PF Secretary General Davies Mwila warns PF MPS against voting against the party in parliament

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila
PF Secretary General Davies Mwila

PF Secretary General Davies Mwila has warned PF MP’s that they will be severe repercussions for voting against the party including loss of party support in future elections. Mr Mwila was speaking at the Meet the Members of parliament fundraising dinner for Lusaka Province yesterday.

Mr Mwila said Zambia’s parliament is unicameral and is based on the Westminster model.

The Westminster system is a parliamentary system of government modelled after what was developed in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.It is used, or was once used in most Commonwealth and ex-Commonwealth nations upon being granted independence from British rule. However, some former colonies have since adopted either the presidential system (Nigeria) or a hybrid system (South Africa) as their form of government.

A cabinet member may be forced to resign simply for opposing one aspect of a government’s agenda, even though they agreed with the majority of other proposals.

It is criticised because cabinet members do not have much independence to actively disagree with government policy, even for productive reasons. A cabinet member may be forced to resign simply for opposing one aspect of a government’s agenda, even though they agreed with the majority of other proposals.

Westminster cabinets also have a tendency to be very large. As the cabinet is the chief organ of power and influence in the government, members of parliament may actively lobby for a position in cabinet once their party is elected to power.

Mr Mwila emphasized that all party members are expected to remain loyal to the party and its leadership. He said he would not take kindly to any maneuvers by members, whether MPs or ordinary members to bring the President’s name or indeed that of the party into disrepute.

He urged MPs in Lusaka Province to explain the many development projects that the PF administration has been rolling out.He told the members of parliament to promote government projects such as the US $355 million Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSD) project funded by the US Government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in partnership with the Government of Zambia.

He also urged members of parliament to package and promote the L400 and its benefits, to talk about the expansion of the KK international airport at an estimated cost of K498.4million kwacha amomg others.


  1. So whose interests do the MP represent. I thought they represent the people in parliament? Better to respect the people’s will in parliament than a party position. Even in the UK I’ve seen that MPs represent more of the people than the party.

    • @Wine, MPs have to agree as a party. The only styupidity is comparing to UK or China. Even in soccer, you are encouraged to belong to a club. you don’t kick ball in your own goalkeeper’ goal, only by accident.
      Thats why there are independent MPs.
      Even China who have 1 party system, MPs have to agree or else face it like Kambwili.

    • Shut up Davies. Being in Parliament buildings along river Thames for 2 weeks doesn’t mean you know the Brit system.

      You never heard about rebel MPs have you?

      And most of those who resign do it on principle-not forced. Ubututu

    • No wonder PF has failed to implement national interest because they are too pre-occupied with keeping power.Only 3months in their new mandate they are already fighting for who takes over in 2021,when are you going to perform.This party is a liability to the country.5yrs ago had access to 10billion dollars to work with now are as bloke as a church mouse.Do we surely think these characters can take us to the promised land.

    • They represent the party interest for the people on behalf of the people.

      Simple logic will tell you that PF, just like UPND and other parties, went to the people either party manifestos.

      It is the manifestos which people chose and some they rejected.

      People chose PF manifesto and that is what MPs must support as that is the will of the people.

    • “He urged MPs in Lusaka Province to explain the many development projects that the PF administration has been rolling out….to promote government projects such as the US $355 million Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage (LWSSD) project funded by the US Government through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) in partnership with the GRZ.”

      These people like Davies have no shame whatsoever even a project that is clearly funded externally they want to lie to the people that its a PF brainchild.. “so what does he want Lusaka MPs to say?PF administration is rolling this out ” ….for those who are as lazy as Lungu to read.. Millennium Project for created when Bush was President and before even PF came to power.

    • Mwila is warning his MPs so that they support Lungu’s 7 year 2 terms. And they will blindingly follow like they did with Grade 12 certificate requirements.

    • UK population is approaching 70 million. The amount of services, work and projects delivered by government and local councils is science fiction in Zed yet you want similar numbers as though you have the same income stream. We are developing which means we have work to do and yet creating jobs in parliament is all we do. UK supports gay rights, equal opportunity and are preoccupied with Brexit so when are we leaving AU and SADC or COMESA seeing as you want to be UK junior? Should we expect the rise of a far right too? A Make Rhodesia Great Again run by those racists we love to let in to the country? Don’t be a copycat. There is good and bad to learn from others. Animal farm.

    • Zambian democracy is English but the bloggers are pretending to be American. In the UK, all MPs pledge allegiance to the Queen. It is the Queen’s government. In the US, to the Constitution. It is the US government.

    • @Nostradamus is more delusional than Davies, can’t figure out the lame explanation he’s giving here. How about thinking before typing?

    • Does this puppy know the meaning of the word democracy? Why in this world do we in this country have dogs for leaders? How I wish I could have a second motherland to immediately run to and avoid the shame and embarrassment of being called a Zambian!

  2. Secondly you don’t vote for a party but for or against a motion. I think now you’re just targeting Chishimba Kambwili

    • Where’s the freedom of thought?
      The electorate has been zombified and now its representatives are being strong armed into zombies. What manner of politics is this?

  3. Allow them to vote their conscious.
    Every Member of Parliament represents the constituency, the people first then the party. Loyalty to electorates first or we teach lessons.

  4. Laying the groundwork to bastardise the constitution ie introduce deputy ministers, repeal laws on election appeals and re-introduce one party dictatorship. However, What Mwila & shortsighted Zambian/African should know is that no government lasts forever!

  5. Even when some one speaks rubbish you say YES: Even when you are insulted, you agree YES SIR. I agree with no. 2 Ine Wine. You don’t vote a party but a motion. Mr. President Lungu check some of these people are only destroying good MPS you have. This is abnormal thinking. Any way PF MPS continue your BOSS has spoken and you should obey and vote for every thing that comes in Parliament.

  6. Attended the function…..poorly organized i must mention….from Davies Mwila,s putting a blue Tie on a green suit to mediocre lining of food and boastful pledges…the only thing i loved was to see kasaka doing his thing..All for a hefty K500 in this economy

  7. Non elected uneducated parasite interprets democracy according to the rule of terror and deception?
    PF Members of Parliament have NOT be elected to modify Constitution.

  8. This is shameful and disheartening. Instead of encouraging the MPS to respect their voters, he is
    threatening them. This is actually against the parliamentary rules. MPS are not supposed to be threatened. It’s now clear that we were cheated that we were voting for our representatives when in fact we voted for PF representatives in parliament. No wonder our MPS don’t consult us on anything they vote for in the house. We need a new system that will make MPS respect Their voters.

    • This is why its laughable when I see these PF candidates kneeling before the people during campaigns immediately they are elected they are bosses and kings …Chama does not even encourage his MPs to consult with his constituencies..very dull empty tin.

  9. Is that the reason you are fixing genuine PF MPs? Come what 2021, no genuine PF MPs, you are packing and you will leave us with no choice but to support UPND!

  10. Dull Chama does not understand what he was reading in his speech written by a party functionary. MPs represent the voice of their respective constituencies. If you recall during the Brexit campaign in the UK, it’s not all cabinet Ministers thatsupported it. Some opposed it but they still remained in cabinet. Chama’s comparison of Zambia’ governance system to that of the UK does not stand. Zambia is a dictatorial democracy.

  11. I believe that has not sat well with both the members of parliament and ordinary party members.. Welcome to politics. Where the art of PERSUASION and ARM- TWISTING is the norm.

  12. Comment:how is that apropriate when the mps represent the people and not the party we are thier bosses not pf. how do we have a leader who wants mps to represent the party. mps should for what the people want even if the party is against it. in the unitef kingdom you are forced to resign for going contrary to what the people say. #partyforwho

    • MP resignations in the U.K. Stem from scandals, errors of judgment, principle and more. They have a role called Whip meant to persuade those who might vote against but ultimately one can vote for, against or abstain. When they go against voters they always take a hit in the next election. Seems our man could do well learning about MP clinics in their constituencies to read what voters are thinking, watch Prime Minister’s questions to understand opposition and avoid lying to Zed about how or what UK does and does not do. When voters in Scotland felt left out prior to creation of their parliament, they simply voted out all English MPs causing a lot of self reflection in U.K. Those same Scottish MPs along with Northern Ireland are now hell bent on staying in the EU and not to be part of…

    • @A Phiri ana bwe – You are absolutely spot on…this SG seems to think the role of an MP is campaigning 24/7 about projects his Party is undertaking using taxpayers funds to taxpayers. He is lucky that the level of poverty and illiteracy is high in our country that constituents have neither the time nor technology to know what their MP is doing in their name in Parley. It really pains me to read such ignorance or is it just blatant dishonesty being showcased by our leaders.

  13. Davis Chama or whatever they call you. I advise you to go back to school because i realise you are a Grade 7 who doesn’t a simple understanding of world affairs. For your information, Zambia broke away from that primitive system in 1964 when she became a Republic. For your information again, even in the British Parliament, MPs do not normally vote for their Parties if the motion being debated is against the interest of the people who voted them to represent them. Where is the democracy here? Thats why you were not adopted by your equally foolish PF party.

  14. Can’t you spew such nonsense behind closed doors? You could call your members speak to them like fellow adults? What’s wrong with you elders kanshi? Must everything be by force? It is sad when all discussions must be punctuated by ‘warned’ etc> 2021 Zambia Forward upnd and Zambia under new leadership


  16. But can some one please help us understand , this lusaka water and sanitation project is funded by the US goverment among others but was this not the same project we were told monies totalling close to $500 million was borrowed for at different times ?

    I am confused. It seems the total bill will be approaching 1 billion US.

  17. This man is talking absolute nonsense …Just last week they were denying entertaining the idea of a large cabinet ie Deputy Ministers but here is the most senior member of the Party making comparisons with the Westminster’s large cabinet…when it suits them they are eager to make comparisons but will never make comparisons about systems of Governance.

    These leaders we have today in Zambia are ill equipped to rule; they are only there for themselves even donor funding is treated like its theirs without any shame whatsoever…really disgusted!!

  18. Independents kick the ball all over. They play their trumpet to the gallery or shoot at random not knowing what results gonna come and how they can be enforced or put into action. By being independent, they are sending a message of being selfish. Of the more than 10 parties that are at least vibrant none of them has policies that are near to what they expect.

  19. PF and all progressive parties belong to the people and not a few selfish individuals. If anybody should threaten the MPs it should be the people that voted for them. Leave the MPs to represent their people freely. The party should only advise on what is right for the people and the country.

  20. This fool lost an election to an independent. He is even luck to be SG of a party. He wants to look like a superstar. Now he wants to do Hon Richard Musukwa who is PF Parliamentary Chief whip.
    He should just be touring wards and branches of PF. He cannot even speak for PF as the have a spokesperson and deputy.
    SO DAVIES MWILA IS IRRELEVANT and he wants to be in election mode talking about L400 and Airports. Which poor people use the airport?

  21. LOL. Ala chipesha amano. Then why vote at all if you can only vote one way? This is now a new low, this man’s IQ must be in single digits.
    Mwe Lesa bakabumba wesu what lessons can we learn from this man so that future generations do not make the same mistake again of having such a low life in position of power?

  22. Electoral Commission of Zambia, please invest funds into educating our leaders about the role of a MP once they are elected in Parliament, use colourful crayons and a lot of diagrams…include Party top officials from all parties as well such as this tin Davies Mwila; its is in the nation’s best interest.
    You are happy to waste $3 million on printing mere ballot paper when you should be investing in other ventures.

  23. In PF’s world view the electorate are like con.doms who should not be bothered after the deed has been ‘safely’ done. Go figure, Zambian politics.

  24. Mwila is right.

    The PF has the manifesto which people agreed with.

    The of the people is projected by the PF manifesto as demonstrated by the August 11 elections.

    So MPs should support PF manifesto in order to carry out what people want.

    Just like in the US, people voted for Trump so that he can make changes in the immigration process and build a war between us and Mexico.

    You don’t expect that the America people’s will over those issues will be different from what they voted for.

    Remember, ‘will of the people’ implies the wish if the majority.

    So Mwila is right, I repeat.

    • @ 27.1 Gringo,

      I knew you would insult, because that is the climax of your intellect.

      Each time you try to think your brain hangs, and insults come out as error messages.

      I am sorry am not in position to help you out on this one; please try a psychiatrist. He may be in position to assist you.

    • You are still a full blown full with a computer who will clap for PF shamelessly. Your lack of logic is astounding, you can’t distinguish sense from nonsense. Hope PF pays you well for the senseless defenses you typing here.
      Remember am not even a UPND or any other political party member, am just a logical thinker.

    • @Peace for Zambia.
      You are a good example of someone ‘arguing from ignorance’.
      Do you even understand what the primary reason for voting is? What is the point of inviting somebody to exercise their right to choose by voting, if at the same time you TAKE AWAY that same right to choose? Why conduct fake voting at Tax-payers cost? To fo0l who? How old are you?

    • It is one thing to claim you are not ignorant, and it is completely another thing not to be ignorant.

      The US Senate is one example of a democratic system, bit if you are not ignorant as you claim you must know that the major challenge Obama has had in implementing his policies in the past 8 years was opposition from the Republicans.

      Definitely it has been based on the differences in the policies of the two parties.

      Don’t tell me that the individual rights of the Republicans were coincidentally having one stand while the democracy were also coincidentally agreeing with Obama.

      You are far better off submitting your views that belittling the views of others. Also avoid calling others ignorant because when they respond you may be found to be the to be seen to be ignorant.

    • whlch people? we are the people and we are telling you that you don’t go to parliament to push your agenda but ours, we the people.
      Right now you PF want to stay in government longer and that is what matters to you. Sorry this is not the time to waste with people who can’t move things. We want people who can inovate,create and make headways into a successful economy, even a ‘cabbage’ because the fact is that one by far outperformed you. We need the ‘tribalist’ because we are certain that He will unite this nation better than you who have infiltrated government like mice and monkeys in a maize and ground nut store. Now that you can’t prove you are not the tribalists yourselves, shifting blame to an innocent man, you are now trying, in vein, I must confess, to paint HH as a man…

  25. If MPs are employed by PF let them vote on PF lines,
    If they are sponsored by PF and elected by the people let them represent the people who voted them.
    The problem we have all those PF MPs are job seekers. They will be intimidated because they don’t know there rights.

  26. [Theresa May’s ministers defy her over ‘terrible handling’ of Donald Trump’s election victory],so what’s this boy saying?

  27. Clearly a rebellion brewing in PF, all because the Bembas are unhappy about the handling of Kambwili’s corruption case. They are targeting the easternes.

  28. Tecipuba SG is a loosed he only knows less about wing. Go and punish those who voted u out. Leave the winners alone back door comer iwe.

  29. Tecipuba SG is just a looser he only knows less about winning. Go and punish those who voted u out first. Leave the winners alone back door comer iwe ka Lusa Na hh awamako. Balikulimuna.

    • That was President Lungu cannot have any strong opposition from within. He knows that no Zambian would ever replace president Lungu with such as Davis Mwila. Dull as they come, remember the prisoners can vote comment this man made. Even the people in Luapula were like no! The voted him out hahahaha.

  30. He is very urgly .like a chimpanzee. MPS are supposed to listen the people in their constituency not the party.period

  31. Rubbish Rubbish Rubbish! No wonder why this PF is a fraudulent government. Those MPs should be left alone to vote for what will benefit the people, not for themselves. That’s why development in this country will remain a far-fetched dream. Let those PF MPs vote with independent and clear minds, not to be contaminated by this cruel regime.

  32. Ba PF naimwe makula. MCS was right. He used to lament that he had no intelligent people in PF. In his own words he called most of them IFIPUBA. No wonder the corrupt MMD members led by corrupt RB are back in power and PF members thrown out.

  33. MR Davies Mwila is 100% a Dictator.Everytime I hear him it’s him imposing Things on people’s conscience. Very bad for demoray.

  34. Mwila do not try things that will put the country on fire. You can be fired any time too. You could join your colleague who thought He had it all. Think of where you are going to land when you fall.

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