Mitsubishi shifts a gear with all-new L200


Pick-ups remain one of Zambia’s top sellers in the Zambian motoring market and consumers are increasingly expecting a balance of utility and comfort from their vehicles.


Speaking in Lusaka, Southern Cross Motors general manager Anthony Voorhout says Zambian motoring trends are seeing consumers go for vehicles that can be used when building a home or simply moving farm produce for sale.

Noting the arrival of the new Mitsubishi L200 pick up, Voorhout says the model offers a unique motoring experience with increased safety and support for a vast range of motoring needs. The newly designed model has a much larger loading area, more muscular bodywork and safety improvements such as seven airbags. In the pick-up segment, the L200 is a refreshing addition to Zambian motorways and adds to the previous generations of its predecessors such as the renowned Colt and Triton.



“Motoring trends are as dynamic as people’s needs. Today’s motorist is looking for a vehicle that will serve multiple purposes. From loading home improvement supplies such as floor tiles to driving the entire family to work and school, there is increasing demand for an all-round vehicle that is both a family car and utility vehicle,” says Voorhout.

The L200 stands out from other contenders with a motoring experience that gives the driver the feel of driving a passenger car but has the versatility of a pickup. It combines traditional pick-up strength with everyday practicality and comfort. On the inside, the L200 has been upgraded to give passengers a car-like feel with its spacious cabin and other enhanced features which forms part of the interior of the vehicle, in particularly with leather seat options which gives it the feel of being a luxury-like pick-up as well as an option of an automatic gearbox for those customers who do a lot of town driving, especially in rush hour traffic.

Voorhout adds that the L200 offers an all-new driving experience with significant improvements resulting in a vehicle for city use, combined with SUV-like refinement in quality and dynamic performance. These include fuel efficiency and performance plus combined carrying and towing. We have listened to the voice of our valued customers when compiling our vast model line up together with our colleagues at Mitsubishi Corporation and have included derivatives that will cover all segments of the market. These models include Single Cab 4×2 and 4×4 derivatives and well as Double Cab 4×4 and 4×2 models in both medium and high spec suitable as workhorses and personal vehicles.

The new model is more fuel-efficient than before and can carry and tow a combined 4.1 tonnes, outshining similar vehicles in the pick-up category. And with its leather interior and clean dashboard layout, the L200 has the elegance of a “high end” motor vehicle offering more than your average pick-up.

“We’re excited about the L200 as it adds a whole new dimension to the motoring experience locally. It is as effective climbing up a hilly area in rural Zambia or navigating a building site as it’ll be comfortable on a motorway or around city streets,” says Voorhout.

The L200 was named Best Pick-Up at Auto Express, the United Kingdom’s top weekly automobile publication.


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  1. Ugly machine especially the rear…designer was very lazy…just picked the older model and refreshed the front and rear

  2. Nice. Quite some leap there. Wonder what the pricing is!! Most dealerships are not playing the long game though, you have to cough up now before you drive off with this..

  3. VW Amarok has been upgraded with a V6 engine offering consumption similar to a 2 liter engine.power has been upgraded as well. I don’t see the L200 beating the new Amarok. Luxury from Germany is like a disease only next to British cars like Aston Martin and Bentley.

  4. In zambia we a easly cheatesd I don’t kn why we go for such expensive veheclaa both buying and mentancy I don’t kn how pipo maneg to run them and wht do they use them for. All g r z departments hv big toyotas runig in town what for I drie old l200 1990 model I could not maneg buying part for orinal engen 4g63 I changend engen an bought old 12r toyota put in my l200 van runing cheap on fuel an mentnace. I now want to orde a dattsun 1300 / or landrover 109:

  5. LT all these promotions on your website…but why do you not invest some funds in hiring a computer student to sort out the secruity issues on your website.

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