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President Lungu orders a thorough investigation into the illegal land allocation on the Copperbelt

General News President Lungu orders a thorough investigation into the illegal land allocation...

President Edgar Lungu at Mulungushi Conference Centre
President Edgar Lungu at Mulungushi Conference Centre
President Edgar Lungu has directed that a thorough investigation should be conducted into the Copperbelt illegal land acquisition and all houses built on illegally acquired land should be demolished across the country, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe has revealed.

Mr Sikazwe said currently there was total confusion in the country over issuance of land. He said Government has observed that there was no law and order in the manner that the issuance of land was being managed in the country. “So we have since tasked the Ministry of Lands to ensure that they take stock of all the districts that are erring in the way they are issuing land.

“People have stopped going through the councils whenever they want land. People have lost hope in getting land from the council and now they want to be getting it dubiously through cadres and fake agents,” Mr Sikazwe said. He said there was urgent need to normalise the situation, adding that the right procedure was going to the Ministry of Lands or the Local Council to acquire land.

Mr Sikazwe said the only agents in the issuance of land recognised by the Government were the Ministry of Lands and Local Councils.

Mr Sikazwe said anybody who obtained land illegally and constructed any infrastructure would have their structures demolished and dealt with accordingly. “We are saddened that people are now building houses along the rivers making them to dry up. We are investigating and anybody who will be found wanting will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

Mr Sikazwe said the Ndola case was confusing because Government was being told it was the council that had given out land while others were saying it were the party cadres.

“So we are investigating and as soon as the correct information is given to us, then you will see the action that we are going to take. We have sent people to investigate and then move depending on the illegality,” Mr Sikazwe said.

He said Government had given powers to the councils as agents to ensure that they looked after the land and give out accordingly, adding that what was currently prevailing was very disturbing. He said the issue of people hiding in the name of the party and having supported the President during the general elections would not work out because President Lungu was not going to condone such.

Mr Sikazwe said the Minister of Lands Jean Kapata had also been directed by the President to issue a statement to guide on the way land would be managed. He said anybody who would be found wanting, the best Government could do to those illegalities would be dealing with the culprits accordingly.

“If we go out there to demolish some houses, it does not mean that we do not mean well for the people of Zambia. We mean well because we want people to follow the proper channels of acquiring land in this country. “Leaving things the way they are, will make it difficult to control the situation. It is high time the Government moved in,” Mr Sikazwe.


  1. Indeed its long overdue! Go to Chipulukusu houses are being contructed, the area behind Ndola Golf Club, on the banks of Kafubu Stream…and so on.Heads should roll at Ndola City Council

    • In the first place, why have they (authorities) allowed people to build anywhere and everywhere, do we even have play parks in Zambia. In Pamodzi site and service in Ndola, even the two football playing fields for the school have houses built there. Do the school even have places for physical education for our children now? That is why everybody, including school going children are just drinking carelessly; there are no recreation facilities not even land for such.

    • What a country, Everything and anything its the president, How do you expect to develop when everything revolves around one man, Poor Africa, I have said it before, The Zambian presidency has too much power if not all the power, Not until we change the constitution to cut off some of these excessive powers Zambia and Africa will still be a dark country full of poverty.

    • Please also demolish houses illegally built on titled land in Ibex Hill (Kalale area – near Salama Park & former Walkover Estates). There is already a high court order to demolish these structures since 2008 but nothing has been done. Please move in as the area overlooks Dream Valley Lodge and makes that whole area look unsanitary. It is very close to the USA Embassy complex and could be used by unscrupulous elements to harm American interests in Zambia. Please demolish that illegal compound!

    • Where is Punji Kaunda?Kaunda just before elections came to kitwe and revealed the land corruption of the PF councilors.Alaas the PF adopted the same councilors and you know the rest of the story.Infact some of them are still appearing in court for their corruption and this does not bother PF.So what is sikazwe and his president talking about.


  3. Let these investigations reach Mufulira specifically Kalukanya were council workers committed fraud by swindling innocent members of the community

  4. ECL himself is the Kingpin of Corruption…these land scandals were done using his name.There is no way that Chishimba Kambwili was acting alone and in secret from ECL..IMPOSSIBLE…


    • Comment:Could the district council clear the air on the sale of traditional land in Chipapa.Is it genuine or in line with Ministry of Lands or Traditional Affairs?

  6. Its time to find the root cause of all these illegal land allocation exercise…and walk the talk and let the culprits be brought to book…its time to bring sanity though painful but its for the good of our country.

  7. ……and please do not spare CHIPATA where the PF cadres and Council Officials have illegally allocated themselves plots. Imagine the audacity of Chipata Municipal Council turning a blind eye on illegal allocation of plots on someones land which is held under title.

  8. These P.F, Goons never cease to amaze!!
    Zambia is now such a sick disordely failed nation/ society, where institutions don’t function anymore due to the same P.F, which is now condeming the mess they have created.
    Go to markets, Bus stations, Government offices, councils, & one will find proper channels were done away with long ago, nothing functions normally & payment a the P.F, cadre meant things would happen.
    P.F starting with Sata, then Lungu encouraged this, & now that there is widespread breakdown in society, law & order, the same P.F perpetrators are now complaining, “sontaring” & want to reverse what they willfully created.
    Anyway serves right all the citizens who lose money & resources via the planned P,F demolitions, for supporting P.F, its anarchy & lawlessness. YOU…

  9. Start with Kalulushi. Call all the residents not just councillors. I am with HE …demolish any illegal structure …don’t worry about the vote because this is what has destroyed the country ..fear to lose an election.

  10. The Ministry of Lands has absolutely no capacity to undertake tasks of such a nature. Infact, the Ministry is at the centre of land allocation corruption and it did not even start yesterday. What ever land the Ministry surveyed was given to officials and staff. There are current and former officers at the Ministry that have more land than President Lungu! lol

  11. When its your own ministers who are corrupt and facilitating the corruption how can the same people sort things out? Please the only way forward is to resign ba so called president because it is clear your team has failed. In other countries people would have given this govenrment a vote of no confidence. Meanwhile in zambia people are busy ndweeeee. very dull bane. wake up my fellow zambians.

  12. This country is sick. Meanwood bribed almost the whole Kitwe City Council and was given large tracts of land in the Mufuchani area even before the bridge was constructed. They are now selling this land at inflated prices. A whistleblower gave me this information and I promptly reported the matter to ACC for further investigation. More than five years later nothing has happened! It is clear to me that even ACC is corrupt and we have no reliable institution to handle cases of corruption! Cry my beloved country!

  13. Fyatampile akale sana. During Kaunda and Chilubas times land for parks in Ndola was illegally allocated for houses- check the swimming pool area and demolish these houses. Kambwili is just a latter addition to the corruption

  14. IWE CHI CHAPONA don’t think that if you close the post or suck kambwili then you have solved the million problems you have caused to the people so far.Don’t hide behind those small actions you are taking.you even hide behind the bible iwe chi-colour..at the end you will even try to hide behind A NEEDLE.Now i see why the DOVE failed to fly.

  15. When the scandal involves the State house, “its don’t probe this,” but if it does not involve State ,”its probe this.” Mr President we thank you for ordering investigations in Land issues , now can you please extended such orders to all erring issues revealled in the recent Auditor General Report without leaving any sacred cow?

  16. I see no sense in such intructions and directives to ministers or what so ever they are called”nyandulez”who have been assigned to there specific duties and they fail.just go and visit yo council workers and yo F’P cadres to whom you have vested much powers of sharing the land.ruther than waffling and pretending to be a good shephard.
    “Seriosly I miss man of action coz he tried”

  17. My blame goes to government which has no proper land policies because of that carders have taken advantage of our poor land policies.I can asure the president that even if u put up measures on land it will only benefit few selfish individuals who either works for ministry of land or local council but the rest wont benefit unless they have alot of money.in as much as its not good for carders to alocate land in Zambia but these guys do offer land on poor zambians fairly and affordable without segregation.I challenge the government to be sober minded in isues to deal with land,also tell mumbi phiri to go and apologize to the victims of the demolished houses in kabwata constituency at chindanda area were she was using the name of the president to have instructed her to do so when infact not…

  18. Really! This is when the president wants to investigate after he fired Kambwili? The times people complained Kambwili was grazing his cattle on the Luanshya golf course nothing was done not even an investigation. People complained of road scandals between The Gomes Brothers in Ndola who used to get road contracts from Kambwili who used to threaten them with giving him half the money after they got contracts. This is one of the reason the roads are so bad because of poor road work due to not enough money going into the projects. People complained Kambwili stole scrap metal and inyanji but PF kept quiet all this time until now! Question is why???

  19. Land is the most important resource we have but we always mismanage it. When I lived in Ndola in Chiluba’s time land meant for parks was sold for housing and the city planners claimed ignorance. Kambwili just capitalised on this lack of responsibility and ethic to corruptly obtain land. Nibambili. Let’s see if Lungu has teeth

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