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High rate of divorce cases in Lusaka Province alarms EFZ

General News High rate of divorce cases in Lusaka Province alarms EFZ

ICOZ Bishop Masupa , Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Banda during the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
ICOZ Bishop Masupa , Catholic Diocese of Ndola Bishop Banda during the Interdenominational Thanks giving requiem church service of President Sata at Parliament in Lusaka on November 10,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia is alarmed by the high rate of divorce cases in Lusaka Province which have risen to 8, 500 in just nine months.

EFZ Executive Director Reverend Pukuta Mwanza says the figures reflect the instability in marriages today and the lack of family love and unity in modern day Zambia.

He says this scenario should not be taken lightly for the sake of the development of the children.

Reverend Mwanza says growing up in a broken home might distort a child’s character and behavior which might have serious implications on their future.

He says the issue should be addressed by looking at the major causes of the high rate of divorce cases in order to sustain upcoming marriages.

Reverend Mwanza adds that there is need to provide appropriate counseling to those with marital problems to save marriages.


  1. What do you expect when you have organisations like “Christians for Lungu” and the church is quiet. Clergy should stop money laundering and start preaching morals. Corruption and many vices are rife in Zambia and you think divorce will go down? EFZ be responsible.

    • Its just the times we are living in. Social media and technology has made it too easy to cheat and given a lot of people options considering the number one reason for divorce is adultery. That and the fact that women are now drinking like their fathers!

  2. Zambia branded a Christian nation is a misnomer, it inclines more to Satan than Christ by it’s behavior. The characteristics of the population says a lot about who they really are. They knew Sata and Lungu are immoral, criminal, dishonest, untruthful, violent, drunkards, hypocritical, undemocratic, bad, satanic but that’s who they chose to lead them. What do you expect?

  3. It is a historical fact that churches tend to side with tyrannical leaderships and tendencies usually to advance their own agenda under the guise of reaching out. In this case counseling is not a solution to divorce rates – do not attempt to control everything; let the pattern ride itself out. It is like worrying about the voting pattern and trying to figure it out – you cannot control people’s personal choices and their domestic behaviors. Are we suddenly trying to justify the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs???

    • I agree that counseling is not the best solution but there are some people who are just not teachable and not interested in learning at all.

  4. The Devil is alive and well. 40% increase in the man’s lifespan if he divorces, otherwise , he might be taken to an EARLY GRAVE my his wife.. Please ask God to assist us all.Please God forgive us all. Years of bottling the mis -behaviors and abuse from men has PLAYED A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE IN SHAPING WOMEN INTO PSYCHOPATHS NOW. The roles have changed, WOMEN ARE NOW MEN.. Find ways of fixing this… Someone should create an NGOCC FOR MEN,open Psychological centres as well, Counselling is vital.. Talking alone will not help…Women please stop being men, when you change the plan of God things go horribly wrong. Its like a scientist going back into time using a TIME MACHINE. If he changes something in the past ,EVERYTHING GOES WRONG IN THE FUTURE.. . THINGS ARE BAD. PRAYER IS THE KEY…

  5. pastors, let us teach the saints good morals this would end divorces in homes. Reverend Mwanza,today our women are walking almost naked but us pastors are saying God looks in the heart of some one what does this mean Reverend. This means that we are not teaching the saints the truth. Women should dress properly. The work of God is free of charge. Fellow men of God let us teach the truth and the truth shall set us free. Another thing which has increased divorces in homes is money. Our women are weak and so they have involved themselves in satanic way of finding money so it is difficult to leave with such a wife. As pastors we need to strengthen the bones of our women Ezekiel 37 vs. 7. Pastors let us teach well on dressing code so that our women should dress as house wives. Pastors let us…

  6. We marry virtual friends through Social Media courtships, and get surprised when the marriages fail to hold. What a bunch of hypocrites we are!

  7. There’s too much pretense.A marriage is blessed in church but when faced with problems one of the partners strongly refuses to go back to that church for spiritual guidance and counseling and prefers to go to court for termination of marriage. Why in the first place did she agree to have the marriage blessed in church?Pretense!No wonder some marriages fail. Anyway different marriages fail for different reasons

  8. How do we expect polygamous natives to successfully stick to a monogamous arrangement that is foreign to their nature? They want to be like the animals on national geographic! They call it freedom! Don’t take modern marriages too seriously! These are perilous times. Continue preaching righteousness but don’t be too expectant!

  9. under pf, morals have fallen. women killing their husbands as part of lungu’s empowerment project is order of the day. We warned you about this indisciplined pf government

  10. Problem is ubuchende simple and straight forward. Some husbands have 2 girlfriends on the side while wives might have the same who knows. Let’s be honest with ourselves most men have side chicks without fearing diseases nowadays. Boyfriends or girlfriends have side partners, even priests are being caught with ubuchende to rapping children. Let’s not bring Christianity in this because you are insulting God. People is what is wrong because they lack ethics especially morals. Uncle to grandparent rapping nephews or nieces! Yet they go to church to pray claiming they are Christians. People stabbed to death by a girlfriend while the humble family waits at home where it is safe! Ubuchende bwachila!

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