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Minister not pleased to learn that Burnt Maramba Cultural Village did not have fire extinguishers

General News Minister not pleased to learn that Burnt Maramba Cultural Village did not...

Dr Edify Hamukale Minister Southern Provonce with Richard Kapita North Western Minister
Dr Edify Hamukale Minister Southern Provonce with Richard Kapita North Western Minister
SOUTHERN Province Minister Edify Hamukale has described the gutting of a restaurant as well as a bar and an open air Hall of Maramba Cultural Village on Saturday in Livingstone as a big loss to the nation.

The Village, which offers traditional dances every weekend as well as on public holidays among other cultural and tourism activities, was set up in 2013 in readiness for the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) General Assembly in Livingstone, was constructed by China’s Chao Chao Construction Limited at a cost of K 4.1 million.

However, a multi-purpose theatre and other facilities did not catch fire.

It is alleged that the fire was caused by unidentified Livingstone based Zambia National Dance Troupe member who was warming a drum during their usual weekend performances on Saturday.

Dr Hamukale said in an interview yesterday that it was sad to note that part of the Village was destroyed fire.

“First of all, that village is not only an important cultural village to Livingstone but to the entire country as it is a reservoir of a number of artefacts which are of significant cultural value to the country.

“So it is a big loss to the country and Livingstone which is Zambia’s tourist capital,” Dr Hamukale said.

The Provincial Minister was however not pleased at the fact that Maramba Cultural Village management did not have fire extinguishers.

“We are not too pleased with their preparedness for disaster. So we expect once the incident is over and repair activity is done, they have to put measures in place such as fire extinguishers and get ready for such eventuality.

“Alertness and preparedness was not from management. They were simply not on top of things,” he said.

Dr Hamukale said he would work with his Colleagues in the Ministry of Tourism and Art to come up with Bill of Quantities (BOQ) to rebuild the village.

“We are getting towards the year and we can’t guarantee that the rebuilding will be budgeted as it was not foreseen.

“We will however find supplement funding to rebuild the village because it is an important village,” Dr Hamukale said.

Southern Province Arts and Cultural Affairs Officer James Zimba could not be reached for a comment.

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  1. Is the ‘dr’ being quoted verbatim in the article above? If so, his vocabulary leaves much to be desired for someone holding his high position.

    • The PF00L and his money are soon parted. I bet that these were thatched structures that PF constructed without firefighting equipment? Typical of PF schemes to eat twice from the same spot.

    • I wonder when this musician of the South became a doctor. Why do we have so many blank, clueless unlearned men in the running of the affairs of the Zambian government and yet the well-being of it’s people leaves much to be desired. This is different from the developed countries without Drs. in their governments!

  2. Too bad.Maramba cultural village is a nice place. Hope it can get back to business soon if only Zambia can cancel one of the Presidential trips and channel the saved funds to give back life to this cultural village. It’s a great tourist attraction

  3. Typically Zambia does not have a culture of maintenance, disaster planning and risk management. This is why most things are explained away by prayer and cynicism. This also explains the absurdities of Ministries created for “guidance” and “religious” affairs. ineptitude, mediocrity and incompetence will soon be transferred to the realm of the supernatural.

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