Parliament passes motion recommending the amendment of the Constitution

Given Lubinda Minister of Justice Chats with President Edgar Lungu
Given Lubinda Minister of Justice

Given Lubinda Minister of Justice Chats with President Edgar Lungu
Given Lubinda Minister of Justice Chats with President Edgar Lungu
PARLIAMENT has passed a motion recommending the amendment of the Constitution.

The motion urges Government to amend the Constitution of Zambia to provide for membership of Members of Parliament to local councils and removal of lacunas.

This was after the motion moved by PF Mwansabombwe MP Rodgers Mwewa was subjected to a vote. Those that voted in support of the amendments were 91 against 52 while 1 abstained. The total number of votes cast was 144. The members voted using an electronic system. Speaker Patrick Matibini announced the results.

Justice Minister Given Lubinda said the amendments are in national interest requiring the support of all members of parliament. In supporting the motion, Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube said the constitution needs to be fine tuned to address lacunas.

Local Government Minister Vincent Mwale, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo and Kwacha MP Joe Malanji also supported the motion.

The motion was moved yesterday Patriotic Front Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa seeking to amend the constitution. In his private member’s motion, Mr Mwewa wanted Parliament to urge Government to amend the constitution so as to provide for membership of Members of Parliament to local Councils and also to remove lacunas in the constitution.

Mr Mwewa proposed among other amendments that the constitution be amended so that the election of the president reverts to the simple majority system from the current 50% plus one vote system.

Mr Mwewa said that under the current constitution, there is no link between members of parliament and councils.

Mr. Mwewa said that the inclusion of members of parliament in the membership of the council will ensure a well coordinated approach to development at all levels within the context of decentralization.

He explained that local government is the sphere of government that is closer to the people and so as representatives of the people, they need to have an input in the decisions that the council makes.

Mr. Mwewa stressed that the exclusion of the members of the parliament in councils is detrimental to the development of the constituencies they represent.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA. PF why are you complaining. ECL’s tail is between his legs and trembling right now. Obama shouted at him and now wait for Trump. Chagwa’s buddies Mu7 and MuGabe will bring Lungu down with them. You en-likened Trump to HH hoping he would lose. All three businessmen have not lost this year’s elections: Warren Kizza Besigye Kifefe (Uganda), Hakainde Hichilema (Zambia) and Donald J Trump (USA) won the election. In Uganda and Zambia dictators refused to concede defeat and hang on to power. The new leader of the free world will sort ECL and his partner in crime Mu7 out.

    • Now the PF wants to change the constitution to allow rigging. Any MP who will speak on his own behalf and not on behalf of his constituency should be impeached. Any change should be done through constituency assembly and a quorum of eligible voters must vote on this. No MP nonsense of changing the law without the blessing of the people. We sent you to parliament to represent us not the party.

    • Amending amendments to accommodate extra amends inorder for the amended amendments to be amended?
      One can be judged by the company he keeps are you still wondering where the 7 year term came from? Well Lungu’s best friends include museveni and mugabe!

    • Donald Trump was an admirer of the late MCS incase some of you UPND blood thirsty animals are unaware! Have you not seen the clinched fist as his symbol of choice, his populist appeal, his campaign style etc! Hate or like Donald Trump there is no denying he is talented as was the great MCS! Donald Trump has never even heard of a diseased mad Hungry Hyena from a ramshackle villagedom called Namwala! HH an ICC candidate would not even be given 5 seconds of the Donald’s time! Hopeless dreaming UPND thugs -HH can be a Trump???

    • PF has failed to follow the current constitution and do not adhere to its precepts and clauses. Now they want to change it. maybe you should have tried to follow what the constitution states first and see whether it is just OK. You refuse to follow the constitution and now you want to put up a discussion to justify why you don’t follow the law. Pathetic Failures … Poverty Factory … Plundering Fascists … Perpetual Flounders… Pundit Fraudsters …

    • They are in power and they are still worried about other issues this visionless corrupt lot…let Trump meet up with World Bank and IMF ; you will really dance like you have soldier ants in your pants.

    • What do you expect, He signed it with his eyes closed, Wasted tax payers money for the signing ceremony, Just do not know what PF supporters are made of, Supporting everything next we will be told to clap when ever EL passes wind and still PF supporter will celebrate this, Cry my beloved country what happened to end up with this.

    • @Mama, PF always comes with unprogressive themes each time there is a national election. Remember Don’chi kubeba in 2011 and Dining Reverse in 2016. Both themes have or work negatively for the people of Zambia. The current discussion on the amendment of the Constitution, hardly a year into its existence, is a confirmation of the policy inconsistencies we’ve talking about by the PF and its government. PURE DUNUNA REVERSE AND NOT FORWARD.

    • @Mama, PF always comes with unprogressive themes each time there is a national election. Remember Don’chi kubeba in 2011 and Dununa Reverse in 2016. Both themes have or work negatively for the people of Zambia. The current discussion on the amendment of the Constitution, hardly a year into its existence, is a confirmation of the policy inconsistencies we’ve talking about by the PF and its government. PURE DUNUNA REVERSE AND NOT FORWARD.

    • The only correct way to change the constitution is through a referendum. Thes short cuts we are taking are just undermining our most important national document. The reason for a referendum is simply that it allows for a nationwide debate on the article to be changed. The only thing Mps should be allowed to do is to enact legislation to support and explain the constitution not to amend it. Amendments are the prerogative of the people of Zambia collectively through a popular vote.

    • Zambians prepare yourselves for the removal the limit to presidential terms to only two and the extension of the presidential term to 7 years very soon.

      It will just take one PF member to raise a private members bill exactly like the one this PF stooge raised and got passed without a hitch.

      This dununa reverse for real. All the efforts expended by the masses to change the constitution so that no one clings to power forever are being eroded by the PF and its stupid leader Dictator Lungu .

      My only hope is that Donald Trump will sort them out as he promised very soon.

    • Best title for Lungu should now be ;

      His Stupid Murderous Dictator Lungu the stooge. In short Edgar Chagwa Lungu SMDL.

      My appeal to President Trump is please sort out these African dictators so that people return back their countries.

  2. K20 million was spent to sign the new constitution. this is the most expensive constitution making process the entire world has ever had. Now you want to change it. There is nothing wrong with the constitution. There is everything wrong with the Zambian leadership. We can get any constitution from a country on the face of the earth and it would not work in Zambia because individuals want every clause to suit their selfish desires. Change ECL not the constitution. Amend your behaviours not the constitution. Change your behaviours not the constitution.

    • These dimwits should be eternally grateful for the failure of the referendum. Otherwise all these changes they are passing would require another referendum. PF00Ls!

  3. The interest of the nation is to have three independent arms of government: The Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature. These trinity should work as in one accord and provide checks and balances to each other. When the three work under the influence of one (the executive) then the country becomes a failed state. The Judiciary should be able to independently interpret and pass judgement based on the laws of the country. Why is this so hard to do? You will keep on changing laws but there will never be the best one that fits a corrupt selfish leader. if you want a suitable clause just add one which reads, “the president and his ministers will do as they please”.

    • Just for the record and to those who claim that UPND does not participate in correcting govt, the 52 MPs who opposed this madness were UPND. When the PF mistakes come back and bite you in your sorry asses, don’t say that UPND supported PF in making this colossal mistake.

  4. I hope these these amendments will not include the presidents Tenure of office. You know something crooks, like PF can start with something different and end up with the tenure of office of the president, and that is there main interest. JUST MARK MY WORDS. FILI EKO TULEYA

  5. What is the problem with 50+1, I thought you said ECL easily got that? You Lungu did not get past 50%+1 vote and he is hanging to power illegally. Now you want to repeal the law so that he can rig even at 20% votes.

    • These failures don’t want to waste time thinking. That’s why they have “wise” words like filaisova in their language. They live for a day at a time, Chimbwiis without Plans.


  7. Another time and money wasting exercise. Let those honourable members, if they really are, just fishing out the original constitution done by the Technical Committee, if they can find one, and let it be endorsed by the people through a stand alone referendum.

  8. Well you voted 4 these area members of your parliament so live with them. Its like staying married to a loose woman/ man there are consequences. Can we please have better reporring please apart the first past the post coming back in will we also scrap re-runs or what? What lacunas are being addressed?

  9. I keep wondering what it is with African leaderships. See in America right now, Hillary actually won the popular vote (which means under simple majority she would be president). However, they have respected their constitution consistently and basically upheld other freedoms such as expression and association. They are currently protesting Donald Trump’s election because that is the fundamental right in their constitution. Nobody is talking about amending the clause so that somehow Trump is disadvantaged… In short LEAVE THE DA.MN CONSTITUTION ALONE!!!!

    • If it was in Zambia, protesters would have been teargassed and beaten by police. They would have shot someone and Mr Fired Global would have been all over the news says Tongas this Tongas that. They would have said Clinton is funding the protests and arrested Clinton for any assembly slapping her with stup1d cases.

  10. MP’s having a role in the councils in principle should be a good idea, but I think this is really about having control of or access to the CDF.

  11. MPs in Zambia are incompetency; they took the Constitution Draft to Parliament and came up with Parliament Driven Constitution with lots of deficiencies. PF MPs cannot make a good and proper Constitution in a 5 year term despite being the majority in Parliament. Because of incompetency money will be spent on doing the same activity instead of looking for solutions to bring poverty level to minimum. It is a shame that the motion to revert to simple majority was proposed, when there is nothing that can be fine tuned in 50 + 1, it is complete. These MPs are supposed to be fine tuning and resolving deficiencies in the Constitution like the case HH brought before the ConCourt which has not be resolved. It is a shame when a case has been brought before the Court on time and the Court says time…

  12. “Justice Minister Given Lubinda said the amendments are in national interest requiring the support of all members of parliament. ” What national interest? PF MP have failed the people. they represent. Why can’t they sort out real issues?
    Why did they say yes to this
    1. inclusion of members of parliament in councils. Given Lubinda and Dr. Guy Scott used to attend council meeting the last 10 years. Ask the others why they never attended a single council meeting.
    2. Re-introduction of the position deputy ministers. Are you going to give them job descriptions now??
    3. Ministers to continue in office after dissolution of parliament. ???? If they come outside of parliament.
    4. Immediate swearing in of President after being declared winner and removal of the 14 days clause provided to…

    • I can’t believe they want to bring back deputy ministers!!!! What about money saving, tightening belts!!What is the value added by deputy ministers????

      So we got a new Constitution for the elections, and now we revert to the same old, same old. Cry my beloved country.

  13. An epic show of incompetence madness, selfishness and hallucination of the highest order. No words can ever make sense to these MPS, they live for the day.

  14. Please Ba president Lungu,We need electoral college system in Zambia in order to curb tribalism.Let us use USA method of voting.50%plus 1 is not the solution in Zambia.One province can have 10 million pipo and the rest 9 provinces 4million pipo. Who wins the presidency the one with one province against 9 provinces. Electoral system is the best way to solve tribal tension in our country. Weather u win by 90% in one province u’ll be given same points.let us see how we can divide the country by constituencies or districts so that every politician will be able to move across the country.This current system can put Zambia on fire bcoz pipo now will try to win in 1 province or 2.

  15. The country has contracted debt in record time and we now have to go IMF to secure funding. The Finance Minister Chikwanda under whose watch this debt was contracted bows out a very wealthy man! In a responsible government he would have been called to account. The constitution should close in on government officials who abuse or are derelict of duty and held responsible.

  16. PF already raping the clauses in the constitution they recently signed without fully reading and understanding like wiseman Miyanda advised them. We are in big trouble my fellow Zambians

  17. Let’s bring new constitution you opposed let’s amend the constitution you didn’t want again you are opposing. UPND is like a woman forced to bed but cry when a man wants to leave

  18. Pf does not mean well. How can you even think of removing 50+1? This constitution was also poorly done by pf becoz it was copy and paste from the kenyan constitution. This is chipantepante and will retard the wheels of progress, if any.

  19. We keep changing goal posts over the constitution while our colleagues in other countries are busy developing their economies. Do we have any brains? Why did we sign the current constitution? If Deputy Minsters have to be brought back the number of Ministries should be reduced. We were crying as a country new constitution new constitution and when it is brought to us we cry foul again. The PF has realized that the current constitution is actually working to their disadvantage and now they want something that suits them.This country is just rubbish!

  20. One man proposes to change the people’s constitution so he can eat with both hands parliament and council. This is our constitution do temper with it for your selfish ends. You feel it should be changed then come back to us the people

  21. They know they did not win these elections with a majority and stole the vote that is why they want to get rid of this clause before next election. lungu and pf are crooks

  22. A lot of people insulted General Miyanda when he asked these people to think before signing that document.As usual BLACK Africans have no respect for time and money.To them its just one of those things.We could have saved money and time if we had done this right.And you wonder why you are poor?Lord have mercy!

  23. These are IM F requirements; 1. sort out corruption, hence the fake dismissal of one Kambwili..2 amend your constitution, which I think, to IMF is a piece of PF s***t. We will soon learn more of IMF’s demands.

  24. I thought revising the amended constitution to fix some ‘glitches’ is a good thing? Don’t we need a perfect constitution? Will there be anything we are going to applaud to?

  25. Stupid fools in parliament. Even the so called engineers supported this rubbish. Now i see why people get to the bush and pick up arms.

  26. AMERICANS USE 50% + 1! That is because the electoral college system is based on a total of 538 electoral college votes; which assign the winner 270 electoral votes on the basis of (538 ÷ 2)+ 1 = 269 + 1 = {(50% of 538)+ 1} = 269 + 1 = 270. Don’t admire what you cannot analyze! Don’t admire what you don’t understand! The trouble lies in another sector.

  27. You thought Grade 12 was the Answer to have better and understanding MPs…here we are same and for ever and ever………….hahahaha kikikiki its not about academic / Professional qualifications but wisdom from above.

  28. Why would people who got 50%+1 be in such a hurry to get rid of something they easily got in the first round? Are sure these people really got that 50%+1? This the big question Zambians should ask themselves.

  29. Pathetic greedy good for nothing regime. A lone person claims ‘national interest’. Speak for yourself. Whether rightly or wrongly, the 50 + 1 clause was included after submissions country wide. Where does the PF get the audacity to propose through single members, to change a Constitution that they claimed was a ‘Peoples Constitution’ just months later? Is this the Constitution that was meant ‘to stand the test of time’? Do they understand what a Constitution or constitutionalism is? Of course not! They are a bunch of ignorant, selfish, non-respecters of laws who have no inkling of any planning for Zambia’s development. Three months after elections and all talk from the ruling party is centred on 7 year term, MPs sitting on councils, amendments, swearing in ceremonies, punishing the…

  30. We are fed up of PF animals they are cheaters, selfish, evil and think that they are going to stay in power forever. The curse in Zambia-started when PF ascended to power. The party is full of corrupt bunch of pipo who are there only to enjoy themselves and their families not to serve the people who voted for them.

    • I don’t think it’s even necessary to debate anything here! We had a new constitution ascented to last year and why should we be reversing things that were agreed upon already like the so much cried for 50%+1? Fine tuning lacunas ,yes. That’s the way to go not this crap of bringing back Deputy Ministers and Ministers staying on after dissolution of parliament! What is the meaning of dissolution then? Utter rubb!sh! This should stop atase! If anything the Presidential term should be cut to 4 years…nakwiya maningi!!!!!!!!

  31. Do these robbers expect investers to put their money in such a group of people and expect progres? What a shame. Such inconsistences will not bring any investment at all.

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