Rodents mutilating body parts of dead people in the hospital mortuary in Kaoma.

A group of Community Lead Total Sanitation and Environment Health Technicians from Kaoma District Health Office inspect the Sparks Bar in Kaoma during the workshop founded by Oxfam on Sanitation

Kaoma district Patriotic Front Youth Chairperson, Alick Kalimbwe has appealed to Kaoma district hospital management to expedite the process of eradicating rodents that are terrorizing and mutilating body parts of dead people in the hospital mortuary.

In an interview with ZANIS yesterday, Kalimbwe said the situation where rodents are mutilating body parts of dead people is causing relatives of the dead to suspect a foul play.

He said government has employed enough hospital staff to manage the operations at the institution but the situation where they are failing to control rats in the mortuary is raising suspicions among the people and concerned residents in the entire district.

Mr Kalimbwe said PF members in Kaoma have realized that some civil servants especially at the district hospital are still in the mood of politicking than doing their job that government employed them to do.

He said the party will not tolerate to see any civil servant in all government institutions sabotaging and bringing the name of the party into disrepute as the district is full of opposition UPND party members.

Mr Kalimbwe said that the time for politics is over and that civil servants should implement government policies to the general public for people to fully benefit from government resources.

He has appealed to all Heads of Government departments in the district to ensure that their subordinates do their duties fully adding that those who want to engage in partisan politics should leave the civil service.

About four dead bodies have been found with eye lids and private parts missing in Kaoma district mortuary causing anger and anxiety among the affected families members with the latest incidence of Sioma district Commissioner Morris Litula’s deceased brother In-Law Simata Mushiba 50, was also found with eye lids eaten yesterday.

Kaoma district Administrative Officer, Siachibuye Mwanangombe has requested police officers in the district to expedite the investigation on the missing of body parts of deceased people in Kaoma district hospital mortuary.

Mr Mwanangombe said government is saddened with the current situation at the health institution and that it shares the sorrow and pain being experienced by relatives due to the missing of body parts of dead people in the mortuary.

He said stringent measures are seriously being taken to address the situation so the rodents that have invaded the institution are wiped out.

Mr Mwanangombe has appealed to the general public in the district to remain calm as the situation is being investigated adding that no one should take the law into their own hands.


    • Why can’t PF govt buy some rat poison and bait the rats around the mortuary? PF are showing their lack of seriousness in running govt. Trying to heap blame on UPND councillors will not make the PF govt look better. Such nonsense was not there during MMD govt.

  1. This is only happening under pf government. Never in zambia’s history have we seen so much evil and backward developments. The only rodent i know is that rat lungu. we should eradicate him and all will be fine

  2. Surely why should an alarm or should i call it a distress call come from a mere cadre? Where are the people charged with Govt Responsibility?

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