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Margaret Mwanakatwe loses her seat

Headlines Margaret Mwanakatwe loses her seat

Mrs Mwanakatwe
Mrs Mwanakatwe

THE Lusaka High Court has nullified the parliamentary election of Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Margaret Mwanakatwe as PF’s Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central Constituency in Lusaka Province.

This is in a matter in which losing UPND Lusaka Central Parliamentary Candidate Charlotte Scott had petitioned the election of Mrs Mwanakatwe and the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Lusaka High Court Judge Mwiinde Siavwapa ruled this morning that Margaret Mwanakatwe was not validly elected as Member of Parliament for the Lusaka Central Constituency on PF ticket.

The Lusaka High Court nullified the election victory of PF’s Margaret Mwanakatwe due to widespread violence and racist remarks.

Judge Mwiinde Siavwapa said the racial remarks against UPND candidate Charlotte Scott were used for political reasons.

“In no way does it mean first respondent is a racist but I believe remarks were used for political reasons. On racial remarks it is clear that the target of remarks was the petitioner and has been proved,” Judge Siavwapa said in his judgement.

He said on allegations that Zambia Police breached the Electoral Process Act, Judge Siavwapa said allegation stands proved even though no evidence of reports made to police but that he will accept the Petitioner’s credibility on actions of police.

He however dismissed allegation of campaigning on polling day at Lusaka City Council Library as the culprits were not identified and has not been proved.

“There is no way those supporters could have been UPND and must have been PF which the first respondent admitted to when she said they must have been PF but not directed by me in her cross examination,” the judgement read.

Justice Siavwapa said the allegation of violence by Mrs Mwanakatwe’s supporters in town center.

“On boreholes, given the facts that the dates boreholes were sunk was within the campaign period and she took advantage of this to endear herself to voters. Even if the letter requesting for boreholes was done two months before campaign period, it did not change the fact that she had them sunk during campaign period. Allegation proved.”

“On cash donation to church. There is no dispute on this. And the video evidence shows she gave money. The only issues is when it was done. Donation was made as a way of inducing voters as was made two days before campaign period.”

Judge Siavwapa said on use of government resources, Mrs Mwanakatwe admitted that she used the government pool vehicle with a flag and she introduced herself as Minister on Race to Manda Hill Program which was a campaign activity meaning she had greater leverage and thus allegation proved.

“On buying of Chitenges the fact that she bought Chitenges in full view of the congregants it was meant to induce and not for purposes of philanthropy. The allegation was proved.

“In conclusion the 1st respondent was not validly elected. I declare election void,” the judgement read.

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  1. Uko.
    But ConCourt is wako ni wako, so she may win on appeal, unfortunately. I have no confidence in the kangaroo Concourt

    • @Shooters and Saulosi, the name of the judge is immaterial. You have to comment based on the evidence that was produced in court as this is the basis of the judgement. I only wonder why Lubinda was spared. His campaigns were loaded with vote buying, use of state resources, beating polling agents.

    • The ones rushing to mention the Judge’s tribe (saulosi) without actually arguing based on the reasons the judge has raised are simply stup!d.

    • The judge is very subjective.
      There is no electoral law that bars any candidate from giving money to the church during elections.

      There is no way that you could say that giving money to church should be stopped during campaign.

      Regarding boreholes I think that it is neither here nor there. Those are developmental issues that are meant to benefit the community beyond the election.

      For racial remarks this is common and daily trend even in America, even in the past elections. Race and racism was one of the strengths of Trump.

      While I understand that racism is bad and is an offence, how it became an electoral malpractice remains to be understood.

      It is like stealing a goat, which is an offence, but to say a candidate won because they stole a goad during campaign is new…

    • Great judgement. Let her appeal if she wants. These judgements coming from the high court are also a good lesson to the police.

    • #Peace for Zambia, remember lucky Mulusa lost Solwezi seat to a PF petitioner on grounds of a church donation. Supreme court upheld this judgement.

    • For as long as a white car uses black tires, and when washing your clothes you choose to wash your white clothes first before black ones instead of washing them together, RACISM will never end….. lets fight racism by washing both white and black clothes together and by using white tires to a white car and together we can do it

    • Backed by evidence as well ..good…next case please. No wonder the want to changed the constitution as no contesting again!!

    • Judge is RIGHT Mwanakawe bribed voters and bought VOTES in so doing. This is corruption in CLEAR VIEW those supportting Margerate are breaking the LAW OF ZAMBIA – IT IS CORRUPT TO PAY PEOPLE whether in church or roadside to vote for you; fellow Zambians MUST STOP OR THE COUNTRY IS DOOMED

    • Mere balancing act!

      One shrub(Margret Mwanakatwe) down from RB Family Bush as one tree(Nkandu Luo) was felled from Sata Family Forest (1-1=0).

      But as these are engineered judgments one(Margret) will bounce back thru Con-Court overrule of High Court while the other will completely exit thru Con-Court confirmation of High Court judgement.

    • This is embarrassing.

      More importantly how about Lungu as evidence is quiet insurmountable.

      Whilst we are at it, how about going through all the MP’s then?

      Ofcourse she will appeal, with the money she had made in this present government. The loser? You and I!



      I am no fun of the Mwanakatwes but I feel Lusaka High Court Judge Mwiinde Siavwapa needs to be investigated. HH is being aided by his tribesmate mark my words. He is playing payback time.
      Iwe ECL come back to earth first, and second to Zambia and rule this morally broken down nation. Come back to reality and smell the coffee. Your staple food is being smuggled again as you vasco dagama all over Africa. Guess what, your cabinet is being chewed away. 3 cabinet ministers gone within 3 months after the elections. The Devil is using its agent who has managed to recruit subAgents in the…

    • All that is remaining now is Lungu. Once the truth comes out and brave judge makes brings it out then Zambia will have a credible judiciary even if the outcome is in favour of Lungu

    • The big Fish was already EATEN, being accepting to inaugurate the president who lost the election. These are just stunts to show Zambians as if the justice system is independent. Nullify the Presidency if you truly serious. I am sure with Kambwili kicked out, we will have alot to come out.

    • Well done, She is a racist who does not need to go near the corridors of power, After being educated in musugu country she comes home and tells off someone just because of their skin colour, No room for such in the 21st century.

    • This how you pass judgement…not those stooges in the Concourt. Meanwhile Lazy Lungu is fast alsleep nursing a hangover in Guinea…trying to raise more money from dictators so he can grease the judges.
      If you stood against a former minister please petition!!

    • The judge was also economical with the truth. Apart from pre electoral malpractices, vote count tempering is what was ubiquitous in the just ended elections. The fact that Con Court and the high court refused to have custody of votes makes it impossible to recount the votes again to prove this actually happened.

      The truth is most PF candidates including Kambwili did not win the just ended elections but robbed votes by changing the figures and forcing electoral officers to endorse the illegality. Principled UPND electoral monitors who refused to endorse figure tempering were bundled up and arrested on trumped up charges. In most PF constituencies they adjusted figures in favour PF candidate and Lungu to inflate the number of votes Lungu by.

      Up to now there over 2000 UPND…

    • Up to now there over 2000 UPND political prisoners still languishing in jail for refusing to endorse vote numbers tempering.

      IMF and other major donors are watching very closely before they can give Lungu’s PF any debt relief and loan concessions.

      Chagwa must fall at all cost.

    • A Donation made TWO days before the Campaign Period can stand as evidence of wooing voters!!!Come on Judge.Anything done outside a Campaign period should automatically be excluded.PF should appeal this Judgement.
      Another thing is that apart from Parliamentary Elections,we also had Presidential and Local Government Elections.The mere fact that PF cadres were involved in violence did not mean that they were Maggret’s agents.

    • @Julius
      You do not see anything wrong with that…this is what is wrong with society today. This is the caliber of PF cadres mere empty tins

    • Former UPND Justice minister Lubinda might have a hand in these judgements, why are they only pruning future PF presidents?
      Losing Luo & Margaret is same as closing ministry of gender.

  2. Bola yakosa manje ma fela! Just stop campaigning like you are in the dark ages without mobile technology and recorders. YABA!

  3. This is what i love about the TRUTH, IT FIGHTS FOR IT SELF WHEN THE TIME IS . That was a very short time of GLORY. Who would have thought…. This must be painful..Congratulations to the winner…


  5. This is getting very exciting, the thieving rats are being smoked out of the grannery one by one. This is what those stooges who call themselves Concourt judges should have done. At least these judges are bringing some credibility to the judiciary

  6. Very good judgement in fighting electoral corruption & fraud which rob Zambia credible leaders although in my view the petitioner is far much away from such leaders. Everything else can wait until after campaign period except for developmental community projects like boreholes should the nation come to a stand still? The courts should really determine each case on its merits otherwise the nation will forego development at the expense of cry babies (losing candidates). Just like allegation of campaigning on polling day at Lusaka City Council Library, violence by Mrs Mwanakatwe’s supporters in town center is difficult to prove considering that UPND Launched “OPERATION WATERMELON” and both PF and UPND are violent.

    • @True Zambian your observations are spot on except to a biased mind. Both parties were violent so how do you quantify the amount which each part dished out?

  7. Kambwili called the loser “namazai ” which more derogatory than calling a white person a white person. So HH must be summoned for calling Guy Scott muzungu opusa? Funny reasons unless these judges are only hoodwinking the Upnd knowing well the judgment will be reversed by a higher court.

    • Mwanakwatwe didn’t call Charlotte a white no. She used “foreigner” and proudly said “….Zambians should not vote for a foreigner, Zambians should vote for me pantu umutoto wandi waliba mu UTH”.

    • WHY IS CHARLOTTE ALL OF A SUDDEN A FOREIGNER? Chiluba was from Zaire (a foreigner) KK is FROM MALAWI AND HE RULED ZAMBIA (Foreigner). Proud Zambians do not have a national language but use English instead. The whole of East Africa uses Swahili – a symbol of PRIDE…! WAKE UP ZAMBIANS – YOU do not know what you want – HATE or UNITY?


    • Do you know what “Namazai ” means iwe? It’s toilet cleaner which you cannot equate to being called a “foreigner ” when you’re actually a foreigner.

    • Ba Ndanje fimofimo, Kambwili is not UPND, but PF. So do you want his election to be nalified? Go ahead and petition and we will be happy for you..For HH calling Guy Scott muzungu opusa, it did not help him to win an election, did it?

  8. She looks to be very old just five months after elections, she used to look young and sex during the campaign period maybe she has reached her menopause, no more salary no more pad’s now.

  9. This tribal UPND judge is useless. Don’t even appeal, lets just go for fresh elections and then this under 5 party will know that Zambians cannot be taken for granted.

    • when the whites mistreat u coz being black u cry of Racism yet u worst ,stinkingTribalist in Africa.

      Continue exposing yr idiocity while we bring sanity in our political sys.

      Fair judgement Mr Mwiinde, man of Integrity not Corrupt,hopeless ConCourt bench.

    • The judge who nalified Luo’s election was also tonga, right? Kikikiki. You have a short memory like one of a cat ( I will not say a dog because you will say I have insulted you, but cat is good..kikkki). Go and check the name of that judge on Luo’s story. It’s still there on LT.

      Now show yourself some intelligence and dispute any of the evidence that the judge has outlined to base his conclusion.

    • Bulu i am with you. Judge Zulu upheld the win by a UPND candidate in Sinazongwe (Siamunene petition). So its true the tribe is neither here nor there. The Judge has clearly highlighted the points that formed his basis for the ruling. He clearly isolated those that had no merit. So its a case well presented by Charlotte although I can never support UPND as a party.


    • Now you know that the market that burnt that EL and mwanakatwe visited could have been the job of the PF for publicity, after all their election malpractice…

  11. I am not worried about her loosing her seat, my only worry for now is that corporal punishment at Matero boys is too much. Pupils are literally butchered by Senior members of staff every day in this age and era. Please Ministry of Education, move in and investigate this

    • Matero Boys, maybe bana nkala weak. If the kids are not in line with why they go to school, some mode of punishment is necessary. But butchering? Get evidence and repost.

    • Meckson, you must give full information by disclosing what the pupils who were punished did. I’m totally against the misguided belief that modernization must entail parents and teachers just standing by as our children get spoiled by the day. My wife and I have often talked about this and stand very ready to sign a consent form authorizing teachers to punish our children should they be found in breach of school rules. I have a suggestion to you Sir/Madam, take your children to a school where all things go and let’s see what will become of them!

  12. Like the saying goes give a thief enough rope to hang himself. These pricks amaze me they thought it would end there there slogan is now working against them everything is being reversed who’s next

  13. Am happy that there are Judges who clearly understood the dununa reverse song and are doing just that in a just and fair way. You can’t have crooks pretending to have won elections when the playing field was uneven.

  14. Again, well done Judge Siavwapa. The day will soon dawn when our country will regain respect and systems will function correctly. We have too many people expected to behave appropriately being misled and believing that once in power, you never get out. Corruption, tribalism, racism and greed is are major problems for our country. I know Margaret, having been a contemporary at university. I am disappointed with her actions and gland that Judge Siavwapa has the courage to identify the issues at hand and deal with them according to the law. This is justice and the reason courts are there!

  15. Fellow party members this is another victory for us it is a pity that others thought MP seats are not that important but we knew better. Now can she please pay back the money owed to CEEC and also all the money she stole when she was illegally holding on to her ministerial position….2021 Zambia Forward UpnD under new leadership…

    • I hate people who always see tribe in what any individual does. Mwanakatwe is tonga an if that was the case of tribalisim the judge would have spared him. Zambia will always lug behind becoz of tribal fo0ls who see tribe in individuals

    • Iwe buck Teeth imbwa yapa komboni, anyone can be a tr!balist. It’s not just bembas. Go and resurrect your bemba mother of a wh0re to come and apologise for abandoning you when you were just nursing. St#pid bigot

    • The problem in PF is that there are a lot of people who have not gone far with education….kabovas are too many that’s why when an intelligent person like Mutati joins them he is not welcomed with both hands. bututu

  16. Mulenga Sata should appeal against this ruling to the Supreme Court. Whichever constituencies had PF ministers as MPs where these MPs have been re-elected should be nullified. They accumulated undue advantage during the campaign period. You do not need to adduce evidence. It is in public dormain.

    • It is in the public domain but you still have to argue it. You cannot expect the judge to argue your case for you. Mulenga Sata was sloppy in presenting his case. Same as those two petitioners in Eastern Province who did not even bother to turn up at court. It was like they were paid by PF to sabotage their cases.

  17. PF ARE DIVIDING KILLING AND DESTROYING THE NATION…. we go to court atil mu Tonga ulya Judge…! you keep quiet ati UNDER – 5. Nishi kanshi? Yaba…!
    To date I have heard of NO single PF member who has rejected hospital treatment from our LUNDA, CHOKWE, TONGA, LENJE, SOLI, ILA, LOZI, LUVALE, KAONDE, AND MAMBWE medical doctors….ZERO.
    None – so what is this HATRED all about? Just hating people for the fun of it?

  18. Put yourself as a blackman standing for a position as an MP in UK? specially if you were not born from there! What would be the outcome?

  19. Where is the brouhaha that characterized the declaration of Mag-late Mwanakahead as the duly elected MP for Lsk central the 11th August polls?

  20. It’s very easy to prove a petition case against any PF winner. The guys were openly impunitive and you all saw the unprecedented level of criminality. It’s why the concord did not want to hear the case. That level criminality should be the last our eyes should be allowed to see.

    • Musona, sounds originally Zimbabwean or those Rhodesians whose fore fathers came to Zambia long ago. It is very common surname in Zim. They even have a Lethal International football striker called Knowledge Musona. He used to play for Chiefs in SA. But is now a professional in Europe. Anyway, tribe has nothing to do with the merits of any case or we would murderers and criminals choosing a Judge from a particular tribe. Those questioning the tribe of judge, should go into a Zoo & stay there forever. You have no place among a civilized society.

  21. bane unless if u are lucking a bit of law its when u can talk of tribe .looking at the facts even a blind person can tell who is at fault.

  22. We need to give President Edgar Lungu some credit for courts to be free to rule against the sitting government. Its the first time in Zambia a judge would be free to do so. Those who hate President Lungu atleast you have seen that he is not interfering with justice. Therefore the same way we are accepting these rulings that’s the same way we should accept all court rulings. We can’t be choosing what to accept from the same court. So Munali and Lusaka central have bye elections. We are back to campaign noise just within less than a year. Anyway elections are part of democracy.

  23. “On racial remarks it is clear that the target of remarks was the petitioner and has been proved,” Judge Siavwapa said in his judgement.”
    beside the many issues, Hon Mwanakatwe also used racial remarks against her opponent, racist’s should have no room in a democratic parliament. Racism against a black man is just as bad as racism against a white man.

  24. Imagine you are a brilliant grade 12 student and you just got 6 points in your mock exam but you still enter your final exam with leakage and again manage to get 6 points. What would the law say. lets learn something from these judgments.

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  26. This is only a lesson to the rulling party not to abuse resources to induce people to vote for them during electoral campaigns. In 2011, it was the same circus of loosing seats with MMD members of parliament, this time it is PF. The problem is that Zambians think the judges are bought whenever they rule in favour of the ruling party, and not otherwise. The judges, I believe, always do side with the party that shows empirical evidence, not mare assumptions. There is nothing about MMD, UPND or PF here; they are not partisan.

  27. It has nothing to do with names of Judges. Let Judges do their work professionally, it is Lungu who has hijacked ECZ,Police, Judiciary, Media, Defence etc instead of leaving the Departments to Operate independently.

  28. For me i care less about PF coz am bitter with my party for embracing MMD and getting lead of bena CK. No sympathy for the MMD/PF party and come election time i wont vote for PF again. Finito

  29. In America the Alt – Right group is advocating for deportation of people of color including the negroes who are more American than some white and here you’re protecting a lame white foreigner.

    • Yes I am one of them. I’ve lived with whites since I was 13 years and my two sisters are married into white families. For all this time the white man still treats me like am an outsider. The only time a white man gets “closer ” to is when there’s some benefit such as business or to study you as anthropology item for his research.

    • People like you, like all PFascists, start with marginal groups to test resistance and ultimately go for everybody. Bigots like you should not be tolerated. White people have the right to be in Zambia and participate in public affairs line all other citizens. Zambia is not for Bembas alone.

    • Buck Teeth, just for your information, I am not Bemba, I both Luunda from Luapula and Lunda from Mwinilunga. your insinuation that Zambia is not for bembas just exposes your tribalism. Am sure if it was a Upnd MP accused of calling this white thing a foreigner you’re going to defend and justify it just like you supported HH when he used derogatory remarks against the same Scott you’re glorifying.

  30. Zambia’s petty politics, under-five politicians, can a country develop like that!
    Hero worshipping Presidents of tuma political parties, instead of a cause. Zambia is not a monarch looking at a ka King. We’re a democracy.

  31. Why i themost prominent thing on Mwanakatwe’s face the nose! Had she been n nimal, se would have been the World’s Ugliest Animal? Proboscis Monkey!!!

  32. The presidential election comes into question. It was stolen as evidence is piling up. The ECZ is now a discredited, unprofessional and very stup!d organisation which should be disbanded. This just cannot be simple arithmetic miscalculations, it points to massive fraud.

    • True that. There are some bloggers on L.T who pretend to be very educated and more able than others to analyse issues yet when you look deeper, their language leaves much to be desired. You wonder what kind of people they are in society and whether they have children who need a better world than the one they are living in right now. What a shame.

  33. If a judge can nullify electoral results based on this evidence given then the majority of MPs in parliament should be nullified for ‘vote buying’ or ‘inducing voters’. Who didn’t give out cash money during campaigns?

    • Just because everyone did it doesn’t make it right! Yes nullify those elections to the extent that ‘victors’ rode to Parly on corruption and theft!

  34. Sorry, am late because of Maamba road blocks. Maamba traffick police claims that they are exempted from stopping holding road blocks. This is not a secret ask any Maamba motorist.
    Morning road blocks are still there.
    May the courts nullify all pf mp seats.

  35. Don’t be fooled, these nullifications are supported by president Lungu in order to get rid of some PF members. He appointed them ministers to make them feel appreciated but now he feels this is the right time to release them. Think two steps ahead

  36. Just wait and see,ECL is simply getting rid of members he considers unloyal to him and his style of leadership.Ever asked yourselves how Lubinda & GBM’s cases were dealt with?Too many inconsistencies…..looks like someone is simply trying to get rid of them and using the petitions to fire them indirectly and then replace them with his preferred candidates.This is high level chess people. UPND have nothing to celebrate about in my opinion….but let them get some confidence in the judicial system.ECL is soon going to get rid of her husband at Zamtel……watch the space.I’ve always said,ECL is smarter than he looks!!

  37. What violence was committed in Lusaka that can be compared to the violence in Southern Province where people from other regions were being gagged and intimidated left right and centre. Not to forget the FDD Namwala candidate who had her arm broken by UPND cadres at the instigation of Moono Lubhezi. It is clear there are judges out there being bribed by UPND and trying to embarrass the executive. Just wait until these useless and politically inclined judges who blame ECZ and yet nullify somebody’s election are exposed and flushed out.

    • Wait for the Namwala petition judgement then you can argue up your case.For now its prejudices the case as its in court awaiting judgement. You might cited for contempt.


  39. Tonga judges are crushing PF like no man’s business. They have started with the tail so as to weaken the head. Continue keeping your enemies(Tongas with their hidden tribal cuisins) in key positions. They leak the infor in PF, you will think they are with you and yet their legs are in two camps. I feel sorry for PF!

    • Its not Tonga judges. The real PF members are not happy and therefore not defending cases properly. You mean you don’t know that their party lawyer is KBF who worked tirelessly to rig the elections in favour of ECL but has not been given any position in government..Kambwili who used tribalism like yourself to woo voters for PF has also been kicked out and you think they are happy. They want to fix ECL by not defending cases well…please research before you accuse the ugly animal called TRIBALSIM

  40. There are PS’s and Directors who were campaigning and funding the opposition and Lungu is still keeping them.Its disgusting to real PF members who even risked their lives.2021 is near………

  41. Lungu should have concentrated on empowering people who are loyal and genuine PF members together with team RB because things move well when they work together. The most unfortunate thing is that he is shooting himself in the foot by keeping the people from Northwestern, southern and western provinces who naturally will never cast a vote for him. Yes indeed, it is very painful to see people who are serious like CK and many more genuine PF members being targeted and expelled from the party. We have those PF whatsap groups full of the Tongas with their tribal cuisins who are causing divisions and selling all PF informations to their HH. when you dig dipper, you will find that their legs are in two camps and their aim is to weaken PF forgetting that there is 2021 elections coming.
    PF should…

  42. very very strange happenings in zambia today. But its like the courts are playing tag of war, obviously the outcome at con court for all appeals will be surprising, any which way, lets wait and see!

  43. very very strange happenings in zambia today. But its like the courts are playing tag of war, obviously the outcome at con court for all appeals will be surprising, any which way, lets wait and see!

  44. President Lungu playing all like a game of Chess. When the start nullifying UPND seats, do not cry. Sata’s forest being cleared like chitemene kikiki. It is long over due, Mwanakatwe is useless as a commerce minister.

    Really pleased with this judge, which is a rarity in a nation full of Belly politicians, & Citizens.
    I am against all forns of Racism, Tribalism etc, whether perpetuated by Trump, his white supremacist supporters, or Mwanakatwe’s now “proven” racist traits/ ideas.
    We cannot be hypocritical ranting about racist attitudes against us people of colour in White nations, then turn a blind eye to this cancer in our own societies/ communities.

    • apart from the last sentence i agree with you 100 %. why didn’t the president pick judges from the high court to constitute the corncourt? they appear more competent than the the current court judges. Regardless of the party whose seat has been nalified or upheld, am impressed with the High court judges at least we have judge are are not only independent but are also seen to be independent.

  46. Even if Mwanakatwe’s seat has been nullified, Mrs Scott will still loose in another coming round. We don’t just want her in Lusaka Central. She’s just a looser.

  47. The judge needs to be educated on procurement procedures.

    He believes boreholes can be ordered and sunk with a day.

    He does not want to be aware that procedure for certain pitches does take quite some time.

    These are the cases the are relatively easy to challenge. Taken at a higher level, the judgement could collapse.

    The judge may not be able to prove that the delay was deliberate and not a natural process.

    Looks like the judgement was quick and pretty fried and quick, giving an impression it was pre-determined and all the judge was looking for was date-stamp, which he found in the said evidence.

  48. its like these rulings are also tribal and partisan. Take a look at the judges names and who they favor. Technically the nation is in division. We need JESUS!

  49. Edger should dissolve the entire parliament until further notice. We are running dangerously. If this drama gets to the grass root people will start to kill each other based on ethnic grouping and political affiliation.

  50. PF’s Kelvin Mutale Sampa has retained his Kasama seat while UPND has lost Ithezi tezhi seat.but am pretty sure that once by elections come,PF will retain Lusaka Central and Munali while upnd shall equally retain their ithezhi tezhi seat.so it will be waste of money.therefore,supreme court judges must reverse these useless judgements!!ITS IN BLACK AND WHITE THAT MAJORITY VOTERS IN ITHEZI THEZI CANNOT VOTE FOR PF,SAME HERE IN LSK URBAN PF STILL DOMINATES.forget about our bad economy because it has been like this since 2014.if majority voters were voting based on economic issues,PF could have lost in 2015 or 2016.but in Zambia today its like in America,where if you are upnd then you vote for upnd no matter what.if you are PF,you vote for PF for better, for worse-mark my words!!

  51. This judgement is a bowl of contradictions. It will not stand in the next court. Its like if the Judge was Prof Muna Ndulo, what judgement would you expect for Hon Mwanakatwe.

    • Me tool – a very rational, sober and truly seasoned judge. This is the type of competent judges unlike Palan.io Mulonda; Munge.io Mulenga and Ann.io Mwewa at Concourt! It is like the difference between Day and Night!

  52. Judges are irrational in their decisions because nobody expects that the things they are alleging would be completely absent from an election. All elections could therefore be void Very sad because we will be losing resources in by elections.

  53. “He said on allegations that Zambia Police breached the Electoral Process Act, Judge Siavwapa said allegation stands proved even though no evidence of reports made to police but that he will accept the Petitioner’s credibility on actions of police” Is it possible in law to prove an allegation without evidence and based solely on one’s credibility? Others are crying tribalism but this has some traces of racism. I stand to be corrected on how you measure credibility, is it related to race? Have white people in Black Africa automatically have more credibility?

  54. point of correction. those who think this is a PF lose are wrong. This is an MMD (RB faction) lose. Its time pf adopted a pf supporter. do not allow them to impose another stranger on u. when did this lady become pf? these are Kanitundila’s people. These are some of the reasons many of us who supported Sata no longer support pf in its current form. people who worked for the party have been thrown in the bin. MMD’s numbers are slowly but surely increasing by the day and pf is being swallowed from the head. they are the ones calling the shorts

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Government cautions media against being sensational on Gassing and Mob Justice

Government has cautioned the media against being sensational in reporting on issues relating to the ongoing gassing and mob justice activities that have terrorized...

ECZ expresses concern at the behaviour of the political parties during the just ended By-Elections

    The Electoral Commission of Zambia, ECZ, has expressed concern at the behaviour of the political parties during the just ended campaigns, where leaders and...

2 White Rhinos killed in Mosi Oa Tunya National Park in Livingstone

The Ministry of Tourism and Arts has announced the death of two rhinos that were hit by a truck along the Livingstone-Kazungula road in...

Kalusha Bwalya will not be on the Ballot for FAZ Elections as successful candidates are unveiled

Following the completion of the Appeals Committee hearings as part of the run up to the March 28 elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) the...

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