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Charlotte Scott celebrates nullification of Lusaka Central seat, wants the Courts to now hear the presidential petition

HeadlinesCharlotte Scott celebrates nullification of Lusaka Central seat, wants the Courts to...
Dr.Charlotte Scott-relaxing outside Lusaka High court on october 21st 2016 with her husband Guy Scott after she concluded her testimony in the election petition against PF's Margaret Mwanakatwe
Dr.Charlotte Scott-relaxing outside Lusaka High court on october 21st 2016 with her husband Guy Scott after she concluded her testimony in the election petition against PF’s Margaret Mwanakatwe

Dr Charlotte Scott says the decision by the Lusaka High Court to nullify the election of Margaret Mwanakatwe as Member of Parliament for Lusaka Central seat proves that the August elections were not free and fair.

In an interview, Dr Scott said the overturning of Mrs Mwanakatwe’s victory means that justice has been served.
She however stated that the plea of the UPND is to have the presidential petition heard.

Dr Scott said the evidence coming out of the nullified seats goes to confirm that the UPND was robbed of victory.

Mrs Mwanakatwe’s election victory has been nullified on grounds including corrupt acts, use of discriminatory language, misuse of Government resources and that Dr Scott was prevented from campaigning freely by the Police.

“I am delighted with the judgement, and very grateful to the brilliant legal team, the whole Lusaka Central team, the people of Lusaka Central, and to the party leadership,” she said.


    • Zambia my country I was born in which I am still a citizen is too much into politicking at the expense of development. From year 2006, my country has seen and experienced uncountable by-elections. My fellow citizens, like me all seem to be politically brainwashed. Politics is our main talk. cheap talk as nothing tangible is yielded except of course the pot bellies of some ministers and presidents. twachula twapenga because of our lazness. The country is just run by corrupt people and citizens have found this to be a norm. Sickness & poverty has become normal. I cry my country.

    • Charlotte: UPND has lost Iteshi teshi MP. Stop yapping. The campaign for presidential is different as the president is allowed to us the resources that have been sited in your petition. You cant use those reasons to annul the presidential election.

    • Charlotte put it nicely – a brilliant legal team. Don’t use bachakolwa monga Chagwa who cannot put a legal argument together and expect to win. A good lawyer can get you off a murder charge. Ask OJ Simpson.

    • @ Mushota I hasten to say she has comparative advantage too on integrity, defining of development and, would have brought about some level of sanity in parliament with regard to checks on fiscal responsibility and holding accountable fellow MP’s! For Margaret Mwanakatwe to use the race card she took advantage of the struggling uneducated masses in the constituency to sway votes in her favor! If Charlotte re-contests, though what Lungu assented to seems to say otherwise, I only hope the people are meanwhile getting enlightened by the day as to make a proper assessment on where to place their vote among the individuals that will vie for the seat! Indeed if Charlotte is celebrating she has every reason to and I congratulate her for getting the judgement in her favor and for being gracious…

    • @House Fly (Lunshi) , if you are such hard working, then take your family to clean up trash from Lusaka streets. Charlotte & Maureen had good plans for that city, they could go to any municipality in UK and get used free trucks and cleaning equipment.
      Iwe Lunshi, go fix that ka bridge in Kitwe….

    • you will be shocked. Insala yachilamo and if you think this is normal is because you are brainwashed. The president is busy traveling and getting allwances while you, you remain in poverty. maybe you are beneficially but to tell you insala yasuma ifwe. twapenga naba PF. medicines for HIV are also expired.

    • You are really what you are – a house fly. After your lamentations above and all you are talking is still politics. Go sit on some dumping outside…

    • That is okay, for as long as they are fair. That is the point you are missing.
      The question is not for Charlotte to win by all means, BUT to ensure elections are always done fairly.

  1. she will win the bye election by 100% fuel K13.70,meal meal K105,sugar k 35, electricity etc only an iddiot can vote for pf again

    • @dittod: PF know they lost but rigged the elections in Lusaka to claim a win. That’s why they want HH not to stand in 2021. HH will be like a hydrogen bomb against crooked, incompetent and thieving PF.

    • And she’ll reduce the prices? Don’t forget that her husband was vice president and also acting president, therefore he’s responsible for the mess we’re in. Lungu has just revealed the reality which Scott and Sata were trying to gloss over.

    • I am sure she is not talking about a fake August 2011 election petition. Why cannot PF cadres string a simple thought process or argument together? Are you high on Jemason like your boss? Dear airhead, it is 2016, not 2011.

    • Yup we all seem to be going nowhere ….. the captain of the Ship is very high and on the very Kegs of Beer he is transporting for sale 🙂

  2. @Tripoli:that has been upnd’s thinking since 2014!!majority voters in zambia do not vote for the opposition simply because of bad economy.our economy has been bad since 2014 so upnd could have won in 2015 or 2016 if we were voting based on high prices.in Zambia today its either one is PF or UPND then a few vote for either party.if a by election is held today,PF will 100% retain Lusaka Central and munali while upnd will equally win in ithezhi thezi and nalolo!!!we had by elections at ward level last week.out of 16 ward,PF won 11 while upnd 5.upnd got mukuba ward in kitwe because 3 PF candidates split votes among themselves.plus PF didnt campaign seriously as it was a ward by election.at MP level it will be a game for the giants!!in areas where majority voters are from the north and…

  3. In areas where majority voters are from the north and eastern such as munali and lusaka central,expect PF to win-mark my words!!

    • Interesting analysis but then why do you call Tongas and Lozis Tribalist? If a northerner and Easterner band together against other tribes its okay .If other tribes do the same it’s tribalism.
      “Chiwamila galu kuluma Mbuzi..noti Mbuzu kuluma Galu”

  4. I said it before and I’ll say it again. For presidential petition to be heard you need to change the constitution because it’s the constitution which give guidance on how to go about the petition. It says within 7days after Ecz announces the winner the petition can be lodged and only 14days is given to dispose OFF the same. To hear the petition this time is tantamount kubushilu. Ecz didn’t announce winner 21 days ago. So get it in your thick heads that Ecl has NO challenger.

  5. Thats when the courts have realised that ONE PARTY STATE is encouraging PF MPs to mess with the nation.Every country’s political phenomenon is shaped by the judicial system to benefit the citizens.

  6. Even when PF illegally won the presidential elections,the judiciary facilitated the winning thinking that LUNGU was the way to go,but to the contrary.Wait for the nullification of LUNGU if that would be possible.

    • Kwena mulalota batini. Such kind of dreaming will make you have wet dreams night in night out. Anyway, continue masturbating

  7. Zambia is the only country when a foreigner becomes a citizen because he / she has joined your party and reverts to foreigner once they switch camp.

  8. The High Court has done a good Job so far. It has sent an important message to all political parties in Zambia and their leadership. Those who do not campaign fairly will be disqualified. The High Court has not refused to hear any Petetion and neither have the Judges refused to pass judgment on account of time running out. That is justice. Concourt needs to learn from a lower Court how Petetions are handled. From the Petetions disposed off so far it clearly shows that ECZ did not manage the 2016 Elections properly. Without recording the Presidential Election Results on the Gen 12 forms and being signed by the authorised Election Agents how did ECZ tally the votes and announce the Winner of the Election? The Election Results in Lusaka Urban and CB were rigged both at the Presidential and…

  9. In Lusaka Central and Munali Constituencies ECL got 81000 votes. Without Gencon12 forms and signatures from authorised Election Agents these votes were cooked. If u remove 81000 votes from ECL’s total votes then u arrive at the Conclusion that ECL did not win the 2016 Presidential Elections at all and neither did he meet the 50%+ 1 vote threshold. No wonder the Presidential Petetion Is being blocked. The High Court has shamed Concourt becoz so far No Judge has refused to hear a Petetion with a lame excuse that time has run out. Concourt needs to learn from a lower Court on how Petetions are handled. The Concourt Petetion has to be heard without fail. If there are no fair domestic remedies to the Petetion then UPND has no choice but to refer the case to International Courts. We need…

  10. They should nullify Kasauta seat for Bweengwa where HH is coming from because a lot of votes for PF were stolen. We have evidence. The game have just begun. Upnd wait and see. you are the most corrupt.

  11. If a pf seat is nullified, the judiciary is fair and just and when the opposite happens, the judiciary is corrupt. What type of people are you? Which god do u pray to when upnd president is a satanist and doing o the the rituals to kill my president ecl. Ecl is is protected by God. Hh your god is dead.

  12. Henry hyena both PF and Upnd have strong holds and know one is disputing what was gotten in these strong holds for the two parties, but what happened in Lusaka was a total Dubai matrix. It took several days for election in Lusaka to complete being announcing the results. The concerned forms were also another contributing fact. The problem I have seen with hyenas is that they are never honest in their dealings. Ever stealing from a lion, one day the lion shall break your rotten teeth.

  13. Nothing tangible shall be done by this human just as her husband did nothing worth remembering. Hey Bauleni guys how do you remember this young man and his dud? Do you think its worthy to bring them back?

    • When guy scot was laundering sata from a kaponya to a presidential candidate bonse imwe bamambalas were blagging that e party ikwete musungu ba sata babombafye bwino.You now hate him because he has disowned you due to your lies and stealing.If guy came back to you,you will undress and celebrate for the next 5yrs,like you did when he won you elections in 2011.

  14. I want Charlotte to escort me to that horse and saddle eating place. Perhaps with her next to me they won’t serve the discrimination soup. Just saying.


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