Roberto Collaborates with Zimbabawe’s finest ;Dj Raydizz and Simba Tagz



As we enter into Africa’s party season, Zimbabwe’s most prolific and talented club DJ – RayDizz has crafted an international dance floor anthem that is set to take over the summer. RayDizz’ electro-reggae fusion song Don’t Delay features Zambian Pop sensation and AmaRulah hit maker Roberto and Zimbabwean superstar Simba Tagz. The up-tempo song that melds Caribbean Steel Drum and Soca music elements with EDM synths and drops was produced by Jae Mac and Verseless under the direction of RayDizz.

“This song represents a fusion of some of my favourite sounds in music right now. Jae Mac sent me a beat that was very Dancehall and reggae. I loved but it was missing something. So I worked with Verseless who is one of Zimbabwe’s best producers to add some EDM elements to it and really make it pop. “

On how he managed to get the incredibly popular and successful duo of Roberto and Simba Tagz on the song RayDizz adds ; “I met Roberto last year when I was performing in Lusaka and I asked him to be a surprise guest during my set at the height of AmaRulah. When he came out to perform in Zimbabwe I was able to return the favour and we started working on this song with my close friend and collaborator Simba Tagz.”

Download Dont delay  HERE





  1. Nice try, boys but summer has just ended and Sean Paul already passed through like a tropical storm with his “Trumpets”.


  2. #Nine Chale, where have you been hiding? Welcome back comrade. Zambians should be learning from our South Africans and Zimbos friends and not the dancehall music from Jamaica which like Rumba has messed up Zambian music . Reggae was ok.


    • Thanks mate, I’m still around as an observer and no longer the regular blogger I used to be. Anyway, where Zambian news is concerned, it’s LT for life.



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