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Lusaka Water and Sewerage Scoops best Performance award for Water and Sanitation

Economy Lusaka Water and Sewerage Scoops best Performance award for Water and Sanitation

The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has scooped the overall best award at the just ended 6th annual KAIZEN national awards hosted by Kaizen Institute of Zambia and the Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) held in Lusaka recently.

Kaizen is a Japanese concept which means continuous improvement and it enables attitude change, promotes punctuality, and encourages ownership and staff discipline in general as a prerequisite for productivity improvement.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company was awarded for being the most impressive company under the non-manufacturing category. The company’s activities to reduce Non-Revenue Water loss on the main Kafue transmission pipeline was picked as the most impressive ahead of several public and private companies that took part.

The Government of Zambia with support from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has adopted the KAIZEN policy which has been introduced in order to enhance quality and productivity in all areas of the private and public sectors in the country.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage worker fixing a leaking pipe
Lusaka Water and Sewerage worker fixing a leaking pipe

The company has also been awarded the 2nd Prize for best practices in water and sanitation by Vitens-Evides International BV of Netherlands and Water and Sanitation for the Poor (WSUP) of Britain who are coordinating the Copperbelt Water Operator Partnership, a project which is aimed at contributing to the achievement of National Water and Sanitation Strategies.

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Managing Director, Sylvester Mashamba said that the utility company is mindful of the shortfalls in terms of delivering on its mandate and therefore, continuous improvement is in line with the mission of the company.

“Improving service delivery is in line with what we are doing at Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company. We are happy that we came first but coming first in awards is not enough for us as we have a mandate to ensure that people have access to adequate sanitation and clean water supply. We take leaf from this achievement and that our efforts are being recognized,” Dr. Mashamba said.

Dr. Mashamba said that Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company is currently implementing several projects with support from cooperating partners and the government in an effort to improve water supply and sanitation services in Lusaka.

He has expressed optimism that the company will fully avert the erratic service delivery when most of the projects that are currently underway are completed in the next 24 to 36 months.

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    • For those who don’t know, cholera was found in LWSC water tanks when cholera outbreaks were recorded in Kanyama and other slums. LWSC should be sued by families of the deceased and surviving cholera victims, instead of getting awards.

    • Muntu Wandi: Even me when I saw the headline, I said What???????? Lusaka Water and Sanitation winning an award my foot! Maybe the award was won by the Managing Director being the only Doctor Director being the only Doctor running one of the water utility companies in this country and not based on service delivery. All my word. I am very dissappointed with KIAZEN as one of their students. Japanese continuous improvement philosophy has been compromised. That is not the quality approach i know about Japanese companies. Never!!

  1. Really? I guess Lusaka residents must be having very clean water with very consistent supply. As for us in Chingola our Mulonga Water and Sewerage is no where near winning such awards.

  2. This is the worst public utility company in the country! I wonder what criteria was used to to give those awards. They are useless, that is why most people in Lusaka have boreholes even when the risk of not having water in the hottest months is a real factor. The erratic supply, inefficiency in resolving customer’s issues, the work culture of the lazy employees leaves much to be desired. ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMISSION, I JUST THREW ONE IN YOUR COURT. Investigate this animal called LWSC, you will have a field day!

  3. My Oh My!!!
    The Zambian nation is really a circus, where “clowns & performers run things”. Go to Mandevu, Matero, & most parts of Lusaka, & see the overflowing raw sewage. Go to colleges, learning institutions where students cannot drink tap water without ending up sick with various gastro intestinal ailments.
    Im beginning to think the P.F Govenment is now teasing citizens, using these silly organisations, saying we will award failure, we dont give a “Fcuk” & what are you going to do about it?
    The Government should instead be involving Police when such silliness is awarded, coz this falls under fraud, & deception!
    Zesco, L.C.C, Roads dept, Agriculture ministry, Dead N.B.C, U.T.H, all failing instututions must be rubbing their fingers waiting for their awards.

    • Forgot to add the failing, corrupt & inept Anti Corruption Commission to the list of those goons who are waiting for their “Failure Award” of excellence.

    • There no benchmarks in Zambia…if you are a failing loss making company like Zesco, Nha, Zamtel you compete against yourself not see how fair in the region.

  4. This the funniest joke of the year! Lusaka Water fimo fimo? Let Kaizen people visit Chelston, Kamanga, etc, and check on the supply of water and the high fixed bills for unsupplied water. Kaizen please don’t lose your reputation even before people understand and appreciate your work!

  5. mediocrity is being celebrated in our country…you can only imagine how fat the xmas bonus will be this year for these directors of these entities.

  6. How come? against whom did they compete?what yardstick was used?
    I only had water today for 1 hour and this is a regular occurrence, then you tell me they have won an award?

  7. Awe guys bufi kwisa? Maybe those who have pipes & boreholes. Elsewhere the story goes no power, meaning no water & leaving buckets out before bed!

  8. My query is why is Nkana Water fearing to instal prepaid metres. These eediots charge us even when we haven’t received any of their stinking water.

  9. If this is what good is I hate to think what yhe the rest looks like. Why are we so content with the lowest standards in everything we do. Cry the beloved country! !

  10. Clean water and sanitation in our country zambia is a very big joke. i feel very bad to see how we should wallow in that kind of inhuman hips and mountains of filthy gabbage every where in our towns and cities. Ndola residence is fast growing just like any other city, but kafubu water is like does not even exist no plan , no style , no quality and absolutely no quantity to talk about .zesco is busy erecting poles and running cables, them its still thick dark night, deep in sleep. what kind of companies are these? no water in all newly developing areas. Please MR MINISTER we need clean water in all Ndola residences. Gabbage in cities should not even be mentioned, its the worst kind of human indiginity. clean the cities please please please!!!!!!!. ITS SHAMEFUL !

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