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 President Lungu should admonish his PF members, MPs against maiming people’s constitution- FODEP



President Edgar Lungu must openly admonish his Patriotic Front (PF) members and strongly counsel his Members of Parliament (MPs) to desist from going against the wishes and aspirations of Zambians through using the egotism of numbers in parliament to maim the people’s constitution, says Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP).

FODEP Executive Director Chimfwembe Mweenge said in a press statement that the arbitrary amendment to the constitution to re-introduce the positions of Deputy Minister’s defeats the PF government’s call for serious fiscal discipline and sacrifice to re-kindle the fortunes of the dwindling economy.

“If we are to realize the K42 million plus locally to partly meet our budgetary requirements, we ought  not to channel our skimpy resources to finance the salaries of Deputy Ministers whose roles are not well defined and quiet inconsequential,” Mr Mweenge said.

He urged President Lungu not to fall prey to ill-timed and misconceived political machinations by his MPs to manipulate the constitution.

Mr Mweenge noted that the political schemes are not only an affront on the people’s will, but may also be dangerous to President Lungu’s constitutional legacy.

He reaffirmed that he current constitutional discourse in the country seems to replicate President Chiluba’s failed third term bid and Lungu must avoid the temptation by his MPs and PF members who are walking Chiluba’s path which partly scratched his legacy and democratic credentials.

“FODEP was thrilled to learn that The President was advocating for respect for constitutionalism and rule of law at continental level when he addressed a delegation of diplomats accredited to the African Union on the 8Th November, 2016, at State House,” He said

However, FODEP Executive Director wants Mr Lungu to guide his MPs with the same vigor he showed when addressing the Africa Union delegation adding that it would be contradictory for the President to advocate for constitutionalism and respect for the rule of law at continental level when the opposite is happening in his own country.

Mr Mweenge said FODEP is surprised that Parliament used the PF numerical superiority to pass the motion with 91 to 52 votes which Mwansabombwe constituency MP Rodgers Mwewa, moved to urge the PF Government led by Mr. Lungu to amend the constitution of Zambia.

“FODEP calls on President Lungu to sacrifice his popularity among his peers not only at continental but even at national and party levels by protecting and upholding the constitution which he himself appended on and swore to protect bearing in mind it is a product of wider consultations among the people through various popular for a,” Mr Mweenge noted.

However after voting for the motion to amendment the constitution the ruling PF has distanced itself from private member motion to re-introduce the position of a Deputy Minister.

PF Parliamentary Chief Whip Richard Musukwa said that the re-introduction of the position of Deputy Dinister in government is not on the party’s agenda.

Mr Musukwa said the motion to re-introduce the position of Deputy Minister came from the floor of the house and it was moved by an Independent Member of Parliament.

Mr Musukwa said Government wants to run a lean structure of Ministers and it would not go against the wishes of the people.

And PF Mwansabombwe Member of Parliament Rodgers Mwewa has said a Private Motion that he moved on Wednesday to amend the Constitution did not include the re-introduction of Deputy Ministers.




  1. Copper has only helped a few individuals in Zambia to get rich through corruption and the end users to get what they want, is it a curse or a blessing to Zambia? the poor get poorer as they lose their jobs and get polluted water and lung cancer!!

    • We are not docile but use of force by police makes people refrain from carrying out demos. The African leaders have used the police to their advantage and it will only be a miracle that one selfless leader will emerge. For now we continue to wallowing in poverty and misery. A lot of people said I am voting for ECL because is a better person with humor than HH. If this situation in Zed today is better, then my people are missing out on great things. Visit Australia and see how people live here.

  2. Even the security wings are also docile.busy obeying the foo-lish CHAPONA NGULU.we need a Stephen lungu(cptn solo).Uyu chi-colour apusa maningi.

  3. Its a pity we have just tested the constitution once.The few rich individuals in govt play around the masses who are poor or in abject poverty.I miss PK Chishala but his songs live.(tombolilo song).Let them ask the Zambians through right mode if they mean well unlike the useless commission of inquiring which is gobbling money for known facts about election violence.

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