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President Edgar Lungu calls on African Leaders to uphold Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law


President Edgar Lungu poses for a group photo with delegates of the African Union for Peace and Security Council Retreat on practical steps to silence the guns in Africa by 2020 after having a meeting with them at State House
President Edgar Lungu poses for a group photo with delegates of the African Union for Peace and Security Council Retreat on practical steps to silence the guns in Africa by 2020 after having a meeting with them at State House

President Edgar Lungu has called on African leaders to uphold constitutionalism, the rule of law, democracy and good governance, if the continent has to attain peace and stability and forge its development agenda.

President Lungu has said failure by some African leaders to respect their countries’ constitutions has been a source of conflicts on the continent.

Speaking when members of the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council paid a courtesy call on him at State House today, President Lungu said constitutionalism is a prerequisite for peace and security on the African continent.

The President observed that some African countries were under strife because of lack of respect for constitutionalism.
President Lungu says constitutions should not be changed at will to serve selfish interests at the expense of the majority citizens.

“Our people want peace. We can give them peace through the respect for our constitutions. Lack of respect for constitutions is a recipe for anarchy,” The President said.

“Let the people’s constitutions be stable. All of us are passengers and we will not be there forever. Leaders must therefore allow the law to take its course for the sake of peace on the continent. It is about the rule of law, democracy and good governance. There is also need for governments to treat former leaders with respect and diginity after they leave office,” the President said.

And the President has assured the African Union Peace and Security Council members to count on the Zambian Government support to push for the implementation of resolutions of the ongoing retreat in Lusaka, at the forth-coming Heads of State and Government AU Summit in January 2017.

President Lungu assured of his unwavering personal commitment and the Zambian Government’s dedication to ensure that African countries which have not yet ratified the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (2007) do so.

Earlier, Representative of the AU Peace and Security Council members Ambassador Osman Kamara from Sierra Leone appealed to the President to take a leading role in ensuring that the declaration of the African Union Assembly in 2013 to make Africa conflict-free by 2020 through the agenda “Silencing the Guns-Owning the Future.”

And Burundi’s Representative to the Council Ambassador Dieudonne Ndabarushimana described Zambia as a source of inspiration and a haven of stability, peace and hope.

Ambassador Ndabarushimana says Zambia’s unwavering commitment to peace and stability in Africa is conspicuous hence the need for the country to spearhead to continent’s vision to attain peace and stability.

And Kenya’s Representative to the Council Ambassador Joseph Vungo expressed concern that democracy in Africa was under threat due to prolonged stay of some African leaders in some countries.

Ambassador Vungo appealed to President Lungu to take up the role of an Ambassador in this matter by collaborating with his counterparts to put an end to this challenge.

Other members in the Council who visited State House included those from Algeria, Botswana, Chad, Congo, Egypt, Kenya, Niger, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, Togo and Uganda.


  1. Lungu is just a hypocrite goat. He issues virtuous statements and yet the stooge is getting good at practicing vise.

    Lungu must fall.

    • Are you sure the president was quoted rightly? Respect the constitution? Who is he kidding when the election petition was submitted wasn’t he supposed to step down!? The list is endless now we hear 7 years and instead of stopping the nonsense aleloleshafye!

    • “We can give them peace through the respect for our constitutions. Lack of respect for constitutions is a recipe for anarchy,”……

      So Lungu, with his personal knowledge of the manipulation of election results, and as evidenced by the numerous times he has ignored the Zambian Constitution in broad daylight, knows Zambia is well on the way to anarchy????

      What kind of F00L is this? Does he know what he is saying?


      When he appears in Court he will obviously not have any hope of pleading ignorance!

    • EL you refused to step down when the petition was lodged, Now image if it was HH who won and you petitioned those election, Waht do you think would have happened. The people who put that clause in the constitution new what they where doing, EL you are a full.

  2. Gosh ED2.0. One might even see you standing in front of a mirror speaking to self. I wouldn’t put you and rule of law in the same sentence. Look at that. I just did!

    • Lungu is such a liar! He always means the opposite of what he says. If Zambia was a real country, Lungu should be in jail for having breached the Zambian Constitution on at least three times in the last two years. All those breaches were treasonous and Lungu should not be a President of Zambia, notwithstanding the rigging. What Constitutionalism is he talking about?

  3. The constitution calls for a hearing of a presidential petition to happen in 14 days. Soon after the constitution takes precedence. How then are you UPND supporters not awake to this? Is there a second Zambian constitution?

    • @ Nzelu, can you PLEASE enlighten us mere peasants as to which Constitution in the world prescribe “hearing” without “ruling”?
      You want to suck and lick? That is your choice, but, PLEASE do not lecture on the subject which is way out of your intellectual domain.
      As to your “learned” question on the “second” Zambian Constitution, it looks like you have forgotten Part III.? You read and interpret Constitution in its entirety, not specific Article on its own.


  4. These UPND losers will never stop to amaze me. In their shallow thinking they thought they had won the elections but how? From votes from SP, NWP and WP? You are bitter and bad losers. Please give us space move on with your lives and wait for 2021.

    • Double H won the elections! ECL and his minions know that! You stole an election and you will reap your rewards soon! Already it’s Dununa regret amongst communities through and through! You won’t get away with it. Mark my words. You can’t think that God is blind. He will reward you one by one.

    • @chibs, if there were transparency and not obvious, open, and video-taped malpractices AND if then the constitutional court actually heard any case rather than throwing each and everyone out on a technicality, then the potential majority of the voters would accept the election.
      As it stood, the truth was obviously being manipulated (still is), press was clamped down, people found in server rooms, certificates missing, etc. Even if this was a free and fair election, it certainly didn’t look like it and that has cast reasonable doubt in everyone’s mind.

  5. Good evening my brothers and sisters, enemies and friends. Kambwili’s firing is a sign of lungu’s arbitrary and dictatorial tendencies. Look we know that kambwili was a corrupt, tribal bigot but to fire him through media without recourse to the legalities involved in firing a government officer is just plain mediocre. Also, it is strange that the so called president is firing a cabinet minister just few weeks after appointment. Surely, this is sign that these appointments do not undergo scrutiny. Because, surely whatever kambwili did should already have been known by lungu’s so called advisers. So lungu, you havent won any brownie points, all you have done is prove UPND right that your government is corrupt and that you are a dictator. Good evening zambians. kambwili will now put tail…

  6. When PF threatens to hold back development projects if an area doesn’t vote PF is that rule of law? When PF defies court order for RB to get his passport back is that rule of law?

    PF = total hypocrisy.

  7. @wanzelu, i agree with you. Lungu is a hypocrite abnd a Christian hypocrite. He says the opposite and does the opposite. but then, these political speeches are written for them to read. so we forgive his ignorance. maybe the AU came to tell him diplomatically to uphold the constitution and respect our democratic ideals. Let’s hope changes this time

  8. It is an fortunate when those we look up to hid in a tag of a religion and justifies every injustice in the name of truth.

  9. What does this shameless dog know about the rule of law and constitutionalism when he is the one break in every law and the constitution just to remain in power? A shameless thief who does not care about the damage he is causing just to remain in power. He must just shut up.

  10. You people that was just a speech written for him. His role was just to read it.Every well informed citizen of Zambia knows that Edgar Lungu should be the last person to preach about upholding the constitution and the rule of law. He raped the very constitution that he assented to earlier in the year at a huge cost.

  11. Comment:If the African union delegates who visited Lungu could believe his claim of championing the up holding of constitutionalism among African leaders then they must be heartless fools.Who does’nt know lungu’s dirty hands?Shame on you African Union.You as union are doomed to fail as did the League of Nations back in the 1940s.Very soon Africa will be once more flood with dictators of the 1970s,the ldi Amin ,the Bokasa,Joseph Mobutu,kamuzu Banda ,P Botha and the many unsavory characters of our time.Shame on you African Union,ambassadors of evil and hypocrisy.

  12. Corruption ba Lungu??? Ni Boza. We can see through the scheming but we the Patriotic Front Members wont allow you to destroy the Party. First you delayed in appointing Hon Chishimba Kambwili, Hon Given Lubinda and other people with potential to challenge you. It was only after people Complained that you very ynwillingly appointed them. Then you appointed Davies Mwila as SG and tasked him to organise a Convention next Year where all the Party positions except the President , the Vice President and Secretary will be filled- off course by boot likers with the mission of doctoring the Electoral College for the Congress in 2020 which seems to have become your pre – occupation for your continued hold on power beyond 2021. But these are dangerous games. Zambia has serious problems and need…

  13. But these are dangerous games. Zambia has serious problems and need hard working Ministers, Unity, and Dedicated people to turn the fortunes around. Can we really start thinking about 2021 when you have just gotten a Five year Mandate?? What kind of thinking is this?? What will a wife of a Jerabo contribute in articulating government Policy, explain Austerity measures to the people of Zambia, present Govt’s position too the IMF World/Bank. Let us be serious. Is this how the Mandate to govern can be abused?? I am very disappointed and am not alone.

  14. “Lack of respect for constitutions is a recipe for anarchy,” The President said.

    “DO AS I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO!!!” The President said.

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