Traditional leader in Kawambwa appeals for health post, boreholes

ENERGY and Water Development Minister Dora Siliya pumps water using borehole during the National water day celebration at Choma stadium yesterday. On the left is World Vision Hydro geologist Exenos Chimfwembe explaining how the water borehole works.

 A traditional leader in Kawambwa is appealing to government to to provide clean drinking water and  put up a health post in his area for his subject to access health services closer to their door steps.

 Sub-chief Chisheta under Chief Munkanta of the Chishinga speaking people says people in his area walk long distances to access health services at the Boma clinic or district hospital.

 ZANIS reports that the sub-chief is also concerned with the poor drinking water points that have contributed to high number of diarrhoea cases being experienced among his subjects especially during the rainy season.

 The traditional leader says the absence of proper drinking water facilities in his area has forced people to be drinking water from the shallow wells.

 The Sub-chief is appealing to government to sink some bore holes to address the water challenges people face in all the nine villages surrounding his chiefdom.


  1. This is un-effing-believable that 50-plus years after independence we should still have such requests! So we have health ministry allocations, water and sanitation allocations year on year and this is the state of our country – STILL? Awe mwe…

  2. i remember when i was in g11 at kawambwa tech schl suffering frm severe malaria, we had to walk some good km which maybe 15km+ for us to access simple panadol and coartem

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