Stakeholders are dismayed at the manner in which the PF wants to amend the Republican Constitution-FDD

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza

Antonio Mwanza
Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza say he has received calls from stakeholders who have expressed dismay at the manner in which the PF wants to amend the Republican Constitution.

Mr Mwanza said the numerous calls accused the PF of proposing to throw out the people’s submissions and recommendations as presented by the Technical Committee.

He explained his response was that it is no use trying to reason with the PF because they are a self-serving lot that don’t give a damn about people’s feelings or concern on many issues.

“In the last 24hrs I have received numerous phone calls and messages from various well meaning individuals and organisations asking me and expressing dismay and disbelief on the PF’s Government move to amend the Republican Constitution in the manner they have proposed – wantonly throwing out the people’s submissions and recommendations as presented by the Technical Committee.

“My response to these calls and messages has been as simple as this: It’s no use trying to reason with President Edgar Lungu and his PF Government because they are a self-serving lot that don’t give a damn about the people’s feelings or concerns on many issues particularly on the Constitution. No matter what one says, President Lungu and his minions will go ahead and mutilate the Constitution in any manner they want to suit their selfish interest and base ambitions.

“And what’s worse is that this country is so polarised such that people will support and defend wrong and injustice as long as it is done in the name of their party, their leader or their tribes man. So we are in for it. As for Mr Lungu and his Government they have a field day to do as they please for as long as they remain in office. Kozumanana ku dununa reverese ba dala. Your Excellency, you can go ahead and extend your stay in office to seven years, in fact if you want, make Zambia a one party state, I can assure you, you will receive little or no resistance,” he said.

The PF through a private members bill have proposed to amend the constitution among the targeted proposals are the reintroduction of Deputy Ministers and the removal of the 50+1 clause.


  1. During campaigns you leader was attacking HH instead of Lungu, Now look what you have done, All of us who are normal knew that EL is not the not he portrays to be, Just takes advantage of the poor Zambian by pretending to be a Christian and they have fallen for this but by the time they will come to know his true colours it will be too late and by then the country would have gone to the dogs. Renumber this, Its very easy to destroy something but very, very hard to rebuild.

    • I agree with the amendment of the 50+1 clause, but not the re-introduction of Deputy Ministers – this was a USELESS portfolio without a specific job description and performance indicators or outcomes/targets. Here is what I propose to replace 50% plus 1 vote:
      NEW CLAUSE: A Presidential candidate (Standing on the ticket of a qualifying political party) can only be declared winner of the Presidential election if his/her party wins more than 50% of the total number of Constituencies in the Country.
      LOGIC: 1. It will enable the election of a widely accepted President throughout the country
      2. Avoid the unnecessary and expensive election re-runs that our fiscus can’t afford
      3. Easy to audit as it would directly correspond to the Parliamentary election results.

  2. keep been dismayed you will naive boy. Us in UPND warned you about that dictator called lungu. He knows he stole the vote and couldnt fairly win 50 +1 without rigging. So ifwe should they tamper with votes in next election we are burnign them with tyres. We will have vigalantes allover the country. This is a warning to PF thugs.

  3. It’s you the same id iots who have turned Zambians into zombies, they have become so docile, their power to resist anything is long gone, because you the same fdd with your Eddy nawapwi who are always waiting for state functions to go and dance dununa reverse and imbibe a lot wine.

  4. We shoudn’t support the referendum if its brought back,its dangerous…..they are preparing to launch a legal dictator through a referendum……

    • Jobs for the boys, my dear @MyZambia. Suddenly the reward system has fallen short. Most jobs available are professional and therefore prone to exposes. It is a sad period in our national history when 60s behaviors are suddenly back in vogue among fairly young men and women who should know better. Disgusting at the same time though.

  5. Where are the Zambians who stood up against the third term , we need them to stand up against these oppressors! please God help us!

  6. Not only are the Zambians docile and easily taken advantage of by corrupt politicians, the opposition parties too are extremely weak or non existent. That’s why dictatorial parties like PF can do anything they want with impunity. Lungu has chosen to align himself with two well known dictators, Museveni and Mugabe. He admires them, learns from them, and listens to them. He has already started to maneuver around to construct a full blown dictatorship. There’s no longer freedom of speech in Zambia. People are extremely scared to speak their minds, lest a PF agent hears them and reports them. Call anyone in Zambia and try to discuss politics, and they’ll tell you they’re scared to talk and believe someone is listening in. Freedom of the press is also disappearing fast. And remember…

  7. (Continued)… dictatorships move away from serving the interests of the people to serving the interests of the party in power. So watch the amendments that’ll be proposed and ask as to whose interests they’ll be servicing. Most likely not the ordinary Zambian on the street, but ECL and his minions. It’s about time that the opposition stood up and united to oppose this encroaching dictatorship, that has already began to cast it’s ominous shadow over Zambia. If they fail to do that, our posterity shall hold them accountable for allowing a dictatorship to flourish.

  8. Ubufi iwe Ka Antonio, its Nawakwi trying to amend FDD constitution! Remove speck in your eye first before you think of removing speck in another person!

  9. These moron***s in PF will sink this country to the rock bottom!

    Zambians are sloppy and this bunch of thieves will ruin the lives of all citizens because of their buffoonery!

    Monkeys in the maize field!

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