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10 Grade 12 pupils suspended for being in possession of leaked Biology examination papers

Rural News 10 Grade 12 pupils suspended for being in possession of leaked Biology...

More than ten Grade Twelve pupils at Luampa secondary school in Western province have been suspended for in possession of leaked Biology examination papers on Wednesday.

In an interview, Luampa District Education Board Secretary, Kalimbwe Chingumbe said the suspended pupils were found with leaked examination materials.

Mr Chingumbe said that the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ) regulations states that any pupils found with examination leaked materials will be allowed to sit for any examinations until after two years.

The DEBS who could not comment further said he will write a full report after the examinations are over on 21st November, 2016 adding that any disclosure may disturb the writing process of pupils at the institution and referred all quarries to Western Province Education Officer Ms Loveness Mubisi who also referred all queries to Education spokesperson Hillary Chipango.

And Ministry of Education spokesperson, Hillary Chipango confirmed having received the report of the expelled pupils from Luampa secondary school in Western province.

Mr Chipango said ECZ ACT states that any student found with pre-marked leaked examination papers should be expelled from the rest of the preceding examination papers.

He said that the responsibility remains with the police officers in the district to take actions and arrest the culprits as the act is criminal according to laid down procedures.

Meawhile, Luampa District Basic Education Teachers’ Union (BETUZ) Senior Trustee, Peggy Zulu said the situation is unfortunate as all the pupils were being sensitized before seating for their final Grade Twelve examinations.

Ms Zulu said that security wings in the district should thoroughly investigate the matter in order to establish where the leaked examination papers were coming from so that culprits are brought to book adding that no arrests have been done so far.


  1. What happened to politicians who submitted fake Grade 12 certificates. Examinations Council of Zambia made serious revelations during nominations. Was he lying to the nation?

  2. These are the future pf leaders, after all masumba is a free man after faking certificates. Useless pf government

  3. Everything is politics…! Exam leakages have been there before Pf..! Its worse now largely because of the growing non reading culture amongst our social media diluted generation. Most pupils spend their time on phones and watching TV….no time to study….banking on leakage..! We the modern parents are equally to blame for this coz we allow our children to play around instead of studying..! Teachers who sell leakage should also be fired and not just punished..!

  4. Politicizing the issue will not make the problem disappear. Teaching our children on the importance of studying hard is the best solution

  5. Me I wonder where this kind of nonsense has come from because during our old days we never thought that there can be ever the so called leakages and I feel the current systems are rotten to say the least.

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