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Inspector General of Police instructs officers to reduce check points

General News Inspector General of Police instructs officers to reduce check points

Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja
Inspector General of Police Kakoma Kanganja

Inspector General of Police Mr Kakoma Kanganja has directed all Provincial Police Commissioners to implement the directive by government on the reduction of permanent security and traffic check points.

Mr.Kanganja communicated to Police Commissioners to ensure that all police officers adhere to the Parliamentary pronouncement made by Minister of Home Affairs, Hon Stephen Kampyongo.

Mr Kanganja has warned of stern action against any officer who will be found operating outside the recognized security and traffic check points.

The Traffic section has been advised to complement the remaining checkpoints with increased motorised patrols to ensure that there is observance of laws and regulations.

He has also warned of stringent action against all officers who have a tendency of engaging themselves in corrupt activities during police operations and that his command has put in place mechanisms to detect and bring to book all those who would be found wanting.


  1. Africans were forced to forget their former religions/beliefs and become Christians (or face the consequences).They often risked floggings to worship God

    • Yip! Just like some religions will kill you if you decide you are no longer interested… anyway, this instruction to police is as old as the light at he end of the tunnel. Matter of fact look out for those kids on bikes who flag your car down and then start figuring out what they can charge you with. Governance by cipante-pante

    • You are the reason why they will not legalize that Marijuana in Zambia. The subject is a great one about police not harassing citizens, but you talk about religion. What demons are bothering you.

  2. Who forced them? Which schools do you learn these kind of things kanshi. And why you bring this kind of a comment on a different issue that is totally different nobody knows. Some people can be really boring and irrelevant. Go back to school

  3. Shanty man everyone has what he worship.If the bible does not impress you dont hit on others because hell also needs some people like you.

  4. Mmm.mmmmhh..!! Ba kanganja ba sweet talk zoona. He says his command has put in place mechanisms to detect & bring to book any officers who would be found wanting. Boss mulelaanda ifishinka. Mulibakulu.

  5. Chilanga traffic police are now mounting a road block between 20-22:00 targeting trucks from either direction. They are now ambushing trucks between Lafarge and Munda Wanga. By any measure these road blocks do not have the official sanction of Force HQ. Please look into it.

  6. Kabwata Police post…..the skinny lady with dreads, short fat chicky lady and their boss ngoma. Am ready to stand against them….I have a video and recording…

  7. Mmmmm ba shantymen,what a serie comment, its out of order. Mwalakwa kale.
    He’s just ordered them to leave check points and now they have become wounded like bees under smoke fire.they are now mounting road blocks evry after 5km.we are in trouble with these guys.
    Am also ordering you kanganja to see if wat you said is realy working,have some private tours on the roads you will see how corrupt your pipo ar.

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