Lungu congratulates Trump


President Edgar Lungu has congratulated United States of America (USA) President-elect Mr. Donald John Trump following his electoral victory in the November 8 Presidential elections.

According to the statement from the Special Assistant to President Amos Chanda, Mr Lungu said the outcome of the elections reflects the trust and confidence the Americans have in him to lead the country towards major transformation in the social, economic, and political discourse as articulated in his campaign.

He said the Zambian government looks forward to working with the new Administration in addressing issues of mutual concern at both bilateral and multi-lateral levels for the benefit of the two countries and the global community at large.

The President has also commended Democratic Party candidate Mrs Hillary Clinton for her extraordinary grace in defeat, noting that she has demonstrated her patriotism to her country by stressing that the winner deserves the chance to lead so that the country moves forward.

“Mr Trump was magnanimous in triumph and Mrs Clinton was gracious in defeat. These important first steps from the two leaders have gone a long way to provide the necessary space for national healing needed after one of America’s most high-pitched election campaigns.” I also wish to congratulate President Obama for his onerous effort towards a smooth power transfer to the new President,” President Lungu said.



    • Ba Citizen, I hope your immigration papers are in order & legal because Trump will soon boot you back to Chawama.

    • AMERICANS OWE US AN EXPLANATION on Trump’s rigging of the American elections, and how Latinos in Florida voted for Trump………. PLUS why the womenfolk abandoned Hillary after Trump repeatedly insulted them throught the campaign period

    • Lungu should start plans to dance Dununa Reverse in Beijing because Washington and New York are now no-go areas for drunk African dictators. Trump will not entertain these African dictators who steal Eurobonds meant for national development and stash them in Swiss accounts.

  1. There was no political violence, shutting of independent media and intimidation of Trump and his VP by the ruling party.

    1.Jimmy Carter 1.Robert Mugabe
    2.Ronald Reagan 2.Robert Mugabe
    3.George H. Bush 3.Robert Mugabe
    4.Bill Clinton 4.Robert Mugabe
    5.George W. Bush 5.Robert Mugabe
    6.Barack Obama 6.Robert Mugabe
    7.Donald Trump 7.Robert Mugabe
    And you wonder why Africa is backwards!!

    • @danielle that’s one great observation, he has Zimbabwean president like forever and ever….. Would you believe that the maximum number of years that most American presidents have served is 4 years, only a few exceptions have gone to 8, but the country has been a success, i guess regular change of leadership for a country is good.

    • In short since 1980,seven great minds have steered America, while Zimbabwe has been stuck with one, ba firika let’s change if one can’t do the job correctly there is no need to re relect them. Problem most Africans are afraid of change.

  3. Too late. The president Hakainde Hichilema has already congratulated trump. Lungu is sleeping on duty. If anything the international community relates more with HH.

  4. That is supposed tk read “If you think D Trump can even recognise HH who he did not even know while in opposition, then you are a lizard

    • Toni lyaako even when you try to correct your mistakes, you still make more mistakes, damn! What a miserable d ick!

    • Do you know the ones who need to get fresh brains? It’s those who are trying to get rid of the 50%+1 from the Constitution, how do you get rid of something that you “easily” got in the first round? Now i understand why investigators always say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. By the way mr big brain stop respond to a lizard, people at a distance will mistake you for a chainama case.

  5. We wish to join HE the President of the Republic of Zambia and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces ECL to congratulate President Elect Donald Trump on his victory. We also commend the candor of Hilary in accepting defeat and calling for unity. Our resolve is driven by what our party spokesman Katuta had to say about HE ECL as the man in charge. We recognize that there is and can be only one president at a time. The last elections were tough sometimes violent but we as true Zambians soldiered on. For now we believe the campaign period is over and the court cases being faced by our outgoing 5 time loser HH are his alone and not the party’s. Once again we rally behind this message 2021 New leaders Zambia forward!

  6. Trump won mysteriously because he was connected to the grass root unlike the tribal leader who is only known by the chuundus and some 1mbeciles on social media who doesn’t even vote. Hillary represented the minority elite group who are reluctant to vote but only expects others to it for them. Trump like sata appeal to the down trodden and majority group and rgats why Pf keeps winning elections.

  7. Keep on attacking each other as your economy rot. Leaders in Africa need to change for the better. The American population is 500 times bigger than Zambia but elections are announced the same day while in Zambia it takes weeks to announce results within a city. Then some people would wake up and say learn to congratulate “a winner”, are you kidding me? No wonder Africa needs to be colonized as Trump put it!

  8. We shall continue rallying behind his Excellency, President elect, Edgar Chagwa Lungu regardless of the venom, hate speech emanating from HH’ minions. We know they are brain-washed because you can’t compare an under 5 politician to a veteran charismatic leader like ECL.

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