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UPND loses Itezhi -tezhi seat

Headlines UPND loses Itezhi -tezhi seat

High Court

The Lusaka High Court has nullified the parliamentary election of United Party for National Development (UPND) winner Herbert Shabula as Member of Parliament for Itezhi-Tezhi Constituency in Central Province.

This is in a matter in which losing Patriotic Front (PF) candidate in the Itezhi-Tezhi parliamentary elections Greyford Monde had petitioned his seat in the Lusaka High Court on grounds that the opposition Mr. Herbert Shabula employed rigging schemes in the just ended elections.

Lusaka High Court Judge Pixie Kasonde Yangailo declared the parliamentary election of Itezhi-Tezhi Constituency, null and void.

Justice Yangailo cited extensive acts of violence perpetrated by Shabula and his supporters against the supporters of Monde.

Meanwhile the Lusaka High Court has upheld the election of PF’s Kelvin Sampa as duly elected Kasama Central Member of Parliament.

This is in a matter in which UPND Kasama constituency losing candidate Sibongile Mwamba had petitioned the election of Mr Sampa and the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Ms Mwamba had asked the Lusaka High Court to nullify the election of Sampa alleging malpractices and widespread violence.

But when the matter came up for Judgment today, Justice Susan Wenjelani stated that the petitioner failed to prove the allegations to warrant the nullification of the seat.


    • I hope the battle has not been transfered from the politicians to the judiciary.

      It will sad if the judiciary gets decided. Systems will become difficult to trust.

      These guys are supposed to be above board not what we saw from the Law Association of Zambia was planning to do during the cooked up presidential petition.

    • This nullification just affirms that Southern province was heavily rigged in the just ended elections and that HH lost terribly except for the rigging. Anyway what do you expect from hh and gbm. White collar thieves

    • All these nullification of results is total bull s.hit You don’t get this time-wasting nonsense from the people who taught you democracy. Their Electoral College will totally mess you up. Kindly amend the constitution to stop this mess. Over 70 constituency election results have been contested. Both PF and UPND were not clean in the end. All you losing chaps let the sleeping dogs lie.

    • UPND should feature different MPs or the loosing PFs, for example in ItedziTedzi they should adopt the UPND Moode who has been neglected by PF.

    • The comments by jay Jay and fellow tribalists like a buck teeth expose their pathetic DUNDUMWEZI mental illness.

    • Your reporting LTis amazingly fair UPND loses Itezhi tezhi,meanwhile mwanakatwe and nkandu luo lose Lusaka central and munali respectively.Following your good reporting shouldn’t it have read PF loses Lusaka central and munali or its part of dununa reverse.

    • Maggie Mwanakatwe’s Tracey attracted 150 comments, just a bit past Luo.
      But this Moonde’ premature will not even hit 50. In fact I have helped these PF a lot to comment this. Pay me you REVERSED pumbafus.

  1. It’s justice for Monde no doubt, but sometimes it’s good to use common sense. Shabula (UPND), polled 21,018 votes while Monde (PF) got 2,727. I don’t know what magic Monde will use to close that huge gap when a by-election is called. Anyone who stands on UPND in Itezhi tezhi will win. At times it’s better to let it go and accept. The same advice goes for Sibongile Mwamba in Kasama. There’s absolutely no way a UPND candidate can win in Kasama.

    • @ 4 The Chosen One

      I wonder how you look at things.

      So you think that judges nullify election in order to make the plaintiff win the resulting bye election?

      It never occurs to you that the judges’ focus, and judgement outcome, bases on the case at hand and it’s associated evidence?

      Oh no!! This is why debates on this media have often lost direction and meaning.

      Our reasoning and way of looking at matters is at such great variance from one person to another.

      The only thing we all have in common is that we all have the right to express ourselves.

    • @Peace for Zambia
      The ambiguity in my usage of the phrase “common sense” is probably why you have misunderstood me. Sorry for that. What I meant to say is that some petitioners (NOT Judges) should use common sense. I have rightly pointed out that it’s justice for Monde, and rightly so. He has every right to petition. However, if I were in his shoes (and in Sibongile Mwamba’s shoes), I wouldn’t waste my money and time petitioning. Itezhitezhi is a UPND stronghold, Monde stands no chance of winning a by-election there. In saying that, I am in no way condoning the use of violence or electoral malpractice. I just feel, petitioning (in this instance) is an exercise in futility.

    • Hahaha Ba peace for Zambia, now you are supporting the decision of the Judge. On Mwanakatwe’s story what did you say about the judge’s decision? You are really a joke!!!

    • And also now there’s no talk of the judge being tribal like in the Mwanakatwe case, eh? How disgusting!

  2. So in short the elections were not credible. How can the same elections have so many nullified seats? How many by-elections shall we keep wasting money on? The ECZ should be disbanded and fresh independent office bearers elected and not appointed by a single person who has vested interests.

    • Only a handful of seats have been nullified, Nalolo, Lusaka Central, Munali and Itezhitezhi. The truth is ALL candidate are involved in rampant electoral malpractices during the elections. If we are to follow the law to the letter, no single seat can be spared, every seat can be nullified. It’s just that some malpractices are difficult to prove in the Courts

  3. @The Chosen One:you are 100% right.there is no way PF can win in ithezi thezi.the same goes to upnd as nobody on UPND can win in Lusaka Central and Munali.these judges must be using common sense than coming up with poor judgements!!let those who lost appeal their cases so that supreme court can reverse these poor judgements!!!

    • How have starved and blacked-out shanty dwellers in Munali benefited from PF? Voting for PF looks really foooolish. Even those tribal strongholds that have had no power for a whole week. What did they gain by being disgraceful wakos?

    • The only reason PF cannot win in Itezhitezhi is because they have not shown any reason why a normal thinking person can vote for them,fortunately the all country is beginning to see this including those who were carried away on the tribal train.The rude awakening is most evedent here on kopala where people where cheated that the economy was ok,not broken and did not require fixing, are now missing the fixer.They have spoken with mukuba ward.Bambi bola nikosa mulandu wa bufi.

  4. I thought that people had learnt lessons from the 2011 General Elections in which so many seats were nullified but we are still a long way from winning the battle against electoral Mulpractices which rob the nation of quality and finest leaders to develop the country. For every election we only end up with corrupt and dubious winners being declared leaders. The constitution needs to be amended to ensure that culprits are sternly dealt with including a ban from contesting for two consecutive elections.

    • How can electoral malpractice rob the nation of quality leaders….really laughable…if they were quality as you claim would they be involved in this filth.

    • Not really, ALL politicians are corrupt, ALL politicians are involved in electoral malpractices. Those who survive nullifications do so because they’re not caught.

  5. Even before the day is over, I stated in the earlier post that UPND should not cry foul when their seats are nullified as well.

    Viva president Nawakwi.

  6. When lusaka central was nullified by judge mwiinde, some skunks had to connect his judgment to his tribe, itezhi itezhi a pixilated kasonde yangalilo makes ruling pfools can’t even look for her tribe in their tribal dictionary.

  7. The truth be told if PF and lungu did not abuse state funds and marchinary like ZAF, ZP and the army to campain for them PF would have been in the bust bins of history by now……even with the use of all GRZ wings they still had to rig and after all that spending $10 billion lungu maneges to steal less than 25, 000 votes to win !
    No wounder the truth is fighting to come out…..

  8. Seems that IMF money lungu needs comes with bitter pills to swallow for PF.

    Lungu reduced to looking for where to beg money. The oth

  9. The other day he was at climate change talks looks for carbon refunds from the west when cutting of trees under PF has increased 300 % now he is trying to look for money from arab ministers ?

    • This is the cost of voting for meaningless compound music we started with don’t kubeba and now dununa lets dance our selves to early graves.dununa eyee……..

  10. People, when an election is nullified on grounds of electoral malpractices, th run up automatically resumes th offc. Unless it’s ecZ failure 2 conduct election in a free n fair environmnt thats when all th previous candidates cn enter th race. So no mattr th margin Monde is assumed 2 hv bn duly elected, no by-election.

  11. Let us wait for Petauke central if it was petitioned, were Max Chongo the former Big Brother bandit almost killed an independent candidate Jay Jay,guns and pangas were confiscated by the police, where voter’s were being threatened that their houses will be burnt if they will not vote for a certain candidate in full view of state police.

    • Stupidily enough, the Independent withdrew the matter rom court. What do you expext? By the way, the police case is supposed to proceed.

    • I smell fishy dealings in EP. Two petitioners lost because they did not bother to turn up for court, including the one against that coloured Mwale who was Sports Minister before elections. Were the petitioners paid by PF to sabotage their own cases? I don’t see any nullifications in EP because of this funny undercurrent.

  12. Lungu has destroyed our once joyfull experiences of free democratic elections.

    Ever since lungu appeared on the scene this is all we are seeing…..divisions, violence, electoral fraud, tribal hatred and corruption.

  13. Kasama was full of violence and voter buying by PF. this so called Justice Susan Wenjelani is a real PF cadre.

  14. No doubt both parties were “dirty ”
    . Also tribal affiliation is determining the out come of these petitions

  15. PF is the party of by-elections ,winning seats and having super majority became their #1 priority .Its no wonder the economy is in gear five,mines closing and Kwacha in free fall.

  16. Zambezi I agree with u in part. your last part shud b ‘let the losing recontested so the voters can overturn the judgmnts

  17. @The Chosen one.
    I totally agree with you. in normal circumstances all elections can be nullified if we ignore the economic factors of holding by elections. I personally do not see any reasoning in nullifying an election between PF and UPND in southern provine in Northen province Western Province North western. It is a waste of Government resources.

  18. All PF serving ministers who were serving in the last term must be petitioned as they occupied the ministrial offices illegally and were drawing salaries illegally from the time parliament was dissolved. Even president Lungu must resign his post for misleading Zambians. ECL was himself a judge, legislature and executive… where on this planet earth? EcL can be pushed off his post by impeachment.

  19. UPND loses Itezhi tezhi while Given Lubinda won Kabwata, where is justice here?. The things that caused Margarate Mwanakatwe lose the petition are the same things that gave victory to the former PF MPs, so how can Lubinda, Kabwili and the lot be declared OK?!!! SHAME

  20. How much money has Mutati budgeted for the 80 by-elections? He knew how many seats were petioned before presenting budget. Most of the elections will be at the same time.

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