Cost of living in Lusaka hits all-time high, breaches the 5,000 mark

A Chinese Woman Selling Vegetables in a Lusaka Market

A Chinese Woman Selling Vegetables in a Lusaka Market
The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) says the cost of living is every day becoming expensive and beyond the capacity of poorest households.

The cost of living for Lusaka as measured by the JCTR Basic Needs Basket (BNB) for an average Zambian family of five has now hit a first time high of 5,036.28 in the month of October 2016.

Some items recording increases in price included mealie meal, beans, dark green vegetables, cooking oil, bread, sugar, tea and charcoal.

And the JCTR has noted that measures such as an adjusted upward non –taxable income threshold from the current ZMW 3,000 to ZMW 3,300 in 2017 in as much as will cushion hardship for some employees, are not responsive to the reality on the ground for most employees.

“The national average cost of living for an average family of five as surveyed by the JCTR Basic Needs Basket is 3,478.31, reflecting a shortfall of 178.31 in the announced income tax –exempt threshold to enable an average Zambian family to afford cost of living. This shortfall however is worse for the urban poor in towns like Ndola, Solwezi and Lusaka whose shortfall ranges between K1, 000 to K1, 700,” JCTR said in a statement.


    • Let hit K20,000 so that the idi00tic blind tribalist pf voters balenya amenshii!

      We told you all there is with Chagwa Edward ni sekente fye,no plan or brains, attii iyoo ifintu ponyo0 ponyo0….you deserve to suffer ba kapolii for basing your vote on tribes and dirty change money from the PF crooks, so live with it, no complaints please!

    • noooo, things are ok. ifintu ni lungu. bali selako, nomba balebomba kaili. chaba shani uku complainer. ine i was thinking ati cost of living mark has breached 1 million dollars kanshi ni ka 5pin chabe. zambians are ok, they can manage. infact pa friday we shall play dunnuna reverse. Jk is performing live pa woodlands stadium, entry is K10000 mu grand stand. VIP ni K200. This is nothing for Zambians. we are rich

    • tizadya climate change, manzi ni Jameson Chakolwa Rungu! pamafi chipanga family party ni tiye tiye zoona…

  1. Leave those shanty compounds and go back to the land….and make it green…! Many town compound dwellers are suffering coz they ignored Kaunda’s call to go back to the land and grow more food..! Life is simple here in the villages….iam loving it..!

    • @munene life is simple for you because you have plenty of stolen farming inputs.uzadya matubvi in the next 5 years of Vodka Kadansa Chakolwa Rungu and pamafi party…

  2. And whose fault is it that zambians are government dependant?
    We need to become productive, that’s the solution, stop this sido living and move to a higher productive lifestyle.

    • Correct. That’s the only way rise up be self dependent and stop complaints. I have no job and will never cry for one coz we can’t all be in offices but the is alot to do. I keep chickens just in the garage and am far much better than most working class. I started with 100 and now I keep 1400× k35= 49000. Never blame anyone for your failure in life.

  3. We’re is no 2020vision ?

    He was predicting low inflation, low exchange rate ?

    Can you update us pleas or is this report a UPND fake ?

  4. Fighting corruption in a country with such high cost of living is a pipe dream, people will just have to find ways to live beyond their means.

  5. this is their “ifintu ni Lungu”. LT, i like the photo above. GRZ should not have banned Chinese selling in the markets. Whites, Chinese and Indians should sell in the markets too.

  6. Things will only get worse. He told you HE IS a thief and drunkard who has no idea how to steer the nation to prosperity. In bred natural stup!dity, docility, prevented people from acting on this truth and choose a proper leader. Now you are stuck with him for the next, he is already talking about a seven year term. Pray he does’t turn the country into a one party democracy.

  7. I don’t normally contribute to these forums; but akaalelo bane i need to add my voice also. its not that Zambians are over dependent on government, its just that people in the country any country for that matter, need political leadership to inspire them…that tomorrow will be better than today…if you cant inspire confidence as a political leader, then you have failed even before you start. To me this is the biggest challenge president Lungu has…Can he go to the copperbelt and look people in the eye and say tomorrow things will be ok.

    • To inspire confidence in people, your president Lungu should take serious austerity measures right from his office. he barely can’t cut his budget, limit fuel use in public offices, stop the use of government vehicles for extravagance. Political leadership is not merely use of rhetoric in the depressed faces of children who are hungry and poverty-stricken. Our major staple is @K120/25Kg. and to blame climate change over the developmental failure leave so much to be desired in your clueless guy.

  8. I’m so happy that we Zambians are suffering. I hope we suffer more and more becuse we voted for PF.

    For me I havd food to eat for my whole family so suffer more

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