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President Lungu confers with UAE, South Sudan leaders


President Edgar Lungu stressing a point
President Edgar Lungu stressing a point

President Edgar Lungu has held talks with the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea on issues of security concerning that country .

The President also met with the head of delegation from the United Arab Emirate (UAE) and discussed issues of trade and investment.

Special assistant to the president for press and public relations Amos Chanda said that president Lungu assured the South Sudanese leader of Zambia’s unflinching support towards peace building in that country.

Mr Chanda said President Lungu wants violence to end in South Sudan and that Zambia supports efforts of leaders of Kenya and Ethiopia who have taken a tough stance against those instigating violence in that country.

Mr Chanda said Zambia will be raising the issue of South Sudan at the next African Union summit.

And Mr Chanda said President Lungu in his bilateral talks with the delegation from the United Arab Emirates discussed trade and investment cooperation.

President Lungu discussed wide ranging issues aimed at deepening trade and investment cooperation with UAE.

Mr Chanda said the delegation from the United Arab Emirate that was led by Dr Thani Ahmed Azeyoudi , minister of climate change and environment in the UAE, expressed interest in Zambia’s agricultural produce.

President Lungu and the UAE delegation also discussed issues of opening embassies in both countries to help deepen development cooperation.

He said a UAE delegation will visit Zambia to actualise what had been discussed during the talks.

President Lungu who arrived in Malabo yesterday will today attend the Africa Arab summit that has attracted leaders from the Arab world and African continent.


  1. Visionless Lungu should just come back home to deal with the economic crisis & load shedding tears he created.
    Two days ago, blind Lungu was in the same Arabic roofing, instead of wasting billions of dollars which is now over $3million transporting his cadres around the world & dancing to dununa backwardness unfortunately.
    Visionless as he is, Lungu & PF need to be disbanded for their illegality & incompetence.
    The Skeleton Key
    When will blind Lungu hand over power to the speaker so that the presidential petition is heard to the full wrath of the law?

    • Arab countries are the most racist countries i have ever seen by far!! It is completely accepted to call a black person ‘abd’ meaning slave.

      Thats why Zambians who work for Arabs are insulted, beaten, spat on and treated like dirt in their own country. Arabs should learn to fold their tails in Africa!
      As for me Arabs are the same as useless pile of dog shiit

    • @1 Skeleton
      You are too negative. Please respect those other Zambians who see him as their president. it’s a democracy.

    • What do Zambians expect from Lungu a muslim pretending to be a christian.

      Next you see mosques being built in every street as a condition for getting grants from Arab countries.

      Bola yakosa, even the Chinese Xiping has told Zambia to first to pay back what they owe before getting more Chinese loans.

      IMF is saying Lungu should hand over power to legitimate winner before it give Zambia a bailout.

      Chagwa has totally run out of ideas, he must step down.

  2. This is a useless trip, the only beneficiary is Lungu and his entourage.
    You can’t run around trying to be a champion of other people’s problems when you are falling to resolve your own.
    The trip was a money making opportunity for Lungu.

  3. Ati lungu wants peace is south Sudan..he couldn’t get any meaningfull economic meetings and they just put together usless meetings for cameras……lungu have you seen any other head of state there where you are.?

  4. Zambia is a member of the AU security council there are obligations that have to be fulfilled in the quest for international peace and security in the international system. Research before making a comment

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