Macky 2 released the video for his latest single “Forgive them”



Macky 2 released the video for his latest single “Forgive Them”.



    • The things we hear about pastors and their quests for miracles these days is quite alarming. According to reports making the rounds online, a Zimbabwean Prophet, Walter Magaya, allegedly sold anointed cucumbers in his church as the congregants especially the ladies patronized him well.

    • Its good its called Zambian music, meant for Zambians and not the world because no one can listen to that crap, Just like in music Zambians and companies alike just aim for the local market, that is why the finished product is always crap, put quality to the finished product, please, by doing so you may attract international market.

  1. @ YYY. You are so right. DOOM PASTORS, And those sleeping with women in the church in the name of healing and other reasons. Pastors paying people to pretend to die, then they pray and pretend to bring them to life. Fathers sleeping with their children and mothers also doing that same. REALLY GOD FORGIVE THE HUMAN RACE…

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