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President Lungu to attend Africa-Arab summit


President Lungu waves the PF party symbol as he left the country for Madagascar
President Lungu waves the PF party symbol as he left the country for Madagascar

President Edgar Lungu is tomorrow, Tuesday, expected to arrive in Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, to attend the fourth Africa-Arab summit which has attracted several heads of state and government from Arab and African Union member countries.

Zambia’s permanent representative to the African Union Susan Sikaneta confirmed to ZANIS in Malabo that  the summit will be held under the theme: “together for a sustainable economic development.”

Ambassador Sikaneta said President Lungu will be accompanied by Finance minister Felix Mutati and his commerce counterpart Margaret Mwanakatwe.

Foreign Affairs minister Harry Kalaba arrived in Malabo on Sunday to attend preparatory meetings of Ministers of foreign affairs ahead of the summit.

The last Africa-Arab summit was held in Kuwait in 2013. This year’s summit is expected to build up on resolutions made in the previous summit. It will also focus on finding common grounds for economic and sustainable development cooperation.

Ambassador Sikaneta said apart from issuing an important statement during the summit, President Lungu will on the side-lines of the high-level event hold bilateral meetings with leaders of delegations from Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and the King of Saudi Arabia.

And Ambassador Sikaneta said during the last 2013 Africa Arab summit, Kuwait availed a US$ 5 billion development facility to Africa.

This was in line with Kuwait’s promise of meeting the needs of the African countries of improving their economies, infrastructure, food security, and agriculture, and development projects

Ambassador Sikaneta, however, said to date only 70 percent of the US$ 5 billion credit has been utilized by African countries with 30 percent of the remaining amount still lying idle.

Ambassador Sikaneta said Zambia has already benefited from the funds which were applied on the construction of a teachers’ training college.

She said Zambia is eager to get more funds for other projects including the construction of a dual carriage way between Livingstone and Chililabombwe that will also link Solwezi.

The road project will not only impact positively on Zambia’s economic development but also enhance regional integration.


    • The most remarkable thing about humans is they have this ability to adapt to any environment that surrounds them and make it normal for their survival, This has been proven by scientists.
      In this case Zambians have adapted to living in poverty and made it normal, So no matter what sense others try to put forward they will reject it and stick to their status call, In this case poverty, So no matter what HH and others say they will not see sense, they have already adapted to their environment, So if i where HH i will just keep quiet and wait for a time when all of them will die of poverty and ignorance.

    • One other thing, The poor souls who died fighting for our independence from the British so as to better our lives will be very shocked if they had to wake up from the dead and find that people in Zambia are still living like animals if anything worse than when we lived under the queen’s rule. What a shame.
      You can even call those things as homes even animals in Europe live in better things than those.

    • Muntu wandi. I couldn’t have put it better myself. To a Zambian, a house kun’gombe, a 3rd hand car from Japan is all there is to life.

      Try telling them otherwise!

    • Spot on, @ 1:2 Muntu Wandi.
      Zambians have made their bed, so let them lie in it, & “Eat Cake” in the process!

    • Viva correct analysis. Africans (blacks) constituent one of the most stupidest human beings to inhabit planet Earth. Very shallow minded souls, plans only for today, no vision or long term planning, greed, selfish, nepotism, & most corrupt scums on the earth who do not think about the future. Even with all what Zambia is currently going thru, some greedy Bemba rascals & their Eastern cousins will insist that all is well in Zambia.

    • More journeys to Lungu’s PF cadres whilst the economy is dwindling & 48 hours load shedding in some parts of Mansa, Luapula & Chintulika scanty!
      Tomorrow you will hear that visionless Lungu of violent PF that he has cut his carriage of cadres as entourage by half after booking a fourth charter plane.
      Where are the austerity measures? So far Lungu has spent over US3million on transporting PF bandits abroad when UTH has no medicine & patients sleeping on the filthy floors with load shedding daily.
      Arab summit? Ni njala Lungu!
      The Skeleton Key

    • He should have just remained in Morocco after the climate change nonsense and taken a camel ride to Equatorial Guinea to save on our little resources …

    • Taught by the master?? RB this being his last term?? the man does not care, he will travel everywhere and bring nothing for Zambians.

    • @1.2, indeed Zambians amuse me how comfortable they feel to live in poverty, my relatives when confronted about the declining economy have said point blankly ‘we are used to poverty!’ EISH!!!, used to poverty???

    • The bitter community says: is it true that Lungu gets $100,000 for each foreign trip he takes and he does not have to retire it because it is not imprest? Is it also true that for all his travels govt pays his hotel bills and meals and he does not need to touch his allowance at all?

    • When is Lungu & Co going to spend a few days in Zambia fixing the LOAD SHREDDING that is DESTROYING our economy?

      He is spending all his time in other countries and five star hotels with generators that he seem to have forgotten about the problems he promised to fix.

      Has he even experienced 5 minutes of no Zesco since the election?

      Does he even think about the damage to Zambia?

      Or will he only wake up when there is no more money to pay for his Jamesoni and chartered jets?

    • The bitter community says a lot of things that they can not prove. They comdemn things that will themselves do given the oppotunity. We saw them during privatization.

    • Buck Teeth,
      The substance you are either smoking or injecting yourself is very dangerous. We will soon bury you and miss your s.t.u.p.i.d comments

    • @ 2.2 Truth,

      It is through those trips that Lungu will fix load shedding.

      I hope no one expects him to go to Kafue Gauge and repair transaction he generator; or move round town to beg for money to build a generation plant.

      It is through strategic partnerships, and you don’t get those partnerships by sitting at State House, with your face down, moaning for the economy.

    • @ 2.5 Peace for Zambia

      “strategic partnerships”???
      What happened with “strategic partnerships” with Angola, Mozambique, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, France, USA………….?
      Tell your senseless and directionless idol to live bottle on the shelf, roll-up the sleeves of the tailor made shirt paid by tax-payer and start working instead of pointless begging trips undertaken with sole purpose of accumulating personal benefits.

    • @ 2.6 Discovery,

      I think you are yet to do more discovery in life.

      It appears you are yet to discover the meaning of work for a head of state.

      I hope you do not think that if it was HH as president he would have been spending time slashing the yard at statehouse.

    • Nguema is a joke who is worse than Mugabe. He killed his uncle in 1979 after carrying out a coup. Now he has appointed his son as VP and last month the Swiss confiscated $6m worth of sports cars from his son because they were suspended to be proceeds of corruption/theft of Guinea’s oil wealth. Lungu will be meeting his new Best Friend in Nguema.

    • Nguema Jnr is a real joke! Several months ago while in Swaziland and after bedding a Mswati runaway wife, he lost more than $5m in cash in his hotel room. It was just an episode.

      BTL, don’t take the Swiss seriously as what they did to Nguema was just a smokescreen. The same Swiss have hundreds of millions of Dollars of his money in their rogue family-run private banks which you and I have never even heard of …

  1. @2 Kci, Why don’t people like you jus stop this tired old cr@p of “they are bitter” & for a change apologise to the Zambian people for the deterioration of the economy, & general living standards.
    You can no longer hide behind such sh1t, when load shedding has reached a point of no return, Zambians apart from you who’s enjoying Eurobond cash are Starving, & it will worsen, & corruption is the religion of state. You are now demolishing dwellings of struggling citizens, after your P.F, cadres fraudulently sold them plots to build on
    DON’T TAKE PEOPLE FOR GRANTED!! K.K, learnt the hard way after thinking Zambians are too docile to revolt.
    P.F, your day of reckoning is on the horizon, just keep on hiding behind the word “Bitter” that you don’t even understand the meaning of, & you…

    • @Keleni tasa atushe’ as it is fine for UPND cadres to call those from PF as poor and uneducated, it is not fine to call UPND and Kalusa bitter. The so called educated rich have failed to prove a lot of their claims going by what transpired in the privious election. Firstly it was very clear that the educated rich did not read the new constitution going by the fact that they did not even know they needed a grade 12 certificate to stand. A number of these educated rich even had to ask for more time to read the constitution when it became clear that ECL was going to sign it. Now the educated rich even after delaying the swearing in of the president were unaware of how long was required by the said constitution to present their case. Now their argument is loadsheding and the economy. How do…

  2. You UPND are very dull don’t you know this country our hard working intelligent honest leader is going to visit produces Oil. He will strike a deal for Oil to be bought cheaply and sold in Zambia at K6 a litre.
    You complain about US$1 Million being spent on these trips but what do you want him to do at home because he is busy only on monday chair the Cabinet meeting after that the ministers are expected to manage the affairs of the country. This is management by Remote control. go back to school UPND.

    • mary you are the dull one; how can you ask what we want him to do at home? fix the economy that s what; he has done nothing but travel here and there at the expence of the tax payer; you probably pay no tax and from the tone of your contribution are not very learned but a paid cadre to write rubbish and nonsense on the air;

    • @Mary Zimba. How trips has your made to oil producing countries which have not yielded anything? Just a reminder; he went to Angola and later to Saudi Arabia and promised cheap oil, did he achieve that? Instead fuel getting even more expensive. Late Sata even went to Brazil in the company of Edith Nawakwi and Chipimo; any posive results? Don’t show your ignorance in public. So you think Equatorial Guinea can supply oil Saudi Arabia could not?

  3. Iyi ni meeting ya ma Arab….seo tiliyemo mbali yai! Mwenze kuti Rupiah okonda ndeke siyapa naye mkwasu waimvwa kunzuna ndeke. Si mazo mazo apa enze ku nymba ooh solee ku Morocco !

  4. @kci, dummy this is not about opposition politics, Zambian people are in misery and anguish and you fools in PF are expected to provide leadership and that Lungu needs to sit down for once and deal with pressing issues at home.
    That Lungu is attending every possible meeting outside of Zambia and never addresses press conferences to explain the status of the nation and what he’s doing to cushion the misery.
    Get some wisdom dummy! Damn it!

  5. No please Mr President- at least be sensitive. We are not stopping you- but just show abit of restraint. We love u but lets tighten belts together.

  6. This PF president is always raising a clenched fist to his party Members. But, where is the Zambian President who will be waving to all Zambians on his departures and arrivals?

    Does he expect the Opposition, Civic workers, and Civil servante to wave back using his party symbol or that their use their own?

  7. It would have been better if were still colonised directly by the GREAT BRITAIN. The economy would be better and maybe we were not going to have clueless people as our leaders

  8. The fund is not lying idle, it only be used for tangible projects. Kuwait and the Arab countries are partners in sectors such as finance, renewable energy, science and technology etc. Therefore the North of Africa has taken advantage of this. We are talking road projects when others are mitigating their power crisis with a $9bn solar project.

  9. Lazy Lungu has gone to negotiate for K1 petrol….really laughable…its funny that an Emirates flight from Dubai to Zambia (LUN) detours to Harare soley for the purpose of refuelling. Jet fuel in Zambia must be a joke

  10. Kakulu Munshila! We should have inserted a clause on how many trips a president can take in a month within the new constitution. Starting from Chiluba, with only Levy as an exception, these people called Zambian presidents are just forever living in the air. Sooner of later one of them will die in the air. Is it that maybe Bo Mundia’s ghost is still haunting State House, could be because Lungu was heard telling people in New York that “Musiyaleni foo maLozi”.

  11. Beging and borrowing is all lungu and PF know. Now borrowing is exhausted they only option is to beg , beg and beg unashamedly.

  12. They look for meetings on the internet and then go to gate crash. The same nonsense that we witnessed from another opportunist farmer ‘Rupiah Banda’. As far as I’m concerned Zambia has no sitting president currently. I can’t see any iota of leadership in ECL.

  13. Atase ati reduced salary by 50%, but flying every week. Ngatawileko do you think they will cancel the meeting. And what will my grannie in shangombo benefit from this meeting. Muzinvelako nsoni.

  14. The people of North Western Province have been Marginalized for a long time and ought to be heard for once. In the seventies and eighties Mushala hinted at what normally happens when quiet people are taken advantage of. It is not that they are stupid but that they are deep thinkers. Hear them for once and reach out to them by developing the area with a fair percentage of what is coming out of their soil. It will not go well for those that are eating on the heads of these humble people If they cry to their God who has never failed to answer them when they have done so and things may not quite be pleasant. They are not the arguing type but their action could be precise.

  15. Lungu can’t believe he is president especially since he is being doubted at home. So he has resorted to going abroad to see whether they recognise him as president there. He also has a strategy to lock up any journalist who repeat or relay the doubts.

  16. They look for meetings on the internet and then go to gate crash. The same nonsense that we witnessed from another opportunist farmer ‘Rupiah Banda’. As far as I’m concerned Zambia has no sitting president currently. I can’t see any iota of leadership in ECL. Chansoni sana!

  17. Wait ,wait so Lungu attends a begging summit in Malabo but he couldn’t attend the Japan-Africa business summit in Nairobi,Kenya?

    Thats tells you why in Zambia we’re poor and uncompetitive in the world.

    • Arabs have no respect for black people! Every Zambia must know this and start treating them the same way………………………

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