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Singer, Songwriter and HIV/AIDS activist ,Just Slim , to release new single “Stay Positive”

Headlines Singer, Songwriter and HIV/AIDS activist ,Just Slim , to release new single...


Just Slim is set to release his new single “Stay positive” on 1st December . He had this to say about the song ;

“It encourages one to believe in them-self, stay positive through the ups and downs of life and to keep the faith until something materializes. It was inspired by my recent trip to Durban South Africa for the Keep the Promise concert and march where I got to meet Queen Latifah and Common, something I had never imagined would ever happen.”


Paul Banda (born June 17, 1989), aka Just Slim is a Zambian Singer, Songwriter, Music producer and disc jockey. Paul is an activist of positive living with HIV/AIDS and Ambassador to the Brothers for Life Campaign in Zambia.

In 2003, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and recovered after undergoing treatment. Barely a year later, he had a relapse, a development which prompted doctors to recommend that Paul, who was then in secondary school, take an HIV test. Having in mind that he never had any sexual relationship, he found the physician’s recommendation very puzzling. This gave his mother the opportunity to disclose her HIV-positive status to him. After receiving some motherly counsel, Paul agreed to go for the HIV test which turned out positive but with a very low immune system whose CD4 count was four.

He decided to come out in the open about his HIV-positive status because he believed that if he talked about it with someone that person might use it against him and also knowing the type of discrimination surrounding people living with HIV/AIDS that also compelled him to reveal his HIV status.

Just Slim’s music career started in 2008 as a producer and song writer under the music label XYZ entertainment. In 2008 he co-produced a chart topping hit single by Zambia’s ‘Slapdee’ featuring JK titled ‘Gold digger’.

He decided to go solo and released 2 singles ‘Me’ and ‘Wachelwa’ which featured on an MTV documentary entitled Me, Myself and HIV in 2010.

In 2012, he released a mix-tape titled ‘Proof’ which enjoyed a considerable amount of airplay across the capital city – Lusaka.

To his achievement, he played the role of music supervisor on Zambia’s Award Winning TV Drama Series: Love Games produced by Media 365.

2013 – In recognition to his openness, and works he had done in reducing stigma related to HIV; and being a role model for other young people living with HIV in Zambia, he was awarded the first ever Bravery Courage & Commitment award  by the Ministry of Education.

In June, 2015 he released another single titled ‘Pon Replay’.

He went on to collaborate with fellow AIDS Health Care Foundation Ambassador Brian “B Flow” Bwembya on a song titled ‘Know Your Status’ in support of the 2020 campaign whose music video was shot in Durban, South Africa.

Just Slim was part of the “Keep the Promise” March and Concert at Kingsmead Stadium in Durban, rubbing shoulders with Common, Queen Latifah, B-Flow, Big Nuz, Mi Casa and other celebrities.



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