Friday, May 31, 2024

Quality Education: A call to Action for Zambia



  1. The chap illegally occupying state house is a product of falling education standards in Zambia. There is no evidence indicating he had been through a tertiary institution of learning. Directionless, no ideas, dishonest, corrupt, violent, lazy, alcoholic.

    • It’s dununa backwardness unfortunately, everything is in reverse direction & thanks to the incompetent failed project of visionless Dagama with his PF corrupt bandits.
      Nothing tangible will ever come from PF bandits. Kiss goodbye to education, PF bandits have privatised it in preference for Jameson & hooliganism.
      UNZA & CBU are not open anytime soon, if they will even open at all. Bursaries are only entitled to dull PF violent nincompoops. Dununa regret.
      The Skeleton Key

  2. Every respondent missed the question: What is quality education?
    The question is not, “Why is education important?” Rather, what is quality education?

    Let’s hear from educated people on this forum. Again I ask: What is quality education?

    • @1+1, Well simply put. Quality education would a level of education given to an individual so that the individual is able to perform any given task without any problem or hardship. Education, as I view it, gives us a starting point to continue acquiring that knowledge which we continue to acquire even when we get hired, so to me, the foundation is more important as that leads to quality knowledge gained at a tertiary level in Universities.

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