you mwana Mugabe and Museveni are different – Museveni actually is not such a good friend of Mugabe- both their countries were at war in the Congo and their backgrounds are different! Mugabe never saved an entire population from genocide like Museveni did! So you and your Joseph Koni Hungry Hyena leader better get your facts right before you yap about things you don’t know, hopeless cretin.

  7. dictatorship iyo. they know they lost these elections and know it is impossible to win fairly so only way is to keep extending their leadership like that monkey museveni

    • @Negative Evil Zambian (Nez) how dare you call President Museveni those words? Museveni is a great African statesman that helped remove a real dictator by the name of Mobuto from , he helped stabilise the great lakes region by facilitating the victory of Kagame’s RPF, Museveni has been a great friend to Zambia from as far back as the Kaunda days! Kindly desist from using such bad language- we have many Zambians studying and working in Uganda why put the good relationship in jeoprady for your own selfish purposes?!!!

    • kikiki can you imagine this ugandan? am sure you are that monkey who was caught at ecz tampering with ballots. How can i repsect a dictatorship? Museveni has lost all the respect he ever had by holding onto power using dictatorial tendencies. Please take a leaf from mandela’s rule. The problem with monkeys is that they want to continue eating banana’s from state house for rest of their life. Another monkey is that joker called mugabe. and as they say.. birds of the same feathers flock together. Why do you think these are the only monkeys visiting their fellow dictator lungu? You monkey

    • @ Born Free, ignore this totally blind uneducated clown 2020Vision that does not know the difference between Congo and Uganda.

      He has never heard of Milton Obote, and knows even less about Mobutu Sese Seko Kuku Ngbendu Wa Za Banga.

      Just another total ediyot obsessed with trying to prove his own importance and instead making a full of himself in public.

  8. The donors have not contributed anything to the NGOCC this month because there were no issues worth funding.
    Now, despite Bo Inonge clarifying, an issue has been found for the NGOCC to rush to the donors for funding.
    The NGOCC is probably the worst organization that this country has second to Zambia National Farmers only.
    Madame, if you have nothing to talk about:TONDOLO MUBOTU

  9. This is merely a distraction…from real issues being passed via the back door…dont be surprised to hear MPs and ministers increased their salaries!!

  10. Pf is testing the waters. They think that Zambians have changed since the time of Chiluba. If President Lungu is not careful he will leave thrown more unceremoniously. We have walked this path before and if he has forgotten he should ask the Post Newspaper for information.PF LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATIONS OR SINS PLEASE

  11. Inonge is not Lungu as such only when Lungu will say no I will adhere to the constitution. Chiluba tried the end was bitter and bruising. Lungu don’t be cheated my mbuyu. The same people advocating this on your behalf will run away when the fire is too much to bear . Cowards start the fight and when it becomes too hot and tough to handle they run away leaving those who did not support or start the fight fight. Lungu watch these men hiding I the sheep skin. They want to eat with you and they want to show they love you more than anyone but watch them closely they will celebrate your downfall

    • Because PF are a bunch of chronic liars. From more money in youths’ pockets in 2011, a 1m jobs created in 2013, no more powercuts etc etc, PF have turned lying into an art form.

  12. If Zambia is a democracy then why not allow people to also enjoy the freedoms of expression by allowing them to debate freely? Too quick to oppose but if it was something with allowances attached they should be fighting for it to take off for them to attend. Ba suntwe aba

  13. Obviously this NGOCC is wing of UPND just from the high and strong tone and language of the woman. PF as a party has never discussed collectively the issue of extending 5 to 7. That’s just an individuals opinion which does n’t deserve such wild reaction from this UPND woman masquerading as NGOCC.

  14. This Moonga can’t say thing without blsnz frm top leadership! It was a way of testing public opinion & am sure PF ar 100% in support & upon realizing it was a shameful statement, they had to deny supporting this move. May u politicians defend the constitution as u promised and not change it to suit yo selfish desires? God the Creator will hold u accountable for yo selfishness! 5 yrs is even too much! 3 yrs wud b OK so that pipo don’t get too comfortable! For u Moonga u ar a shameless public nonsense who thinks Zambia is your bedroom where u can do n think!

  15. Dear country man and women,
    It’s important to respect a persons views, be it what ever he’s views might be , yes we leave in a democratic country that has seen serious challenges in its democratic principals , but that is not the question here , what we should do is to debate something that’s an issue of concern to everyone with reasoning and inteligence , and if we aren’t with the idea proposed by somone we shouldn’t potray ignorance by using avusive language , my request to the higher authorities particularly to the president is that to hear the plight of the people wether they voted for or against him, CAUSE THEY ARE ALL UNDER THE BANNER OF ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION , And if he ignores the people then what different is he from the ones he calls LOSE CHARACHTER PEOPLE ,
    Thank you

  16. But why is this an issue when we have not even completed a year of ECL’s new term?

    Personally I feel 5 years is enough a period- 7 years is too much, if the people feel 4 years is better as my fellow Senior Blogger Mushota suggests then so be it!
    But UPND should also think of reducing their president’s term from what is it 11 years now???? That Hungry Hyena chap is truelly a disgrace and a joker all those years of flopping and it still wants to impose itself!!!

    The people will decide!

    • A 25 year term would be much better. Politicians like Lungu would then not have to steal $6 million every five years from taxpayers money to pay for campaigns.

  17. These Paya farmer fools are testing us. One day, they will be surprised how people will turn up against them such that the police they are dependent on will not manage to quell violence. THey shouldn’t take our patience for granted. Stupid PF

  18. Unbelievable! Barely three months after the elections people are debating a 7 year term? Aren’t there better things to do? Like what economic blue print should be in place, going forward? Even the right of expression has its limits when what is being suggested is a clear atrocious disregard for other humanity.

  19. Everything that this woman Engwase Mwale says is full of bitternesss. I wonder what it is like in her home. I certainly would not want to live anywhere near this woman (maybe I mean lady but I doubt it). And there is no national management committee in PF but in UPND. Such ignorance makes one wonder whether this woman ever does research what comes out of her mouth.
    As for the 7 year term, I for one don’t agree with it. I think that development is a continuous process with new projects starting everyday. If a president initiates a project his job is to push it as far as he can and then others should continue where he leaves it. We Africans just have to remove the notion of “owning” a project. Initiate a project and the rest is to the credit of all participants not yourself alone. I am…

  20. I am strongly against the nonsense of 7 years but I am civil about it and not bitter in my response like this Engwase woman. To me development and projects are like a relay race, one begins and another finishes. Abash Moonga!
    And thank God the two donkeys (the lean one and the overfed one) did not win the elections. They hate losing elwctions so much tha had they won by now they would have reintroduced wamuyaya yo avoid elections. Hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  21. I meant to say reintroduced and imposed on us by decree the wamuyaya politics. Just see what they do in their own parties, no regular elections, no tolerance for opposing views, and ESPECIALLY no challenge to the chief donkey, not even by the running donkey mate. Hihi hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho …And today the donkeys and their disciple donkeys want to lecture us on the badness of 7 year term! Shut up, we can handle out affairs without selfish and tribal donkeys.

  22. Abash 7 years…
    please discuss development of agric and sustaining economic activities
    not ifya ma seven years pa state house.

  23. Dont allow inefficient to continue for 7 years. There is completely no reason to extend the term of the president. At the moment the PF have the required number in parliament to pass this motion, therefore as Zambia we shouldn’t all these ministers to enjoy the resources at the expense of the country as a whole. If this change is to be made who will decided, ministers only or via referendum?

  24. And what is that foool Paul Moonga doing in the Central Committee of PF? Isn’t that supposed to be the highest policy making body in PF? In fact WHAT is he doing in PF itself? He sounds like proper material for UPND, to defend the wamuyaya of chief donkey, maybe that is the reason why that old woman Engwase mistook him to be in the National Management Committee, he certainly and properly belongs there…hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho same.

  25. i agree with Mushota and others who have suggested else where for reduction to 4 years. No 7 years. Lungu does not respect the constitution. so just don’t allow him

    • PF made so many PROMISES of what they will do in NINETY DAYS, so the elections should be held EVERY 90 DAYS. Then we can kick them out if they have not delivered on their promises!

      Now it is FIVE YEARS and they have still not delivered, but instead have stolen an Election!

      We need to be able to FIRE any non-performing person out of State House ON THE SPOT when he is CORRUPT, LYING, DRUNK or INCOMPETENT immediately!

  26. UPND have a serious problem. You are even failing to analyze a simple matter like this one. You are just bent at believing that the next election HH will win that’s all. If the period is reduced then HH WILL go through. if they extend it will take long for HH to go through. Analyze your matters properly because the Constitution can not be changed and after five year ECL wins which will make it ten years. Then there will be other people like Kambwili, Kalaba Mutati and such. I am unable to mention a Tonga because all of them are timid and think that a Tonga can never become President of Zambia apart from HH.

  27. NEZ, wake up we are in Zambia not Uganda, talk about Lungu not Museveni. As for NGOCC Lungu is the Republican President he is not heading an NGO so do not bring him in these useless debts, let people talk if Lungu says shut up you will be the first to condemn him is this not the democracy you NGOs have been preaching about.

  28. Anyways there is a template already. We will begin the Friday honking campaign… then a new FDD will be formed out of the splinter that will definitely happen – oh, wait – it is DUNUNA REVERSE, so some parties will merge into PF…

  29. Lets talk about 10 years of which a president is allowed to serve, now what will happen to the 3yrs owed to Lungu, so when you are debating you should also ask your self about it.

  30. Zimbabweans only know one unlimited term and that is of Mugabe. As such the nation has and is seeing the worst economic and social deprivation one can ever imagine. Who ever thought Zimbabweans can be selling sweets on the streets of Lusaka as a survival mechanism?. Am sure if Zimbabweans had the opportunity to limit presidential terms, they would have done it and avoided the precarious situation that they are in.

    So talking about extension of the presidential term limit in Zambia is equivalent to seeking a third term and that is a receipt for shedding of innocent blood. Therefore, let those welding power today in Zambia respect the status quo and concentrate on improving the state of our economy. They should not put the blame on the term limit as a reason for their inability to…

  31. PF can never be the same without our great Son of zambia, Chilufya Sata. All those ldiots in pf now just want to put there interest first at the expense of zambians. Believe you me, HH can be a better leader than Edgar Chagwa.

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