I support a free press, I have no intentions of muzzling the press-Kampamba

Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
 Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga
Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga

Newly appointed Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga has assured that the PF has no intention to muzzle the press.

And Ms Mulenga who is now the Chief Government Spokesperson has announced that she will from next week start her familiarisation tour of media houses across the country.

Addressing her inaugural media briefing at her office this afternoon, Ms Mulenga said the PF government fully supports the freedom of the press.

“I would like to send a message to you that the PF government has no intention to muzzle the press,” Ms Mulenga said.

“The PF will not deliberately generate policies that will degenerate freedom of the media, freedom of expression. The government believes in freedom of expression and the PF as a party came into power with the promise that it would restore press freedom, this is our core values,” Ms Mulenga said.

She also said that she was impressed with the technological advancement in the media industries such as social media and citizen journalism.

On the issue of arrest of four Radio Mano Journalists, Ms. Mulenga said the case is now before the police and she will allow the law enforcement agencies to finish their work.

She however reiterated that the PF will not attack any media house as long as the media houses operate within the law.

She further announced that in a bid to promote the dissemination of information, community radio stations should be encouraged to enter into MoUs with ZNBC to allow community stations rebroadcast the ZNBC news.


    • Kampamba you are just another PF *****. Do you even know the true meaning of a free press? If you really believe in upholding the freedoms enshrined in our constitution why not take a decisive decision to prevent such depressing news about madia houses being intimidated if they report against the PF?

      All PF officials including the president Chagwa lungu are stupid *****s who do not care about the plight of free Zambians who need their freedoms back.

      Its just a matter of time when the PF will fall and all you guys will be made to account.

      Chagwa must fall at all means.

    • She will soon realise that in PF it’s cadres who matter. As soon as she starts defending the media, cadres will accuse her of ‘dividing the party’. Look at what is happening to Bowman Lusambo. He has good intentions for the Copperbelt but cadres have risen against him.

    • This Namaliketi looks like she a lazy wife. Those women who enjoy gossiping. There is no way she can be government spokesperson.

    • Who would want to rebroadcast marubbish spewed by ZNBC.
      Start with repealing laws that impinge press freedom, introduce FoI, then we can talk again.

    • To Kampamba, I want to send my apologies for my above comment.
      Let’s make up and be loving friends. See you soon in Kalulushi.


    • @Mushota

      That is the problem with you women. Instead of supporting or not supporting a woman for what she stands for, Mushota you simply say you do not like her because she is ugly. Every creature made in the image of God is beautiful!!!

    • @zesco
      What if Mushota doesn’t believe in God?
      You cristians think the universe operates on your rules. Far from it. There are other philosophies besides cristians dogma

    • Are you stupid woman? If your boss strongly advocates for press muzzling and does exactly that who are you or who be you to make such a stupid statement?

  1. “She however reiterated that the PF will not attack any media house as long as the media houses operate within the law.” what does this sentence mean?

  2. Anyone been reading the ‘Zambian Observer’? At least its something different after the ‘clamp’ on the Zambian Watchdog and The Post.

  3. Her boss believes in muzzling the Press so this lady will be fired shortly if she does not implement her boss’s directives.PF does not believe in Press Freedom so when u are Rome behave like the Romans to survive and enjoy the Pf gravy train.

  4. Quit lying Ms Kapamba .Fact is that your cushy job and your senior position comes before your values of liberty and principles about free press.
    You can’t value free press and yet your PF shows no value or respect for free judiciary – why didn’t you speak out against PF defying court orders to allow RB to travel?

  5. Kapamba,that’s pf trick common language.we now know you guys your talks are different from your actions,you are goats in the sheep’s skin.To hell chimkazi iwe

  6. Ba Kampamba first of all congratulations madam! Secondly don’t pay attention to these empty tin blood thirsty UPND animals, they are born losers that are used to complaining about anything.
    Stick to the job madam and try by all means to put ZNBC into the 2000s, that station is still in 1984- the poor quality of the pictures being broadcast, the hopeless and embarassing commentary, poor coordination on and off screen amongst announcers and technical crew- let’s emulate the likes of Botswana Tv!

    • It’s telling that you chose 1984 (was that subliminal?), the George Orwell novel from which Big Brother watches everybody. We don’t want Lungu’s 1984 in Zambia.

  7. Kkkkkkk you are busy wasting your time explaining how bad the picture is to this lady.forget my dear i dont think if that is even on there program.just seat relax and wait for the closure of another media which is not operating inside the laws of pf.

  8. I bet the tongas never imagined that in bembaland there could such beauty. The best they had ever seen was Mrs Mutinta Mmembe. And they only knew bembas as monkeys. Now they are choking with envy. And in parliament she sits directly across from Jack Mwiimbu and Gary Nkombo, poor souls confronted with beauty and brains. No, worse than that actually, they have always wanted to be ministers but it’s always a miss with HH, now they look at this absolute beauty from nowhere she becomes a minister before them. Beauty and brains chaps, you cannot be intelligent if you cannot see that HH is a waste of your time, energy, AND political career.

  9. It is laughable to suggest that private radio stations sign MOUs with ZNBC so that they can re-broadcast ZNBC NEWS. hahahahaha Which private Radio station would like to become a mouthpiece of ZNBC???

  10. Kambwili is branded a thief and a corrupt minister by all Upnd sympathisers. Should the same Kambwili join Upnd today he will become a clean person and they will start worshiping and glorifying him. Just thinking.

  11. Keep dreaming? But you have Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba (MoD, Zesco etc etc), not only as a member of your party, but running mate and vice president too. Yes from a corrupt minister in PF straight to the pinnacle of UPND! And you say not over your dead bodies? Then you must be dead bodies already, confirmed!!!!! …..Hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho.

  12. @17.1, the mole just makes her cute. I confirmed this with Gary and Jack, and now Cornelius too. If HH was in parliament he would probably agree too.

  13. Muntu wanzelu it`s not fair mind your words it`s not good to tell the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT that he is stupid.It`s better you complain than calling him that.Please respect is good learn to respect elders am not
    a PF member but you have gone beyond your limit.


  15. The Post is dead, Zambian Watchdog is dead, Muvi Tv, komboni, Ithezhi tehezh, Mano etc shushed, and the remaining Daily Mail, Times, ZNBC, Daily Nation need no interference. So whats your point madam?

  16. Arresting journalists every single day and you say you believe in a “free press”? Shame on you, you are an embarrassment to Zambia

  17. I”ll be sure to discuss the next male appointees features… Are we serious at all? And some will retort ‘ freedom of expression’ or something silly along those lines.

  18. Please investigate Kambwili. MWAMONA INVEST is located in Francistown, Botswana. Company is working in General business business activities.

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