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Zambia records 13,092 Gender based violence cases in 9 months

Headlines Zambia records 13,092 Gender based violence cases in 9 months

Women show their anger against GBV
Women show their anger against GBV

As the Country entered the 16 days of Activism against Gender Based Violence, Government is in shock that cases of such a nature continue to be on the rise in the country.

Information and Broadcasting Minister Kampamba Mulenga has disclosed that Zambia has recorded 13,092 cases of Gender Based Violence between January and September, 2016.

Ms Mulenga said of the recorded cases, 1,634 are defilement cases while 41 are Gender Based Violence related murder cases, in which 12 are adult male victims, 21 Female victims and 8 Juvenile cases.

“It brings tears to us in government to learn that from January to the end of September, 2016, the Country has recorded 13,092 Gender Based Violence cases. Out of which 1,634 were defilement cases while 41 were GBV related murder cases and out of the 41 cases 12 are adult male victims, 21 female victims and 8 juvenile cases” Ms Mulenga said.

She said men who have been perpetrators of Gender Based Violence have now become victims of such bad vices.

Ms Mulenga who is Chief Government Spokesperson called on Non Governmental Organisations in the country to work closely with government and soldier on in fighting the vice.

She has stated that advocacy alone is not working out to end the vice and there is need to explore other strategies to help end Gender Based Violence related cases.

The Kalulushi Parliamentarian expressed concern at the alarming levels of women killing their spouses in the country saying there is need to change the approach in fighting the scourge.

In his speech at the commemoration of the 16 days of activism against gender based violence,President Lungu said the PF government has put in place empowerment initiatives for women and youth. He said one of the most effective ways of empowering women and men, boys and girls is to have a robust legal system that responds effectively to the needs of everyone. President Lungu said this would provide protection to women and girls against perpetrators of gender based violence. To this effect the PF government has created fast track courts to help ease the disposal of violence-related cases against women and girls.

President Lungu said the introduction of gender responsive planning and budgeting by the PF government has also been a necessary tool for mainstreaming gender into planning and budgeting processes. He expressed confidence that the practice of gender responsive planning and budgeting will also improve decision making processes on the budgets through increased awareness, transparency and accountability to budgeting for gender equality.

He said this will help draw attention to issues that have been ignored in the conventional budget and decision making.

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    • And yet some delusional HH sheeples are still crying about a lost election in which Zambia could have ushered in a known wife batterer as vice president! Also what does it say about HH’s character to unashamedly pick a Vice President like GBM aka the poster child of GBV in Zambia!

    • Of course they. Gbv is about men and women, doesn’t matter who commits the crime. But there is overwhelming evidence that men perpetrate most of the crime. We need to increase the sentence to 10 years or something as a deterrence. This has to come to an end. Including under age marriage

    • These Kitchen parties and alangizi need to stop saying shipikisha to young women. Violence against women must never be tolerated under any circumstances.

      Domestic violence can both be verbal and physical. If your man slaps you either kill him or leave don’t stay because he will never stop!

    • Nostradamous, did you readthw whole article before asking your question? If you did not, read paragraph five. It’s only one sentence. If you read, read it again, slowly.

  1. Please start an offenders register for rap.ists, pedophiles, spouse batterers and human traffickers. This register should be publicly available where we can look up these “things” in case they are wooing our nieces and daughters, or trying to get a job with kindergartens or high schools and universities, among others.

    • @Jay Jay 3
      Good citizens are at the same time good religious people who obey their religious laws to the letter, whether Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc by religion . Good religious people are at the same good citizens who obey the laws of their land to the letter. The problem is those Religious (Christians) you are talking about who do not worship their Gods in truth & Spirit and are many in all religions. Even in associations for sports like football, boxing, netball or politics, opposition political parties, there are many wolves in sheep’s skin who are there just for money or other interests. Being genuine religious person & being law abiding citizen are always synonymous & interchangeable.

    • There is a name for “good religious people” who believe the faith to to the letter; they are called fundamentalists, Hilter believed the bible to the letter.
      You honestly think your ancestors were a lost people before the colonalists came to our shores…do you honestly need the bible as a moral code? The selfsame bible that promoted slavery..
      Wake up from your folly and study about self!!

    • 3.2 above You also sound st#pid. Plug it out of where the sun doesn’t shine. You have one thing in common with the people you are insulting: you are all right and thereby share a common trait which is st#pidity.

  2. Because of your Christian nation nonsense you create wife beaters who think a woman should be enslaved. Religions are patriarchall because they are founded by men or men who don’t think about gender fairness

  3. Christian nation or not, violence is part of human nature. Stop blaming religion. Why do you assume that everyone of these people that has murdered a spouse is a christian? That’s ridiculous and it’s getting old very quickly mate.

    • So why does a Christian nation s gender violence get higher when it should be lower? Study social science and you will start seeing the links. Presently you have eyes but cannot see

  4. Is this work of Minister of Information and Chief Government Spokesperson, not Zambia Police Service Spokesperson? We need serious economical issues data like how much Euro-Bond has been repaid, outstanding, sinking fund whether already created or has sunk with Chishimba Kambwili or not, jobs lost or created, Kwacha exchange rate gains and forecasts, copper price prospects, diversification data, etc. It is time to work now not to campaign. What will robust legal system being announced by ECL do when most women & men still depend on marriage & other relationships to put bread & butter on their tables. In this era almost 50% of school age children never cross Grade 7 to Grade 8 & 50% of those who make it still never complete Grade 12 for whatever reason. Learn from Zimbabwe & Botswana.

  5. Does Gender equality exclude fighting. Does it mean men and women should be equal in all other issues expect fighting, or should the women just get tougher to balance the equality?

  6. Statistics not complete, tell us how many of these are attributed to GBM? How many to UPND including spouses pounded for sympathising with PF? Since the stats are a record and for the first 9 months of this election year, how many women were pounded for not supporting HH’s call to women to deny their spouses conjugal rights? Would be interesting to compare with next year when HH will be quiet and soundly defeated?

  7. Zambia is fast overtaking South Africa as the most violent on the continent. With the uninspiring leadership of PF there’s no hope this situation will be checked and arrested. It will only get worse.

  8. Above statistics shows how stressiful Zambian citizens have become due to economical hardship.Make Rehab centres and improve recreation centres across the country. Otherwise , ‘Sex’ called by different names depending on who and how its accessed ..i .e adultery, rape, defilement , incest ,phonication list is endless coupled with massive alcohol consumption will remain a source of entertainment ans stress remover. Untill interface between politics and service delivery is created…as for now hopeless .

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